10 Reasons Why ‘A Centaur’s Life’ is the Best Slice of Life Anime (And Why Those Same 10 Things Make It So Polarising)

10 Reasons Why ‘A Centaur’s Life’ is the Best Slice of Life Anime (And Why Those Same 10 Things Make It So Polarising)

I recently finished a 2017 anime series called ‘A Centaur’s Life’ and I was blown away by two things, firstly by how amazing it was–and secondly, how lowly regarded it was (at least if the MAL rank and people’s general indifference was anything to go by). So rather than make a simple review I thought I’d unpack what issues are among the most polarising but highlight them as 10 of the reasons that I think ‘A Centaur’s Life’ is the Best Slice of Life Anime!


1. It’s a monster girl anime (except it’s not–and that apparently makes them less interesting?)
On the surface ‘A Centaur’s Life’ shares some similar themes with Monster Girl Anime (few as there are) but it’s not really about ogling monster girls–and they’re not really monster girls anyway. Everybody in this ‘world’ is a product of divergent evolution where six legged mammalians became the dominant species and four-legged (a.k.a what we consider human) became extinct. Yes there are people in this world who are centaur’s, and one’s with angel wings and cat ears–but they’re ostensibly just different races rather than different species. Also, there’s men too who belong to these races, so you know, not just monster girls!

Their halo’s are made of hair, also a federal crime to cut them off, not even joking.

2. The anime intersperses it’s SoL shenanigans with intermittent world-building (Rather than just having an info-dump prologue that explains all the rules of this ‘alternate universe’–which apparently some people would prefer?)
We’re never given the full scope of what this world is like beyond the first episode explanation of how the races of this world evolved. We’re given glimpses into aspects of the world–such as people being imprisoned for treating a person of a different race negatively. Likewise we’re never even sure of the political structure of other countries aside from a news report talking about how America has a newly elected “Democratic Communist”. This gradual unfolding of the world is one of the joys of the series as every small, but substantial piece of information feels like its hard-earned and all the more rewarding because of it.

Don’t mount centaurs, ‘kay? It’s illegal!

3. The girls in the anime talk about sexuality and body confidence issues (But in a really frank and honest way that puts off fans of ‘traditional’ SoL shows)
In Episode 4, Hime (our titular Centaur) gets a love-letter from a boy but rather than accept the letter she runs away embarrassed. When endlessly quizzed about her uncharacteristic retreat by her friends she bashfully replies that she’s been paranoid that her vagina might look gross. The cause of her hang-ups are from a kindergarten field trip to a dairy farm where one of her classmates tactlessly presumed her vagina would look like a cow’s. Nozomi suggests that they all take a look at each other’s to reassure Hime that there’s nothing for her to be self-conscious about. While the scene is played mostly for laughs it was still a refreshingly honest approach to an issue many people (regardless of gender or genitals) suffer from.

Poor Hime…

4. Episode 9 is about the Third Reich and WW2-era concentration camps (some might call that tonal whiplash, but if you’re paying attention it’s exactly on message)
Things take a turn for the dark and serious half way through Episode 9 as we’re afforded a flashback to an alternate history WW2 where sadly things aren’t too dissimilar to our own history. A boy watches on helplessly as centaur soldiers execute his family in the street, he’s then forced aboard a train with other civilians and taken to a forced labour camp where he and his ilk are starved, beaten and worked to an inch of their life. It’s a devastatingly effective series of scenes that actually has a surprisingly uplifting ending that I won’t spoil but is par for the course for this series’ messages about tolerance and living with people from vastly different cultural backgrounds and exceedingly different physical attributes. If you’re not expecting it, it might feel like a truck to the face but sometimes something unexpected does not necessarily equal an inconsistent tone.

Nobody expects Nazi centaurs!

5. The girls talk about ~typical SoL girl struggles~ like weight loss, studying and boys (Also racism, religion, reproduction, art, politics–things girls in these types of shows apparently shouldn’t talk about!)
The expression “never talk about religion or politics” is fine enough for common every-day exchanges with acquaintances or work colleagues–but why shouldn’t girls in these types of shows have opinions on more lofty subject matter than the ones usually afforded SoL characters. In one episode, Sassasul (an Antarctican “snake-person”) explains that her race doesn’t have time for religion as they are a “logic-based society” to which the three girls comment they aren’t that dissimilar then.

