Slow Start – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Slow Start.

What’s the show? Slow Start (2018).

Slow Start? That name seems familiar… I reviewed the ~noteworthy~ 7th episode of it for my blog in the Winter 2018 season.

Oh yeah! The ‘cute girls doing cute things’ show that had an episode that upped the ante on a teacher x student relationship. Way to jump the gun and alienate anyone looking for a review that’s representative of the show as a whole and not just a single side-plot.

Okay, fine. What’s the show about then? It’s about Hana Ichinose, a shy and nervous first year high-schooler with a secret… she’s actually a year older than everyone else because she had a gap year due to an illness. It might not seem like a big deal, but to Hana it is, in fact it’s the thing she worries about most—well that and making friends and not seeming too boring and living alone and…

Okay I get it, she’s a neurotic girl! I wouldn’t say “neurotic” more skittish and worrisome, she’s constantly assessing herself and her actions in the unfounded fear that her newfound friends at her new school will judge her harshly for them, despite her percieved flaws being minor—almost non-existent to an outsider viewing them.

Right, and who are her ‘new’ friends? Well there’s the gentle and confident Eiko Tokura, who’s the most popular girl in their class. Always clinging to Eiko is the adorable Kamuri—who, despite her looks—is in fact a high-school student too, she’s obsessed with three things; food, sleep and Eiko. Lastly is Tama-chan, an energetic and easy-going girl who sometimes gets into trouble.

Uh-huh, and so being a ‘cute girls doing cute things’ show I imagine one’s mileage on this show is dependent on how much they like these characters? You’re learning… that’s kind of scary…

Well I was bound to pick something up from your incessant ravings about ‘cute girls’. Heh, well yes, what you said is accurate, there is very little plot here even by ‘CGDCT’ show standards. So unless you’re immediately enamoured with at least one of the four main characters you’re unlikely to find a lot to gravitate toward.

And I’m guessing you were “enamoured” with one or more of these characters? Pretty much all of them from the first episode, and that just snowballed as side characters of equal adorableness were introduced.

Oh? Like who? Well there’s Hana’s adult cousin Shion, the busty landlady of the apartment complex Hana is currently calling home. I love the fact that she’s so doting on Hana to the point that friendly ‘rumours’ about her and Hana “dating” arise amongst their group. Also in the apartment complex is Hannen-san, a beautiful shut-in who rivals Hana for the amount of neurosis’ she has, and a number of them a lot more relatable—at least to this reviewer.

You’ve deliberately left one to last, haven’t you? Obviously. Since you went and ~blurted~ it out at the start of the review… Enami sensei is their homeroom teacher, a snarky and apathetic young woman who the ever-flirty Eiko takes a liking to.

…More than a liking, isn’t it? Yes, it’s true, the relationship between Eiko and Enami is something I found astoundingly beautiful and nuanced and fascinating even if it falls into that massively questionable void of ‘Teacher x Student’. The thing that I think this show does so right where other relationships of this nature might do wrong is that I never get the sense that the fact that Enami is her teacher has anything to do with their attraction to one-another. This isn’t a person in a position of power and authority taking advantage of someone weaker and inexperienced. Eiko frequently flirts with older women that she finds attractive and interesting and while flirting is not consent, Eiko is never put in a position where she’s being taken advantage of—

Not even when she wakes up with her hands bound in the teacher’s apartment? Well if you’re going to word it like that of course it’s going to sound lascivious! I’m not going to go over points I explored in depth in my 1000+ word review of the episode, just suffice to say both teacher and student were surprised by the power each other had over one another and that “power” didn’t come from one’s job or the other’s flirting but the feelings that burgeoned between them in this unexpected situation.

So that all happened in episode 7 of the 12 episodes. Does their relationship progress any further after that? Not ever in such a concentrated way as that. But there are a few brief subplots that arise later. Such as in episode 11 at the Summer Festival there’s a pretty intense flirt/finger suck that had me reaching for the rewind button, just to be sure I’d seen what I’d seen. And episode 12 had a cute moment amount sharing a piece of candy that’s not nearly as salacious but italicised in a kind of sadness that suggests at how hard it must be for both of them to carry on this kind of ‘forbidden’ relationship.

Uh-huh, and aside from the whole teacher/student thing, how are same-sex relationships treated in this show? I’m glad you asked! It’s almost like I wrote this question for you! Ahem. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime normalise lesbianism this much and it’s so damn refreshing. Yes, it’s pretty chaste, but it never seems to be much of an issue for anyone (other than very infrequently Hana), in fact one of my favourite recurring couples is Tama’s grandmothers, who are her sole guardians and are very much a couple. This isn’t just two women who raise Tama, they live together and act like partners do and no-one so much as bats an eye, nor even raises attention to it—it’s the most normal thing in the world and I love this show so much for it.

But this isn’t a yuri series, is it? Well, no, it’s not. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have yuri-adjacent themes. I’m about 99% sure the mangaka is herself a female of the LGBT community and so it’s only natural and very appreciated that she’s put a lot of her own self into this series. I could be projecting but I’m pretty sure the teacher character is at least semi-autobiographical, at least that’s the way it feels.

