10 Best Anime OP’s of Spring 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My Top 10 Anime OP’s of the 2018 Spring Season.

Well now that all(?) of the Anime for Spring 2018 have at least aired an episode likewise all the Opening Songs have been released and I have listened to ALL of them in preparation for these lists. The first list is for my 10 best Anime OP’s of Spring 2018! Like with the group of lists I did previously regarding the Winter 2018 OP‘s and ED’s there’s a few stipulations about song eligibility. First of all only OP songs that are 1 minute 30 seconds long are eligible, so no songs from short anime (unless of course they have full length openings). Also these choices are based solely on the quality of the song, not the anime or the animation during or any other factors. So with that in mind, let’s count down my 10 Best Anime OP’s of Spring 2018!

Number 10: “Diver’s High” by SKY-HI from Gundam Build Divers.

It’s cool and fresh and hip and all those other kinds of words kids don’t use anymore. The fact it can go through so many different musical moments in such a short span of time and not feel disjointed is a testament to the song’s quality!

Number 9: “Make Debut!” by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Toukai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chise Kimura), Sold Ship (Hitomi Ueda) and Mejiro McQueen (Saori Oonishi) from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby!

If you’ve read my other lists you already know I’m a sucker for songs sung by the voice actors, and this is certainly no exception. It’s just fun from beginning to end!

Number 8: “Winding Road” by MAN WITH A MISSION from Golden Kamuy.

There’s something nostalgic about this song, even though I don’t know what for exactly! It’s just a great damn song!

Number 7: “Touka no Manimani” by Nao Toyama from Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits.

Musically this song is just gorgeous and the fact that the main voice actress is singing it and singing it so beautifully is just great too. It’s got such energy and emotion and I can’t get enough of it!

Number 6: “Paradigm Box” by Ritsu Shikishima (Chiharu Sawashiro), Shougo Satake (Shunsuke Takeuchi) from Caligula.

Another song sung by the anime’s voice actors, except this time it’s the two main guys. And I’m not usually one to say this about male singing voices but the second guy’s voice is sexy! Oh and it’s a great song too…

Number 5: “BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT” by Lyn from PERSONA 5 the Animation.

Having listened to all of the Persona 5 soundtrack from having played the video game there’s a lot of great songs on it by Lyn, and while I don’t think this is the best out of all the songs she’s sung for this series, (it starts a bit slow) it’s got a damn addictive chorus with an infectious beat!

Number 4: “Bite” by LEO Imai from Megalo Box.

The best OP’s can make you want to watch a show without even seeing a second of the show, or at least I’ve always thought so. As is the case with this track, it’s so damn 80’s and I love it! It also sounds so unique amidst all the other OP’s this season. Also, more cowbell.

Number 3: “Binary Star” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Uru from The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the band Starship ought to be blushing bright red if they ever heard this OP, either that or calling their lawyers. The chorus sounds so much like the 1987 song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship that I have to believe it was a loving homage. Regardless of the possible copyright infringement it’s also a beautiful song.

Number 2: “Merigo” by Cypress Ueno to Robert Yoshino ft. SKY-HI from Gurazeni.

It’s just so funky if the Number 4 pick was pure 80’s then this is the 70’s! But not in a dorky or uncool way, it’s just plain fun and I love every minute of it!

Number 1: “Growth Arrow” by OLDCODEX from Butlers x Battlers.

As I mentioned in my review for the first episode, I was struck by how much the vocalist for this sounds like the lead singer of one of my favourite bands ‘Poets of the Fall’ (despite them being Finland). And that’s something I just can’t help but love, maybe it influenced my decision to place this song at number one, but I stand by the fact that this is a rocking track and I happily proclaim it to be the best anime OP of Spring 2018!

I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know in the comments what you’re favourite opening song of the Spring anime line-up is! Coming up next week will be the Worst OP’s of Spring 2018!

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter Episode 1.

What’s the show? The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 1.

Quite the mouthful. Heh!

Did I say something funny? Oh, no just kind of apt, this show’s got a serious homoerotic streak between the protagonist Reinhard von Lohengramm and his second-in-charge Siegfried Kircheis. And I don’t know if it’s intentional but it’s how do I put this delicately…

Just spit it out. Haha!

Some quality dialogue there.

Oh my god you’re so immature… Listen, I’m all for homoeroticism, believe it or not. Just because I’m usually into cute girls doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the importance of a little male same sex relations but it’s just… it feels so damn silly here! And not because it’s OTT, quite the contrary, it’s so stuffy and repressed that I don’t even know who the target audience for it is. Maybe because it’s based on an older anime that came from a time when it wasn’t so cool to be open with these things. Or maybe it’s just because the setting is so grand and slick and its framed against epic space battles and intergalactic diplomacy that it kind of feels like they’re holding back as not to further narrow down their audience but in doing so they’re really just making an unfulfilling product.