#religion #sorrynotsorry

6. The girls are cute and innocent and wholesome (but it also has nudity–which is apparently unforgivable!)
Only 3 of the episodes contain nudity, and 2 of these episodes contain non-sexualised context appropriate nudity. But as always when “children” are involved there’s always a moral panic despite the scene in question from Episode 3 being as innocent as two sister’s bathing. And what’s consistent about the majority of these types of scenes in this show (along with a similar pool changing scene in Episode 7) is that the scenes are less about simple exploitation and more about examining the difficulties living with different body shapes–especially centaur bodies–are for these girls.

Apparently this was too ~offensive~ for some people.

7. The parental figures are expectantly peripheral to the show (except they exist as ‘Real’ characters with busy lives and worrying about the future and with interests of their own)
While the collective screen-time for the various parents on this show would probably amount to less than 10 minutes throughout the entire series–their appearances are meaningful and interesting. For example Hime’s mother is scene talking to another parent about investing in the stock market for financial security. Meanwhile a whole essay could be written on the complex relationship between Manami and her father who spends the majority of his spare time painting; for pleasure not for profit which remains a surprising issue of contention between the father and daughter.

I agree with art dad here.

8. It has episodes with a decent amount of fan service (And then it has episodes with none–almost like a show doesn’t have to be defined by a single attribute!)
On the other side of the coin from people who were “offended” by the inclusion of any kind of nudity or fan-service, are the people who only watched it for the fan service. Perhaps out of virtue of it being a monster girl anime (which it isn’t) they thought it would supply the goods, and while it does–it does so sparingly that some might call it unreliable. I’d call it realistic.

Boy mermaids are topless just like girl mermaids.

9. The show has such a wide breadth of topics it wants to cover and characters it wants to visit (And 12 episodes just isn’t enough time to do it all!)
A genuine complaint and one I share (to an extent) is that there’s a lot going on in this series and that a lot of characters don’t get nearly enough screen-time. The mermaid race for example has one of the most interesting societies in the series, with their streets and buildings (including schools) permanently flooded to allow ease of travel. From an aesthetic standpoint alone these towns are intriguing–and then there’s the more religious aspect of their society and the revelation that ‘Antarcticans’ may be trying to interfere with their religious practices for ~unknown reasons~. We get what amounts to a single episode with this part of the world and it’s just not enough! But at the same time that’s hardly the fault of the show if it’s adapting a manga that’s unfurling its world and characters at the same slow pace.

The mermaid towns are absolutely stunningly beautiful (in more ways than one, see previous gif)

10. The show is a lot of different ‘Genres’ of anime in one (Go in expecting just one ‘Genre’ and you’re bound to be disappointed)
Smarter bloggers than I have written on the seemingly pointlessness of using genres to define a show but I don’t think any show has ever suffered such a disservice due to the expectations of ‘genre’ that what people had going into this particular show. Too ‘real’ for CGDCT series, too ‘controversial’ for a SoL series, too much nudity for a ‘wholesome’ experience, too ‘wholesome’ for an ecchi. Too smart for a dumb comedy, too dumb for smart dramedy, too dramatic when it’s unexpected, too dull to be a drama. It’s messy… it’s LIFE… it’s ‘A Centaur’s Life’.

And if my words can’t convince you to watch this show then maybe Sue-chan and the Chi-chan’s can by just being their adorable selves!

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A Credit To Its Genre – ‘Endro!’ Full Season Review

A Credit To Its Genre – A Full Season Review for ‘Endro!’


What’s the show? ENDRO~!

Uh-huh, and what’s it about? It’s a CGDCT series set in an action/fantasy world with swords and magic and monsters and even a demon lord! Our main characters are four girls who set out to defeat the demon lord who threatens the peace of this world! And they do–or rather they almost do–instead of banishing the demon lord once and for all our hero Yuusha flubs a magical incantation and sends the demon lord back in time. Back in the past, the demon lord (now in the body of a loli) becomes teacher to the four girls at the magic school they trained at, her intention to stop them from ever being good enough to be in a position to defeat the demon lord in the first place!

You can’t all be the leader!