At the start of this review you said I “jumped the gun” for talking about the teacher/student relationship because it wasn’t ‘representative’ of the show as a whole, but hear you’ve gone and talked about that very point for nearly half the review! Ah, err… well, it’s only because it is the thing about the show that warrants the most discussion. Yes, I love this show, even when it is something as seemingly low-key as shopping or swimming or cooking but that doesn’t make for a particular ~riveting~ review. Frequent readers already know I’m all about the slice of life shows so I have to talk about something to keep their interest up.

Fair enough. So was there anything else you wanted to mention before we wrap up the review? Just that I think this show deserves more attention for being completely adorable and a lot deeper than some people give it credit for, yes it’s not going to change people’s opinions on the genre but likewise I think it’s worthy of more than just a passing cursory glance.

Yeah, that’ll work… Listen, convincing people to watch slice of life show’s is hard enough at the best of times.

Final score and recommendation? Sadly, I think this show will be forgotten, at least in the West. But if you have even a passing interest in this genre I think there’s a lot to this series that’s lying just beneath the surface. It makes me want to read the manga, which I can’t say I’ve ever really had the desire to do so for any slice of life/cute girl series before, which probably says something—even if I’m not sure what exactly. It might be slow to start but I never want it to finish; 92 out of 100.

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20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 25th March 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 25th of March 2018.


Okay there, Mr. Caps, settle down, compose yourself… I’m good, I’m fine, I just have so many emotions!

Right so did you want to talk about them here? Well I’ll keep full season reviews to their respective posts, and of course I’ll have a run down of all the Winter 2018 anime in a seperate post at the end of the month, but I can talk about episodes on their own…

Well okay then, how was the seasonal stuff this week? A Place Further Than The Universe wins best of the week, and it wasn’t even it’s finale (that comes next week) it was so raw and open and emotional, I was a wreck. I don’t care who you are or what kind of anime you like you need to watch that show. Slow Start teased Eiko x Teacher for the last time (but hopefully not the last timeif you know what I mean). Everything else was as expected.

Oh and didn’t Marchen Madchen come back from it’s hiatus? I don’t want to talk about it!

Cool, so th— Wait! I almost forgot Dagashi Kashi 2, damn this show keeps going from strength to strength, it started out as this silly show about Japanese snack foods and has slowly but surely morphed into a compelling character drama, yes I said drama, things got pretty damn dramatic here, but I’m still pissed off it’s a 12 minute per episode series instead of 24 minute one like the first season.

—Kay… So what other anime did you watch? I started watching a bunch of other Winter 2018 anime that I, for whatever reason didn’t start as week-to-week shows, so basically playing catch up! I started Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Kokkoku and The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! I have very complicated and varied thoughts on all these shows, but that will have to wait ’til I review them! Also I started Amanchu in preparation for its 2nd season that starts soon!

Busy busy! But lovin’ every minute of it!

So any anime merch this week? Did you see the week before? No… no merch for a while.

Fair enough, what about manga then? *exceptionally high voice* mmm maybe just a little!

Uh-huh… how many then? Okay, so maybe like twenty

TWENTY! I thought you were unemployed?! And I thought you were SHUT UP!

Ugh, fine just tell me what you got… Right, so: Bloom Into You 3 & 4, Dragonar Academy 1, The Flowers of Evil Omnibus 1, How To Build A Dungeon: Book of the Demon King 2 & 3, Hybrid x Heart: Magias Academy Atraxia 1, Kaguya-Sama Love Is War 1, Magicka Swordsmen and Summoner 2, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 1-4, Murcielago 3, Nameless Asterism 1, No Matter How I Look At It It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular 4 (finally have all of them!), Shomin Sample 3 & 5 (2 & 4 should be here next week), Testament of Sister New Devil: Storm 1 and Val x Love 1.

Nearly ran out of room on the bed! Wait, did I make that joke already?

Yikes! You weren’t kidding were you?! I never joke about manga; serious business.

Uh-huh. And what manga did you read? *nods* I read, Bloom Into You 2 which keeps getting better. I’m really looking forward to how far their relationship goes! I read Dragonar Academy 1, which was great fun but I’m just annoyed that I only found out after that volume 3 is next to impossible to get a new copy from ANYWHERE online. Also a couple more chapters of the No Game No Life light novel, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 1, yes the anime is better but I just wanted more of this adorable and hilarious series in my life. I also read No Matter How I Look At It It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular 4, top quality as always and I read Testament of Sister New Devil: Storm 1 which wasn’t as smutty as I was hoping lol.

You perv… Hey, at least I can admit to it!

I don’t think that’s a good thing… But at least I’m honest!

Mmm… Anything else? Uh, I don’t think so.

Site news? Not as such, just gearing up for Spring 2018 anime season, but I’ll have a full post about it at the start of April once it’s announced which streaming services everything is airing on.

So how would you rate the week ending 25th of March 2018? Emotionally not so great, there were a lot of ups and downs, but with regard to anime and manga it was terrific! Thank you for reading and have a good week!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 18th March 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 18th of March 2018.

So what’s new? Not a lot.

Well this is going to make for an interesting post… Then quit the small talk and let’s get to the reason anybody’s reading this—

—Nobody’s reading this. Fuah!

Huh? Ask me about something!

Oh right, so the currently airing anime? What’s good, what’s bad, what’s the same? Everything’s the same! Which is to say everything’s still good like last week and the week before!