Anime blue balls? Sure, if you want to be crude about it…

And perhaps later I can show you my stamp collection.

Hey, who’s the one who was laughing at my innuendo just a few questions ago?! You admit it then!

Ugh—so you mentioned ‘epic space battles’. Care to elaborate? Yeah, I mean it’s probably the most impressive thing about this show, the 3D CGI animation is flawlessly integrated into the 2D and the battles have the kind of scope and scale that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a TV series. It’s just a shame the rest of the story is so dull and the characters (so far) are playing it so low key that there feels like everybody’s just phoning it in. That and the story is kind of boring.

It looks better in motion, trust me.

Well that’s a shame. It is! It feels like there’s a lot of promise and a lot of talent behind the scenes but it’s not very well executed, to the point I have to wonder why should I bother continuing. But it’s not offensive enough to give it up just yet, maybe it will improve, and maybe the relationship between the two men will go beyond “flirting” “words”, but until then it will continue to be dull.

That kind of captain’s chair says a lot about a person.

Since when are you rooting for more man on man action? Hehehehe ‘rooting’.

No but seriously! I don’t know, I guess when there’s so little else to focus in on in a show like this you want it to do something daring. I mean at least it would be doing something.

A bit phallic perhaps? Or do I just have a dirty mind?

Fair enough, so do you recommend this show? Umm, not really? The space battles are excellent but that’s not nearly enough to make it worth watching unless you are for some reason really into these characters. I’ll keep watching though, because even though it may be dull at least it doesn’t offend me or make me angry. Maybe that seems like a silly reason to continue a show but the very least I’ll have some cool space battles to look at.

It really is a good looking anime.

The Other Half; A Different Take on ‘Magical Girl Site’ Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for Magical Girl Site Episode 1. (From irlwaifu)

I can’t believe he is dropping this after one episode I know right, so much for giving everything a go.

Is that you IRL Waifu? Yup. I thought I would step in to answer the remaining 13 questions from this review.

He doesn’t always do a full 20 on single episode reviews? Just roll with it, it seems more cool this way.

Okay. Before we start, do I need to call you IRL Waifu? Absolutely.

Well okay. So why are you here Cactus Matt’s IRL Waifu? Do you disagree with him? Actually, not quite. He is right on so much of what he says. This was one of, if not the most, depressing episodes of anime I have ever seen. I cried so much. I felt for Aya Asagiri so much. I hurt so much. She is suffering at home, suffering at school and well, she may be being used as a weapon because of this. How much does the world need to crush one little soul?


So what is the difference between you and Cactus Matt? I’m a girl. Well, woman.

You’re a girl? You doubted that? You thought I was made up?

No I mean, how can you being a girl be what makes this different for you? I think it’s because I know how girls really are with each other. I’ve been in that place. Cute girls do not always do cute things. Cute girls can be fucking cu—

—CUTTHROAT? Yes, cutthroat. But also what you interrupted me saying.

*insert High School bitch names here*

You are not holding back are you? Nope. This episode was depressing, but I would not go as far as calling it misery porn as Cactus Matt did. I didn’t get off on it. I got angry about it. I reflected on it. I realised the amped up realness of it. I need to see how this story goes because I cannot let this go at this point simply because it challenged my emotions, and took me to places I didn’t want to go… or go back to, to an extent.

So you are continuing this anime? Yes. Strap me in for the emotional rollercoaster, as I pray to the almighty flying spaghetti monster that Aya Asagiri makes it through.

I’m logging on.

So what does this mean for Cactus Matt? I volunteer as tribute to continue the reviews that he cannot write.

Well, I guess we shall be speaking again in future? Definitely. Be sure to have the tissues ready, I foresee them being needed. *Eyebrow raises* And don’t be gross, not for that you pervert.

Fight on!

Magical Girl Site Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for Magical Girl Site Episode 1.

What’s the show? Magical Girl Site Episode 1.

And what’s it about? *sigh* I don’t think I can cover this one.

Huh? What do you mean? It’s your job to review anime and you committed to reviewing this particular new series in that post about the Spring 2018 anime. Yeah, well I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into when I picked this show as one to watch.

Is it bad? I don’t know how to answer that question. Objectively speaking you could make a case for the show, but personally I just would rather do so many things than have to watch another second of this show. Like ‘miserable experience’ doesn’t even begin to cover it and I’m strictly talking about the plot of the show here. Like it’s just oppressive and nihilistic and depressing, it’s the kind of thing Dementors would jerk off to.