Sounds pretty high-concept for a ‘CGDCT’ series. Yeah. And that’s ~kinda~ the problem…

Uh-oh, I sense some negativity incoming? Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. The characters are all pretty much perfect which for a CGDCT show is kind of all I need. Added to that is the fact that it’s funny and silly and adorable and I couldn’t ask for more… except…

Cutest Demon Lord this side of… well every other show that has a loli demon lord…

Here it comes… The first episode of this show is pretty remarkable–at least if you’re going into this expecting just your standard cute girl show in a fantasy world–I won’t go into detail here (you can read my glowing first episode review here for more details) but suffice to say I was more than impressed by what I saw as a fresh take on this kind of show. Kind of like how ‘Zombieland Saga’ wow’ed all the normies out there a couple of seasons ago, except good.

Shots fired! *airhorn sounds* Yeah, sorry, that was a bit uncalled for, I’ve just got unresolved issues regarding that show… but moving on….


So what happened to make you not love the show it became? I’m gonna sound like a complete hypocrite here, but it became a pretty standard CGDCT show in between.

Wait, I’m confused. I thought you loved that kind of shit? First of all, don’t refer to it as “shit” even casually, and secondly, yes I do. Unreservedly. But with a first episode that raises the bar–not to something better, but to something different–and then it (pretty much) fails to live up to that “different” bar–well then that’s gonna cause some problems.

*problems intensify*

I just scrolled down to the bottom of the review… you gave this a 90/100. A NINETY! How on any planet does that correlate to the kind of complaints your incessant levelling against this show? Shut up, I’ve got my own personal scoring system–it doesn’t always hold up against critical analysis…

Uh-huh… you know this is exactly why no one takes your reviews seriously anymore! “Anymore”? Someone used to before?!

I agree.

Okay, fine. Can you gather your thoughts long enough to make a brief ~paragraph~ that’ll at the very least be able to convey your opinions on this show without giving the reader a headache?! ‘ENDRO~!’ is a fun and light-hearted experience with the expected character development and comedic shenanigans you’d come to expect from a CGDCT show set in a fantasy world. Don’t expect any substantial inversions on tropes or narrative twists that are implied by its first episode, but likewise that shouldn’t be a problem if all your here for is the tried and tested CGDCT shtick–which this show does almost flawlessly. Simply put, it’s a great CGDCT show with the veneer of something more serious but it never feels the need to adhere or elaborate on the aforementioned front. Friends to the end with Endro; 90/100.

Now this is the kind of ear-nibbling content I sign up for!

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Friend Panic – ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ Episode 2 Review

Friend Panic – An Anime QandA Review for ”Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ Episode 2


What’s the show? Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, Episode 2.

So how’s this episode? I love Bocchi! Bocchi is the best!

Oh-okay, yeah I kinda gathered that from your glowing review last week! You maybe, but my previous episode review was one of my lowest viewed, lowest liked episodic posts I’ve ever done. I was devastated at how much Bocchi is being ignored–or at least my review of it…

It means a lot to people who have trouble initiating conversations, you know!

Maybe you should take that as a sign that people aren’t that interested in reading episodic reviews for cute girl slice of life shows? Or maybe I should just double down on it and review it in excruciating detail every week! I’ll get people to notice Bocchi–or die trying!

Why do I feel like this is going to be a weekly train-wreck? As opposed to all my other reviews that end up with me frantically pounding my fists on they keyboard at 2am?

Bocchi randomly blowing her recorder is a big mood.

I feel like we’ve diverted from the intended goal… what’s this episode about? Bocchi and her new friend Nako are having a fight–or rather Nako is made at Bocchi but because Bocchi possesses the social acuity of a moss-covered log she ends up having to turn to Aru Honsho–her class’ vice representative and all round suspiciously nice girl. After an excruciatingly long-winded (and hilarious) flashback sequence we see that Bocchi dropped the ball by saying she only started talking to Nako because of the promise she made to her elementary school friend to “make friends with all the kids in her class”. Thankfully Aru is their to mediate and they’re soon friends again.

Nako has feelings too!

Phew, crisis averted! I know you’re being rude so I’ll chose to ignore you. Anyway, some time after that they approach Aru one morning before school and Nako notices that Aru still has the coat hanger inside her sweater even though she’s wearing it and so proceeds to ‘quiz’ her on her life and overall behaviour. Turns out Aru isn’t the ‘little miss perfect’ she pretends to be and is in fact a pretty big loser or “unfortunate” as Nako labels her. But she doesn’t do so maliciously, she’s just wanting to get the bottom of this girls’ character and have her be herself–something she warms to over the course of an awkward conversation (with most of said awkwardness coming from Bocchi’s constant mis-reading of the situation).

Aru is adorkable.