Any highlights though? Slow Start was probably my favourite, going back to that forbidden well of teacher x student, or at least the promise of it. I probably could’ve done a whole episode post about it, but since we’re so close to the end I figured I’d just wait until the season is over and blog about the show in a proper full season review, like I’ll be doing for all the shows once they’re done.


And what other non-seasonal anime did you watch? Scorching Ping Pong Girls! Of which there will be a review coming tomorrow so no spoiling what I thought about it here! I started watching Super Sonico The Animation and, I’m kind of at a loss for words about that one, like I know why it exists, but I’m still like “why?” Also I (finally) watched the biggest anime movie of 2016, your name.

Oh! Will we be reviewing that one? Maybe…

Exciting! So what about manga? Get any? Not just manga, light novels too!

What’s a light novel? It’s like a manga but with a lot less pictures and a lot more words.

Okay, what did you get? In alphabetical order, I got Bakemonogatari 1 (LN), From the New World 1, Murcielago 2, Mysterious Girlfriend X Omnibus 1, No Game No Life 1-3 (LN), No Game No Life Please 2-3, NTR Netsuzou Trap 2-4 and Yokai Girls 2.

I had to buy a new bookshelf too! But I figured nobody needed to see a picture of that.

That’s a lot! And what did you read last week? Not as much as I’d like as I was writing more, but I read Monster Musume 7, which was a nice return to form after the previous 2 volumes were a little bit lacking. I read a chapter of No Game No Life light novel, which was as expected very close to the anime, just with a little bit more detail. And I read No Matter How I Look At It It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular 3, the reason I’m only getting to this now is because I’ve had volumes 6-11 for a while, but not 4 and 5 (for some reason they were always more expensive and I stalk Book Depository for the cheapest prices), so I had to wait until they came down in price, and they finally did so 4 and 5 should be arriving soon.

Great, and I already know the answer to this one but, get any anime merch? A whole box of it from Mandarake in Japan! You can read the detailed list and see pictures of the merch in Part 1 and Part 2 of my Mandarake Merch Madness posts.

You got more merch though, didn’t you! I did! I got a smaller parcel from Amazon Japan; I didn’t make a post about it because I figured I should save something for this post.

So go on then, what’d you get? I got two wall tapestries one for ‘Is It Wrong To Try and Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon’ and one for ‘A Sister’s All You Need’. I got a ‘Classroom of the Elite’ Airi Sakura oppai phone charm and an ‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ Sakie Sato acrylic stand. And for the irl waifu a ‘Haikyu’ and ‘Yuri on Ice’ pillow cases (still need to buy pillows for them).

Look at those majestic mountains!
Curse of bad lighting strikes again!
I don’t know why the brand name is called ‘MOMS’.
The Victor pillow is so fluffy!

What’s the point of that ‘oppai phone charm’? I don’t know, I saw them when I was in Japan last year and wanted one but didn’t recognise any of the characters, but since then I had watched more shows and so when I saw best girl from ‘Classroom of the Elite’ I had to have it. In hindsight a silly purchase, but whatever at least I’ve got one now!

Okay now that’s all done with now, any site news? We hit 50 followers! Which was exciting, I’m very appreciative of everyone who made it possible by supporting me!

Yay! Anything else? I’m still trying to figure out how to review the 2018 Spring Anime when they start, I’m intending to watch most of the shows to start with but I don’t know how sustainable it would be to review every episode of every new show in the 20 Question Format, but I still do want to make observations regarding every new episode I watch.

Yeah, no one’s going to want to read 5 or more 20 Question Reviews every day. Hmm, I’m sure I’ll think of something.

So how would you rate the week ending the 18th of March 2018. Busy! Filled with merch! A great week in anime too, it’s exciting that all these shows I’ve been watching are coming so close to their conclusions! Let’s just hope they actually have satisfying conclusions! Thank you all for reading and have a great day!

10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My Top 10 Anime OP’s of the 2018 Winter Season.

For a minute I thought about making a new blog just for this subject but I realised, that just because a lot of my content is reviews in the 20 Question Format and my blog is called Anime Q and A, didn’t mean I couldn’t shake things up a little. So begins the blog posts under the ‘Listing Compulsive’ banner, they will be countdown style lists where I count down from 10 to 1 my best (or sometimes worst) things related to anime and manga. Also it should go without saying but like all lists these picks are subjective, we all have different tastes so if you don’t agree with me feel free to state why in the comments, it’s always interesting to read other people’s opinions!

The subject of this list, as you can no doubt tell is The 10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018, and to make this list as comprehensive as possible I decided to listen to every anime opening credit song from this seasons crop of shows. Obviously I’ll try and divorce my opinions of the show from the ranking of these songs because it is solely about the music, not the visuals of the opening and certainly not the quality of the show attached to it. I’m also only listening to the version of the song as it plays over the credits, not the full-length song! Music is important, especially to anime, a single great song can inspire you to watch it, whether because of how much it pumps you up, or because how cute it sounds, or maybe it’s just an amazing song fullstop. All were the case with the songs that made it into this list and so with those parameters laid out let’s count down the 10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018!

*Note: I tried to be as thorough as possible, however I may have missed some! Excluded from eligibility are shows that have a different opening every episode, or shows that have an opening 30 seconds or under.*

Number 10: “OVER” by Little Glee Monster from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto? I love Mexican food!