And so what’s gained from this episode? It doesn’t sound like much happens? In the grand scheme of things, sure, not much happened. But for Bocchi these a big steps towards being able to function around other people and have conversations with friends that don’t result in reading cheat sheets or running away. This is Bocchi’s journey and she’s gaining more allies along the way and did I mention I loved every minute of it?

Your welcome, bro.

Yeah, I think you mentioned that once or twice… Well I’ll say it again, this show is adorable and wholesome and just makes me so happy! More please!

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Curb Your Anxiety – Episode 1 Review

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Outfoxed – ‘The Helpful Fox Senko-san’ Episode 1 Review

Outfoxed – An Anime QandA Review for ‘The Helpful Fox Senko-san’ Episode 1


What’s the show? The Helpful Fox Senko-san, Episode 1.

And what’s it about? First of all, let me just take a minute to say, this review took a lot of forethought–more than I’d ever think necessary for this kind of anime. I considered whether to approach this from a strictly feminist point of view and deconstruct its problematic gender politics. Then I thought maybe I’d review it from a more “meta” point of view and discuss the reasons for its seemingly inexplicably (and quick) high score on MAL despite being largely the same as a lot of other “moe” anime that get frequently downvoted into oblivion. But ultimately, I decided I’d review this inconspicuous slice of life anime as me.

So emo.

I mean… that’s preferable, isn’t it? That’s (probably) what your readers want? Not some wanky dissertation but just your honest thoughts on a show? Maybe. I don’t know what people want, but I know what I want. And I want to enjoy a wholesome, 800 year-old fox loli making food and giving forehead pats to a tired and broken salaryman for 22 minutes.

Uh-huh and so what’s the show about? I believe I just told you! “A wholesome, 800 year-old fox loli making food and giving forehead pats to a tired and broken salaryman for 22 minutes”. That’s the show.

Why are you looking into the camera, Senko?

Okay sure. What? Don’t you believe me?

Oh, no, I believe you, I’m just struggling to see the appeal, that’s all. It’s slice of life, it’s appeal is entirely personal and subjective! That’s what makes it such a universally polarising genre!

*yoshi yoshi intensifies*

Right. So what did you get out of the show? First of all this show has some brains behind it, whoever wrote this and likewise whoever was directly responsible for the anime adaptation somehow knew there’d be a level of discussion around this show and insulated against it with some stellar design work and storytelling.

Seriously, how gorgeous does this look?!

Like? Like the fact that this anime has among the most immaculately detailed renderings of everyday modern Japan I’ve ever seen in an anime. And that’s 100% intentional to the story it’s beginning to tell. Our protagonist Nakano exists in our world, the bland, uninteresting, specific world of Tokyo, Japan. For Japanese viewers (the intended audience) or those of us who’ve visited the country these are instantly recognisable and uniquely straightforward vistas rendered in excruciating detail. They then perfectly contrast with the world Nakano’s about to be invited into–that of being pampered and doted on by the titular Senko. Hers is a world of bright colours, soft focus and ethereal whimsy, she is literally ‘anime personified’ meeting ‘humdrum normality’.

A depressing sight for some but personally I love Japanese convenience stores!

Okay then. I get what you’re saying. I do feel like you’re holding back on something, but that’s fine, you’re allowed to. Listen, I do still have a lot of thoughts on this show, it’s now been 24 hours since I started the top half of the review and I’m still debating with myself on whether to go into more detail about ~external factors~, if enough people are interested in me doing so I will but for now I’m just reviewing the product in front of me–nothing else!

Don’t poach!

And your final recommendation on said “product”? It’s cute, I enjoyed it, if you like things that are cute too you’ll probably like it too. End of review!

I think the more important question is why isn’t there one in mine?! Wait, did I say that out loud?

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Curb Your Anxiety – ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ Episode 1 Review

Curb Your Anxiety – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ Episode 1


What’s the show? Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, Episode 1.

Uh-huh and what’s that all mean then? It means we’re about to witness the mother-flippin’ anime of the season, y’all!

I’m sorry, what? Ahem… apologies, I’m just a bit excited because this anime is amazing and brilliant and I loved every second of it and hueeee *breathes deeply into a paperbag*

*dead* the anime.

Okay, okay… calm the heck down. Let’s take this slow, what’s the show about first of all? Right, so our protagonist Hitori Bocchi is a new middle-schooler who is combatting the world–namely because she suffers from extreme social anxiety and seemingly everything she thinks or says or does causes her monumental grief in just virtue of existing. It’s mostly in her head of course but this anime is basically Bocchi going through everyday life with her crippling anxiety and the cute, comedic insanity that ensues from it.