I gotta be honest with you, I’ve never seen a single episode of Naruto, or Naruto: Shippuden or whatever the hell Boruto is. But this song is a straight up toe-tapper! It’s captures the kind of wonder and spirit of adventure that a lot of great Shonen theme songs have.

Number 9: “Colors Power ni Omakasero!” by Colors☆Slash from Mitsuboshi Colors

“Mitsuboshi JUMP!”

As much as I tried and I mean tried to make this list impartial and not influenced by the show itself, I admit this pick and the number two pick I couldn’t separate from the show. But it’s hard when you have the voice actresses singing the song and so you remember all the good times from the show and you can even begin to pick out their personalities in the lyrics.

Number 8: “FEELING AROUND” by Minori Suzuki from Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

Anyone else hungry?

The beat in this song is so damn infectious, and then when the chorus hits, just magic!

Number 7: “KISS OF DEATH” by Mika Nakashima x Hyde from Darling in the FranXX

Shame they couldn’t put such a good song in a better show.

Proof of the power of a great song, I dislike the show immensely but absolutely LOVE this song; it’s like a James Bond opening from the future! It’s sexy and stylish and just plain cool.

Number 6: “SHINY DAYS” by Asaka from Yuru Camp.

Partially English chorus? Don’t mind if I do!

Even if the opening few seconds are a bit too close to sounding like a Jackson 5 song the rest of it is pure joy and happiness, it just makes me smile!

Number 5: “OH MY Sugar Feeling!!” by Ayana Taketatsu from Dagashi Kashi 2

This song is a sugar high in music form.

It’s not as much as an earworm as some shows on the list; you won’t be humming it in the shower like SHINY DAYS, but while you’re listening to it is quite literally a high. It’s high speed, high intensity and high fun!

Number 4: “The Girls Are Alright” by saya from A Place Further Than The Universe

Nothing cold about this heartwarming tune!

I love the progression in this song, the fact that manages to fit such a quiet, almost contemplative opening, then build, then build then finally explode into that addictive chorus is pure art.


Number 3: “Flashback” by MIYAVI vs. KenKen from Kokkoku.


I-spy an anime with a super cool OP.

Such is the power of this particular song that it made me buy an Amazon Video subscription just so I can watch the show that this cool, head bopping song came from. Maybe the show will actually be good too? Either way the song still rocks. Also, the fact that it doesn’t sound like any other opening this year is also a massive point in its favour.

Number 2: “ne! ne! ne!” by STARTails☆ from Slow Start

Kamuri too precious. Must protect at all costs.

Yup! I’m a sucker for songs sung by the show’s voice cast, whether it’s cute girls like in Yuru Yuri or the whole damn class like in Assassination Classroom, I just think they’re so fun, and this is among the most fun this season! Also, hearing Kamuri sing her parts is just too precious for words!

Before the winner is announced here’s a couple of Honourable Mentions: 

Honourable Mention: “Azalea” by Nano.ripe from Citrus

Catchy as hell song, plus I really like the vocalists more rough sound, nice change from all the higher pitched cute girl songs.

Honourable Mention: “Psychomachia” by Yousei Teikoku from The Seven Heavenly Virtues

I don’t watch this show, but I will (pervert, etc), though I admit I didn’t expect death metal for an opening to an ecchi show. I have a soft spot for death metal because of my youth. Also it technically is ineligible because it’s only 30 seconds long, hence why it’s in the honourable mentions.

Honourable Mention: “WiSH VOYAGE” by IDOLiSH7

I’m not sure what boy band this song reminded me of, but I had a good time listening to it all the same, which is strange because I don’t like boy band music, must be because I don’t know what they’re saying that I enjoyed it more. This and “Azalea” just missed out of the top 10 but were worth highlighting all the same.

And now, my favourite favourite Anime OP of Winter 2018 is:

Number 1: “urar” by Chima from Hakumei and Mikochi

When I decided to do this list, even though I said to myself I would be open to songs from shows I wasn’t watching, I didn’t ever think that one would make it to the number one spot. That should go a long way to selling you on the strength of this particular track. I’ve never watched the show and yet it’s OP is Number 1! It’s whimsical but it has a mysterious dark edge to it that I find irresistible. There were parts of the song that reminded me of my favourite band Radiohead, at other times my favourite live action US TV-show Twin Peaks (composed by Angelo Badalamenti) but even without those musical parallels it’s just such a beautiful song, that honestly made me feel something, even though I had no idea what the song or the show it is attached to is about. But that’s the power of music, to be able to forge connections by sound alone.

And that’s the list, but stay tuned because while it is indeed a great season filled with great songs, there’s also 10 more songs to talk about, the worst OP’s of Winter 2018 coming soon!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 4th March 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 4th of March 2018.

It’s March already! It’s March already! Which means it’s almost April! So many good shows are coming, I can’t waiiiiiii-

Anyway! So what’s new this week my dude? Please don’t.

Ahem, so what’s good in the weekly airing anime world? Lots of things this week. Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles warranted an individual episode review, Slow Start was fan(service)tastic! Citrus was on form and dramatic as heck (until it wasn’t). Yuru Camp was as good as it’s ever been!

So everything was good then? Did I say that? No, I said ‘lots’ not ‘all’.

Oh? Episode 8 of Darling in the FranXX gave me super sized conniption; you can read my frantic ravings here if you feel like witnessing the mental degradation of an anime fan.

Yikes! Remind me never to bring up that show again, yeah? You can ignore it all you want but it will find a way to invade my life even if I did drop it.

And other non-currently anime consists of? I finished ‘A Sister’s All You Need’; expect a review sooner than later. Started and almost finished ‘Yuru Yuri’ season 2 and dabbled in ‘Hozuki’s Coolheadedness’.

Fair enough. So what of the manga scene? “Manga scene”? Please, just stop trying to be cool.

Fine. What books did you read? Better. I read ’12 Beast’ Volume 1 which is from the author of one of my favourite manga’s ‘Monster Musume’. It… it was kind of disappointing! Like I don’t say this to many people, lest writers I like, but just stick to what you know! Action is not your forte!

By which you mean? I don’t get action anime in manga form, I know this is probably someone’s specific kryptonite, but like, wow, I can do romance, I can do comedy, I can do drama, but action just doesn’t come across well in manga form… at least where ’12 Beast’ was concerned. But maybe there are examples of manga that do have well drawn and easy to understand action. Leave a comment below if you have a recommendation!

Anything else you read? Yes! I read volume 1 of ‘Dragons Rioting’ which was a lot more interesting than I expected. I mean it’s not like it’s high-art or something but having a harem protagonist who will literally die if he gets aroused (because of a medical condition of course) is an interesting flip. And the action in it is actually well drawn and understandable so forget that whole comment about action coming across in manga from the previous question!

You okay? I don’t even know, haha! Also I read volume 1 of ‘NTR: Netsuzou Trap’.

What’s that mean? This isn’t a review, you don’t have to ask what the title means.

But I’m curious… It means ‘cucking’, but not in the way racist people on twitter use it.

Oh? Is the book any good? I really like it, I mean I know there was apparently some discourse when it came out among critics that it was dark and creepy. But I don’t get that at all, its kind of like Citrus, except a bit better? I’ve still only read Volume 1 of both so it’s hard to say, but they do feel very similar.

So any manga’s bought this week? Nope.

Oh. Any merch then? Nope!

Well, this is a kind of anticlimactic end to this blog post. Guess you should have asked those questions first, yeah?

Right. Obviously my fault… So do you at least have some news for the blog? Sure! Though some people already know this, but I’ll be reviewing manga on here soon, starting this week in fact!

Great, so how would you rate the week ending March 4th 2018. The end of the week marked my first month blogging on wordpress about anime and I’m grateful for all the people who’ve continued to support me by reading my reviews, liking my posts, leaving comments and even nominating for awards. It’s been a great experience, a boon to my self-esteem and I look forward to many more months (and hopefully years) of writing reviews for you all and interacting with this wonderful and kind blogging community!

The Unique Blogger Award – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions post regarding the Unique Blogger Award.

Congratulations! We got another award! Who’s this we business, we all know I’m the star of the show.

Sure sure, so what’s the award? The Unique Blogger Award!

‘Unique’ huh? I guess that’s one word for it… Hey! I’m a unique and beautiful snowflake.

Moving on… who nominated you? A Nerdy Perspective! Thank you so much! You should check out their site!

Cool. So what are the rules for this award? Share the link of the blogger who nominated you. Answer the questions provided. Nominate 8-13 people. And ask them 3 questions.

Seems simple enough! So what questions did you get?

  1. What is one food you couldn’t live without?

If you’d asked me this a couple of months ago I would have said hot chips or ‘fries’ as some other countries like to put it. But recently they’ve not been agreeing with (must just be because I’m getting old!) So instead I’ll say white rice.

  1. What are you listening to at the moment? (This could include bands, artists and genres.)

I have a very varied musical taste, of the 8000+ song on my ITunes library only 600+ are anime songs but I mostly listen to the whole thing on shuffle! So it’s a very eclectic list! When it comes to anime music I generally only listen to OP and ED songs, but a couple of Japanese artists who I’ve downloaded full albums for are, MONORAL, moumoon and Nothing’s Carved In Stone.

  1. What is your favourite anime this season? Or favourite anime at the moment if you don’t have one!

Oh! Tough question! The critical pick is probably A Place Further Than The Universe for the amazing animation and genuinely touching story and characters. But if I’m being honest, Slow Start is just a show I adore and will probably be something I obsess over long after it’s done.

Tch. You and your ‘cute girls’. You were listening?

Obviously, what else am I going to do? Fair ‘nuff. Well that was fun! Thanks again A Nerdy Perspective for the nomination and great question, I’m a total whore for answering questions about myself.

Not to mention a whore fullstop. Whoa! Easy now!

So who are you nominating? My nominations are:
Auri @Manga Toritsukareru Koto
Keiko @Keiko’s Anime Blog
Chizurue of Midnight Ravings
Shadowcat99 @Exploring The World of Anime and Manga
Thespookyredhead @The Spooky Red Head
Remyfool @the lily garden
Negativeprimes @Welcome to Curiously Dead Cat

Also if any of you don’t want to do the whole answering of questions thing that’s cool too! Speaking of which…

Your questions? Yes I was getting to that! My questions are going to cover by three favourite M’s:

  1. Manga! Assuming you read it, what is your favourite?
  2. Music! Favourite band/artist?
  3. Merch! Favourite anime merch you own?