That’s what home is for after all…

You have “cute” and “crippling anxiety” in the same sentence? I can’t help but think that’s a problem. You’d think so, but despite Bocchi’s various issues in dealing with other people this anime not only represents them as absurd and comedic but also relatable and endearing. It’s a deft juggling act that only really shows itself as thus after a closer examination at just how flawlessly this episode works at conveying both tone and sensibility.

Kudos to the translation team/person responsible for translating all of this! A+

Uh-huh, go on… And that’s where I’m kind of at a loss for words. I mean, quite personally this show is amazing but at the same time it’s really hard to convey its good points into a scholarly review–you know with words and whatnot. And that goes for a lot of comedic and slice of life series’ especially in the case where half the appeal is in the delivery of lines and the pacing of jokes. Also (and this might come as some surprise) but I’ve actually got a lot in common with Bocchi in that both of us overthink things, both of us have literally zero friends and both of us think everyday life would be simpler without having to interact with any other people.

Me: everyday at work.

That… that doesn’t surprise me at all, you’re like the epitome of a recluse… Shuddup!

Ugh, okay fine but at least give me some more information to go on about this show. Will ya? Spoilers for the first episode but Bocchi eventually–by the end of the episode–makes friends with a “thug-ish” girl named Nako Sunao and boy do I have a crush on this anime girl already or what? Not only is she tough and standoffish to strangers but she’s got an adorable and caring side to her and oompf!

Omfg these too. #ship

“Oompf”? Better you don’t ask…

O-kay, then… This review is rapidly deteriorating into nonsensical banter, please wrap it up. ‘Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ or “Bocchi” as i’ll be referring to it hence forth is a masterful piece of slice of life comedy while simultaneously being awkward and adorable and weird and familial. It’s kind of like the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ of anime–except instead of a balding, ageing white man as its protagonist it has an adorable Japanese girl struggling to even partake in the most basic of human interactions. I love this show, I love Hitori Bocchi and I want a million more episodes. I don’t care how unprofessional this review turns out, I’m just being the best ‘me’ I can be!

No. The answer is always no.

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When Dragon Girl Met Princess – ‘Mysteria Friends’ Full Season Review

When Dragon Girl Met Princess – A Full Season Review for ‘Mysteria Friends’


What’s the show? Mysteria Friends.

And what’s it about? It’s a low-key and laid back slice of life style “romance” anime about the budding relationship between two high-school girls who attend a prestigious magic school, Anne who is a human princess and Grea who belongs to a race of half human half dragons–and is also a princess. It’s also an exceedingly beautiful anime with (arguably) some of the nicest art and animation of any anime this season.

Picture perfect scenery.

Hmm, I note the “quotation” marks around “romance” and feel like you’re baiting me into asking why. So why? We’re given ten, 15 minute episodes so almost 150 minutes of total run-time and (spoiler alert) they don’t even kiss. Maybe I was expecting too much from a series like this (whatever a series like this even is categorised as) but it feels like a big investment and very little ‘pay-off’ so to speak.

Dramatic slow zoom. Fade to white.

You sound disappointed with the show. Are you? No, because I still enjoyed the journey, I loved spending time with these characters and watch them interact and grow closer, I loved the episodes that had more action and adventure and I loved the quieter more intimate ones where they’re just playing hide-and-seek in the massive school library. Aesthetically this show is gorgeous and it’s stunning world design along with the aforementioned high art quality means I couldn’t possibly be disappointed with the overall experience. It’s just worth mentioning because people watch different shows for different reasons and if you’re expecting any kind of romantic closure you ~might~ be let down.

Anne is too genki for her own good sometimes.

Fair call. So who was your favourite character? If you paid any attention to my 10 Best Anime Waifu’s of Winter 2019 you’d know there was no contest–Grea is not only the best girl on the show I voted her best girl of the entire season, and while pictures do speak a thousand words–hearing her speak and shyly interact with Anne is what really sells her and the whole show really. I can’t imagine this show being nearly as enjoyable if Grea wasn’t Grea. I know that might seem like an odd (or maybe obvious) thing to say but there’s no denying she steals every scene she’s in and thankfully she’s in most of them.

Grea’s introduction scene is the epitome of sexy and classy.