 And we’re done? For now… thanks everyone for reading!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 25th February 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 25th of February 2018.

It’s been another week, huh? Yep. Time sure flies when you’re IMPATIENTLY WAITING FOR THE SPRING 2018 ANIME SEASON!

Yikes! What’s got you so wound up? There’s just so much good stuff coming out in April, I can’t wait!

Yeah well you have to wait, so shut up and let’s talk about what you watched this week. The usual is the usual, I’m not going to bother to post every show I’m watching week by week, it just feels lazy, click here if you want a show by show run down of the newly airing anime I’m watching.

Fair enough, but any highlights from those shows? Indeed! Citrus Episode 8 was particularly good, probably the best episode yet in fact, so much drama, it feels like Cruel Intentions except if every character was female and also if it was actually good and not some trash 90’s movie.

Take that movie nobody cares about in this, the year 2018. What else? Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 8 was so good I blogged about it here. Slow Start Ep 8 was adorable as usual, even if they didn’t continue the juicy plot line they established in the very special episode 7. Pop Team Epic 8 was funny. Darling in the FranXX continued to be heavily flawed and borderline trash. The rest was just the rest for better or worse, mostly better.

Koizumi-san brought some boys to the proverbial table this week and the show was all the more interesting for it.

Cool. And any other shows you started watching? Of course! It’s a big wide world of anime and I’m trying to take it all in!

Heh, so do go on. I watched 8 episodes of Yuru Yuri! It’s phenomenally good, like I’m in awe of how likable they made literally every character on this show, its mind-boggling. Plus it’s just plain fun from beginning to end. And then there’s Vatican Miracle Examiner [SPOILERS FOR THIS SHOW FROM HERE TIL END OF NEXT QUESTION], which I watched 4 episodes of and can sum up with four simple words, ‘Hitler Semen Immaculate Conception’.

What? WHAT!? Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever reacted so animatedly to an anime before, it’s a wild ride and I can only imagine where they go from there considering we had literal Hitler in the first 4 episodes of this show!

Wild indeed, but wow, I await your full review. It’s kind of spoiled now, but whatever, I’ll probably still review it!

Is that it for anime? No, I started ‘A Sister’s All You Need’, continued with ‘Teekyu’ and embarked upon the tit-tastic third season of ‘High School DxD’.

Great, and on the manga front? I got a lot in the mail! eBay sales continue to fund my addiction!

In case it wasn’t apparent, I have a thing for monster girls.

Yep, that’s a lot. But what did you read this week? I read volume one of ‘There’s A Demon Lord on the Floor’ which is cute like Blend-S but super sexy like Yusibu, it’s pretty derivative, I could pretty much call out all the similarities to other manga and anime as I read it but I still enjoyed it a lot.

What else? Finally got around to ‘Bloom Into You’ volume 1, and I’m almost sorry I waited so long, it’s a yuri manga but where the protagonist isn’t really into her love interest and it’s dense and complex but still fun and interesting. But this week’s true MVP is ‘Murcielago’ Volume One, which is a super twisted, violent and sexual manga about a notorious female serial killer who becomes the Japanese government’s assassin, tasked with taking out other serial killers who threaten the piece. She’s also a lesbian and total pervert, and while I’m the first to admit the gore in this anime is off-putting, the characters are terrific, the storylines intriguing and the sex scenes are genuinely erotic. Expect a full review of this manga soon!

I can’t wait? Why the question mark?

No sure if can’t wait. Hmm.

Anything else you wanted to talk about? The 2nd Annual Anime Awards aired over the weekend. I didn’t watch it because I assumed it would be cringe and I didn’t want to get angry at all the wrong decisions that’d be made, but turns out for the most part the anime community has really good taste and pretty much voted the way I did. Which was a pleasant surprise. Very happy that My Hero Academia, Made in Abyss and my personal favourite show of 2017 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid got recognition!

Froppy was robbed! Total best girl. But Ochako is okay too I guess.

Cool. And something else? Yes, I’ve had Discord mentioned to me a couple of times and I’m considering it the only thing is and this is embarrassing to admit, but I’m not actually sure what it is, I know it’s something people use to talk with other people but is it like text or is it voice? Or both?

I don’t know, I just assumed it was like MSN Messenger. How old are you?

Don’t pretend like you didn’t have it too and had a totally edgy user name with xx’s either side of your name. You don’t know me!

Well this kinda went off the rails. How would you rate the week ending the 25th of February 2018? Good, just good. Nothing particularly remarkable happened in the real world, anime was great; blogging was great but otherwise pretty ordinary. Thanks for reading!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 18th February 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 18th of February 2018.

So we’re doing another one of these, huh? And so soon after the first. They’ll be happening every Monday(ish) from now on, last weeks was only later in the week because I had the idea to do it later in the week. Besides, lots of anime and manga related things this past week to talk about!

And some personal stuff? Yeah sure, and some site news too.

Let’s start with something other than what currently airing anime you watched, since I’m guessing it’ll be the same as last week. Very astute, also correct.

So you got some anime merch last week? How’d you know?