Anything else you wanted to add that’s important to mention? The series is an in-universe spin-off to ‘The Rage of Bahamut’ series (the game, if I’m not mistaken) but absolutely zero prior knowledge of that series is required to enjoy this series. This show never spends any of its time with lore or history or backstories, nor does it need it. This series could have taken place in any generic fantasy world with magic and half-breeds and floating islands and not felt any different–at least from a narrative perspective.

There’s some action. Just not much.

Final recommendation and review for ‘Mysteria Friends’? With regard to its overall mood there are similarities between this and ‘Bloom Into You’ though the same comparisons do not extend to tribulations shared by the characters in the latter. If you want a sweet and simple story of two girls building the beginnings of a relationship set against a fantastical ‘Hogwarts’-esque backdrop with dashes of action and magic thrown in then this show might be for you. But if you’re looking for a substantial narrative or romantic progression beyond hand-holding you will need to look elsewhere. There’s no “mystery” about how much I enjoyed this show though: 84 out of 100.

They’re adorable.

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Full Circle – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 12 Review with Irina and Matt

Headed For Disaster – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 10 with Irina and Matt


Another season, another anime collaboration with Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. For Winter 2019 we will be talking about ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ and I will be represented by the bold text!

So here we are the final ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ episode!

This final episode had a lot to live up to considering how excellent the previous one was and in some ways it was doomed to fail by virtue of comparison. I have to agree there. I do believe those cut out visuals would have been a lot more impressive to me a bit earlier in the season. They were interesting now but no more and the colours were hella boring.

Relatable AF.

‘Back to basics’ is how I’d describe this episode with visually and thematically having more in common with the earliest episodes–albeit with a version of Ekoda that I found a little less endearing than some we’d had before. I found her a bit exhausting but she was fine. Oddly it felt like a filler episode to me. MAL says that Ekoda only has 11 episodes and this one was “untitled” – I wonder if it’s an extra. (It’s not an extra, its 12 episodes, MAL just sucks–as usual…)

Also it wasn’t really that funny either, at least for me, it was occasionally amusing but because they were recycling some bits/jokes we’d already seen in previous instalments it felt a little bit stale. Completely agree.

Dump that douche already, you can do better!

Viewing it as a whole, it works by book-ending the series with something familiar and artistically ‘safe’, but this is probably in the ‘worse’ half, if I was going to rank them. In fact, I’m going to do just that because why not! (Feel free to do so too Irina, or not if you don’t feel like it). It felt a bit like we saw Ekoda evolve somewhat, reach a tiny bit of self realization, look back on her life for some introspection and go right back to square one…


From best to worst: 11, 9, 8, 6, 7, 1, 4, 3, 2, 12, 5, 10.
Hmmm 11, (close) 6, 1, 8, 9, 2, 7, 3, 12, 5, 10, 4. That’s surprisingly similar.

Overall I quite enjoyed watching a more ‘artsy’ and ‘experimental’ anime–it was great to see so many different takes on such an interesting character and I’d love to see more of Ekoda-Chan in the future! Your (quick) overall thoughts on the series? It was definitely interesting. However, for me, there was a huge gap between the best and worst which makes it frustrating. Although I enjoy all the different styles and love the idea, part of me wishes we had just seen more of the great ones. It like a loot box of anime. I would also watch more – if it sticks to the 3 minute format!

Dancing neko girl idols, because sure why not.

Thanks for reviewing this show with me Irina, and thank you everyone who read along with us! Always a pleasure – a huge thanks to you and of course the hard work of sock puppet Matt who is the real hero here!


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Headed For Disaster – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 10 Review with Irina and Matt

Headed For Disaster – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 10 with Irina and Matt


Another season, another anime collaboration with Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. For Winter 2019 we will be talking about ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ and I will be represented by the bold text!

And now it’s time for Episode 10. And, remember how last week I said the show keeps getting better and better? Well folks, it got worse… a lot worse. I wish I could disagree.

In fairness Ekoda did warn us that if we wanted to watch “normal” anime we could just “change the channel”. Who watches anime on channels anymore??? Quaint. Considering how this show has been so far, I don’t think that was a fair warning!

I should have taken up this advice and just pretended I watched this episode.

So, uh, mixed media marionette style song and dance number for 3 minutes then end credits… I don’t really have much to say. It was creepy and mildly amusing at times, but mostly just creepy. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe it. Guys, what Matt is avoiding describing with the convenient expression “mixed media” is that the puppets were in fact the disembodied floating heads of actresses with 2D make up to make hem look like dolls, and freaky huge animated eyes overlaid on top of their real eyes. Foam rubber wigs and weird puffy fabric tendrils all on fake strings.

Kill it with fire.

It was the stuff of nightmare you guys. The song was just a description of the show with the weird refran: as long as men exist in the world, Ekoda exists in our hearts… I’m not intimidated by weird but this one felt sort of useless. It’s like someone had an idea, and they went with it and never once questioned the point of it all.

The last thing you see before you die. (Probably)

Though I did like the brief ‘traditionally’ animated portion at the start had some good jiggle physics on (for some reason blue-skinned) Ekoda’s boobs, that’s about the only nice thing I have to say about the episode. I was going to say, I’m surprised you didn’t spend three pages on bouncy smurf Ekoda with pasties. In fact – I made you a gif! Happy birthday Matt! You spoil me, Irina!

Jiggle is an art.

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Two Sisters Sharing Meat – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 8 Review with Irina and Matt

Two Sisters Sharing Meat – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 8 with Irina and Matt


Another season, another anime collaboration with Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. For Winter 2019 we will be talking about ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ and I will be represented by the bold text!

Hey look, it me, the real Matt and not some (at times) terrifyingly accurate version of me that Irina was imitating for the past 3 weeks while I was on holiday. Wait, let’s not call it imitating, let’s call it ‘text cosplay’! Thank you for your service sock puppet Matt, You will be missed but there’s just no substitute for the real thing! Also text cosplay sounds naughty in the best way. I have to figure out how to use the expression as much as possible.

But seriously, a big thanks to Irina for picking up my slack, her thoughts on the previous 3 episodes were ~mostly~ accurate. Though I did really enjoy the visuals of Episode 7 just FYI, mixed medium animation and “artsy fartsy” pretentiousness is my jam. I’ll be honest, I was just going by how generous the assets were portrayed. I’m not as smart as real Matt….

So enough about that, Episode 8 gave us more of a focus on Ekoda’s sister–and I’m not sure how to say this but I kinda like Ekoda’s sister (damn, already forgot her name) more than I like Ekoda! Is that weird? That’s probably weird… M-san was a bit more put together than Ekoda but I also liked this week’s Ekoda quite a bit. Optimistic and laissez faire. Fine ladies this week!

Even her ‘contempt’ is cute.

It probably helps that this episode looks the “best” out of any of the episodes so far. I use “best” in quotation marks because, again, what I’m about to say is probably a bit weird but it was the most ‘anime’ looking and I really prefer my anime girls to look like human beings and not inconsistent and always off model like they’ve been in the other episodes. I loved the visuals as well. For me, they looked like classic 70s cartoons. Something about the brush stroke quality of contours and the underrealised background characters just brought to mind classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons for me. M and Ekoda were both quite pretty so that’s a plus.

Spot the main character.

The episode was pretty low-key in terms of what happened, and in terms of comedy. But I kind of liked that more too? Maybe what I was looking for all this time was a series where Ekoda was the supporting character and her sister was the main…

I’ll go on a brief tangent (brief because these reviews are meant to be short) but their relationship reminded me of a lot of sisterly relationships in SoL anime I watch. With a free-spirited (a.k.a. irresponsible) older sister being the main protagonist and them having a put-together and serious younger sister (a.k.a. responsible) and that being played not only for contrast and laughs but as a source of tension in their relationship. [Main examples I’m thinking of is Kasumi and Asuka in BanG Dream! as well as Yui and Ui in K-On!] Sorry I’m rambling, I’ll stop now. I thought M-san was the older sister….Good thing you’re here! She might very well be, I was only comparing the contrasting character relationships rather than the fact which one was older or younger.

Typical siblings.

While I was watching this episode, I thought: finally the true relationship of the series is explored. These types of easy interactions where details take on meaning through tradition and familiarity, and things can just be left unsaid because it’s really a conversation that’s been ongoing for years…wait, where did this sentence start? I’m saying, I liked this episode. A Lot. Not quite as much as episode 6. That flowers blush line just made my day but I really wouldn’t mind getting to know the people around Ekoda just a bit more. Agreed!

This dude Ekoda with is grade A douche.

Yay – welcome back Matt. We’ve missed you so much some of us had to resort to sock puppets…Crazy, I know. Those poor suckers! Glad to be back! We will finish this series together and not resort to sock puppets again!

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