Well if I didn’t know I couldn’t ask you questions and this whole blog format would be unsustainable. True. And yes! I did get some anime merch from I got myself a Rias Gremory ‘High School DxD Born’ tapestry and an ‘Amagi Brilliant Park’ noren (Japanese door curtain) both for my anime room.

I have no shame.
I’ve yet to divide the curtain yet as it requires cutting the curtain down the middle, I don’t trust myself to do it right.

Cool. And you got some new manga this week too? Yes, here’s a picture because I mean you don’t really need me to write out the titles right?

I should be sponsored by Seven Seas Entertainment considering how many of their manga I buy!

I’m sure we’ll manage, thanks. Um… I do notice a common theme with those covers though. Oh yeah?

Lot of ‘cute girls’, huh? I know what I like.

Fair enough, what manga did you finish reading last week? Well I read Volume 1 of ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life’ which was expectantly cute and occasionally funny but as expected for a 4-panel manga was lacking in a satisfying story to carry my interest. Unlike most manga, which I read in a single sitting it, took three separate days to finish it.

Not much of a recommendation. Well I’ll probably read the other volumes just because I like the characters and universe so much, but it’s nothing special.

What else? I also read Volume 1 of ‘Sundome’, which is a delightfully twisted and considerably erotic tale with a much darker art style than I’m used to but I still enjoyed it a lot. But, my favourite thing of the week was Volume 1 of ‘Yokai Girls’, very much my kind of thing, monster girls + really inappropriate humour and situations + Akihabara set = love it! Definitely not for everyone, so I can’t really recommend it unless you’ve got a dirty sense of humour and like lots of really detailed fan-service… ahem.

No context for you! Unless I decide to review manga one day.

As expected, I suppose. So copy/paste what new anime you’re watching from last week just change the episode number? Pretty much. Episode 7 of: A Place Further Than The Universe, Citrus, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Marchen Madchen, Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, Pop Team Epic, Slow Start, Yuru Camp. And episode 6 of: Dagashi Kashi 2, Darling in the FranXX and Mitsuboshi Colors.

Still the same scores/opinions as last week? Kind of. Slow Start had a phenomenally interesting episode 7, which I talk about at length here. Pop Team Epic #7 was a bit more consistently funny that previous episodes, I loved the live-action ‘Hellshake Yano’ bit, very well done. Dagashi Kashi 2 Episode 7 introduced new characters and went heavy with the plot, which makes it all the more annoying these are only 12-minute episodes. Marchen Madchen Episode 7 went full deus-ex machina, but whatever I still like it enough to keep watching. Citrus episode 7 amps up the drama and is heading in all kinds of fun directions. Other than those everything else is of the same quality as last week.

Even if you don’t like the show, it’s worth watching this ‘segment’ alone.

Good to hear! Any other anime you watched this week? Yes, lots! Finished season 1 of Haikyu!! Expect a review in a couple of weeks. Binged all of Classroom of the Elite and wrote a review, expect a review of that one very soon. And some other things that I’ll keep secret for reasons…

Is it hentai? It’s not hentai.

Sure, sure. So what’s new in your life? Time to get personal, huh? Well I’ve been a bit down lately, due to not having a job. Money is rapidly becoming an issue. So I’ll have to do something about that soon.

But what about all the things you bought? Well not that I need to explain myself to you, but birthday money + selling things on eBay in order to help finance my anime/manga spending habits.

Fair enough! And you mentioned something about blog news? Well not so much ‘news’ as just housekeeping. First of all big thanks to my followers, I’ve hit 25 followers which is honestly very nice and I appreciate everyone who likes and comments on my reviews. Secondly, I’ve been nominated to do some blogging awards, which is very humbling. I probably won’t do them for a few weeks though as I’m going to have to make a ‘miscellaneous’ blog section on the site to accommodate them but I don’t want it to seem like it’s just tacked on, I want it to feel like it belongs within the context of the site.

Anything else? Well I know I promised these weekly reviews wouldn’t impede on the daily ’20 Question Anime Reviews’ but these seem to take a lot longer to do than normal reviews. So there may come a time when Monday’s only have a Weekly Review blog and not both. But not this week! So expect a review later today!

Okay then, so how would you rate the week ending the 18th of January? With regard to anime and manga it was good often very good, personally not so much, but hopefully things will turn around soon! Thanks for reading!

Slow Start Episode 7: Cuffed Wrists – 20 Question Anime Review (Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Slow Start Episode 7: Cuffed Wrists (Spoilers).

What’s the show? Not a whole season review this time, just one episode.

Oh, this is new, since when do we talk about a single episode of a show? Since I have many thoughts on an episode that just aired and I needed to talk about them. Like seriously need.

Right, so we have to start somewhere, we can’t just go barrelling into an episode review without a little background, what’s the show? Slow Start.

And what’s it about? It’s an adorable slice of life anime about four high school girls, the protagonist Hana took a gap year before high school due to an illness and is now a year older than everyone else, which gives her a bunch of anxieties on top of her already nervous personality.

Clockwise from top: Tama, Eiko, Kamuri and protagonist Hana.

And the other three? There’s Tama, the hyperactive, always happy one. There’s Kamuri, quite possibly the cutest thing on earth, who despite looking like an elementary school student is indeed in high school. And there’s Eiko, a kind, tall and charismatic girl who everyone loves.

Protect at all costs.

So why the panic to write this episode review, it’s very out of the ordinary for you? So the show began airing in the Winter ’18 Anime season. And as of the writing of this episode 7 of 12 just aired and it shot if from simply being, “a really cute and great and fun show that I look forward to every week” to “all that plus omg I need to know where they are going with this particular subplot it better not just be a throw away thing!”

Not like a slice of life to have a plot. I know you’re making a joke there but you’re partially true, especially for this show. But episode seven kinda threw a spanner in the works, in a good way, assuming it at least continues with the subplot in some satisfying form or function.

You’re going to have to be more specific. Spoilers ahoy? Aye, spoilers ahoy. If ye don’t want episode 7 spoiled completely this is where ye jump ship, matey!

Why are we pirates all of a sudden? You started it…

MAL forums in a nutshell.

Go on then. So after a seemingly inconsequential pre-credit scene of Eiko (the kind, tall and charismatic one) picking out some blue paint she likes the look of the episode proper starts with Eiko receiving gifts from her school friends in the form of hairpins, it’s a very quaint and sweet scene as her three best friends wish her well on her birthday and exchange some remarks. Their homeroom teacher Kiyose Enami walks in and gives her a paperclip instead of a hairpin and the two exchange some cheeky sparring words. See, Eiko’s always been a bit of flirt, to almost anyone, especially fellow cute girls, and this certainly doesn’t stop just because her teacher’s one too.

She doesn’t normally have that many hairclips in, they’re just all the birthday gifts from her classmates!

Sounds pretty normal so far. The next morning Kiyose wakes up bleary eyed and worse for wear as she nurses a hangover, only to find her student Eiko bound by the wrists asleep on the floor of her living room.


WHAT?! I know right. Thankfully, the show hasn’t decided to go full dark side as Eiko explains the previous night, which, due to the alcohol Kiyose has completely forgotten.

We’ve all been there, right Kiyose Enami?

Well, what happened?! So Eiko, bumped into her teacher and a friend at the tail end of nights drinking, the friend has to go back to the bar to collect some things they forgot so Eiko says she’ll walk Kiyose home, almost unable to stand in her drunken stupor. Back at the apartment, Kiyose confuses Eiko for her drinking buddy and the two talk. It’s obvious from her body language that Eiko is ‘hot for teacher’ and tries to get her to confess anything for her but the teacher is stubborn, perhaps too stubborn to admit anything. Still sure that Eiko is in fact her drinking buddy Kiyose insists Eiko’s hands be bound for fear of having lewd things written on her face while she’s passed out.

Everyone in this show is cute, so it’s not like that’s a surprise.

Just a misunderstanding then, that’s good. Back out of flashback mode, Eiko offers to make Kiyose coffee while she freshens up. The two talk, Eiko persistent with half flirtatious remarks half witty criticisms. Then as Eiko is about to leave to get ready for school, Eiko offhandedly worries that she might smell if she doesn’t have a shower before school, Kiyose leans in and simply says, “you smell good”. Upon leaving the apartment Eiko leans on the door, flustered, all sorts of unfamiliar feelings rising up inside her as she tries to process what just happened.

“you smell good” – it sounds less creepy in the show, trust me.

This sounds problematic. Ignore that for a second, and let me just gush over how much I loved this scene, unlike so many others in the show, it’s without accompanying music, it’s colours are more muted than the rest of the show, regardless of how ‘contrived’ the situation they got into was, it felt dramatic and real and honest, and honestly romantic, even if it is something as ‘problematic’ as you say as the burgeoning relationship between a student and teacher.

Dem feels tho.

I know how you like your complicated anime relationships; let’s just hope we don’t find out their related too. So is that all? There’s a bit more actually. Later, back at school, Eiko sees Kiyose in the hall and after some playful teasing from Eiko she notices her teacher has a necklace on that she immediately recognises. Playing it off as nothing, Eiko asks to meet her friend and the show’s protagonist Hana on the hill after school to confide something. Eiko tells Hana that it was she who made the necklace, because her mother owns a ‘Variety Store’ and she occasionally makes accessories for it. Eiko expresses her joy that someone bought something that she made, and that she’s especially glad it was her teacher who liked it so much as to buy it without even knowing who made it.

Totally not staring at her boobs, right Eiko?

Well that’s very touching. I was moved, I admit it, there was a tear or too!

It’s like the feeling you get when someone comments positively on your blog!

So is this just you being excited about some ‘shipping’ fantasy coming true or is there more to this blog post? It’s about the fact that a slice-of-life show that I thought was content to play it safe suddenly decided to do something daring, at least as far as my experience with the genre is concerned. Certainly previous to this episode it’s not been completely without surprises to the ‘norm’, there’s always at least a couple of dirty jokes or innuendo per episode and in the previous episode we learned that Tama is raised by her two grandmothers, which was rightly treated as the most normal thing in the world. But here came a certain risk that I didn’t expect and I guess I was just so pleasantly surprised I decided to waffle on for 1200 words about it.slowstartep7.jpg

And we’re not talking about whether this is problematic or not? Nope!

Fine, so how do we end a review like this, bit hard to recommend just watching a single episode halfway through a show? Simply, if you haven’t watched Slow Start yet but think it might be something you could enjoy, I say go for it! Because right now, I have no idea where this show is going to end up but I’m so excited I can barely contain it!