Harry Potter reference. Nice. Do you want to elaborate further on the point? Like I’m not saying shows with dark subject matter are all inherently unwatchable, quite the contrary, Psycho Pass is one of my top 10 anime shows of all time, and even dark takes on the magical girl genre—which this is—like Puella Magi Madoka Magica do work well with contrasting subject matter, but this is different—at least it was to me.

So what does that mean for the rest of the show? Didn’t you say you’d be watching all the show’s you selected all the way through “no matter what”? I say a lot of things, okay? And sometimes you don’t realise what you’re able to tolerate until you actually experience it. The idea of seeing Aya Asagiri (the protagonist) go through any more torture than she already has is something I don’t want to watch regardless of how her cathartic her eventual revenge will be. For me there’s a difference between a compelling narrative born from hardships and overcoming adversity and misery porn, which I firmly believe this show is the latter of.

Right… so not only do you not recommend it but you’re dropping it too? Correct, though I’m sure there’s some out there who can stomach this kind of ‘psychological drama’, for me though it’s just a throughly unpleasant exercise in sadism.

Comic Girls Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for Comic Girls Episode 1.

What’s the show? Comic Girls.

And let me guess, ‘cute girls doing cute things’? Bingo!

And I’m guessing you love it already? Big time!

Anything else to say? Nope!

It’s a really good looking anime too.

This review seems kinda unnecessary then… I did say I was going to review every episode I watch in the Spring 2018 season, I didn’t say I was going to do it thoroughly!

Fair call, so do you at least want to tell the readers what the show’s about before you cut and run? Cute girls living in a dorm together writing manga! And each girl is unique and amazing and I love them all already, and the show has a cool style and it’s funny and did I mention I love it? Because I really really do.

No context for you!

Okay… tone down the creepiness please! Who’s your favourite character? Don’t make me choose! Okay, if I had to I’d say Ruki Irokawa, she’s the purple haired one who writes erotic manga, but I love the fact that she started out wanting to write cute manga about animals but because her art style was so mature and she was so good at drawing attractive women she ended up writing and drawing manga for more ‘adult’ publications.

Portable Radios? Portly gentlemen? Portmanteaus? Porta-Potty’s?

Isn’t that kind of weird, a high school girl writing erotic manga for teenage boys and men to read? Probably. Try not to think about it too much.

Uh-huh, so you don’t have any problems about the show? Oh, no I do.

Well let’s not go overboard, this is a cute girl anim… oh you meant the manga she drew?

Such as? There’s an exchange early on between Ruki and Tsubasa, the blue haired tomboyish one. Ruki says something along the lines of “you’re acting so stoic you might turn into a boy” to which Tsubasa says, “I think I might be okay with that” to which Ruki says “No! Then we won’t be able to be as close then!” And it was kind of annoying that because it felt like it was enforcing outdated gender stereotypes and this idea that men and women can’t be close friends, and oh know I’m talking about serious topics in my cute girl show! This was supposed to be a short and easy review!


Right, so anything else you want to add before wrapping up this rapidly increasing review? I like that our protagonist Kaoruka “Kaos” Moeta is not like some genius artist, she gets a lot of negative feedback on her manga submissions but she keeps trying! Though the whole ‘she looks so young/she looks like an elementary schooler even though she’s in high school shtick’ is already kinda wearing thin. Hopefully that all the main characters in the show know how old she is it won’t keep being brought up because those were the only jokes I felt fell kinda flat.

She made friends!

Okay then, how do you recommend this show? If you’re a fan of ‘CGDCT’ anime this should be right up your alley, it’s slice of life but it feels a lot funnier and frantic than some of the show’s in that genre. But I watched most of it with a big dopey grin on my face, it’s exactly what I wanted it to be and more!

Again, no context for you!

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1.

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1.

Oh you reviewed the first season of this show a couple of weeks/months ago, didn’t you? So is this the second season? Nope, third!

Uh, then come how you didn’t review the second season? It’s not canon.

Lens flare!

How’s that? Well it’s a side story, or rather something that didn’t happen in the manga, I don’t know, it’s confusing. Suffice to say it was unpopular with a lot of critics and fans and so this third season is in line with where the manga went.

Okay, so this takes place after the events of season 1 then? Nope! Well I mean technically, but no this is like a while after the events of season one, there’s whole swathes of the story not adapted in anime form.

Back scratcher extreme edition?

Well that just sounds confusing and annoying… You’d think so but actually it all flows pretty straightforwardly, at least if this first episode is anything to go by.

Huh, well kudos to the writers I suppose? Indeed, like its obvious, a lot has happened since the end of season one, but as long as you’re aware of that fact it doesn’t feel like we’re missing all that much. Yes it’s a different kind of show than the first season was, but it’s still very watchable and the protagonist Ken (or is it Haise Sasaki now?), while having grown a bit in the interim is still the same likeable and conflicted character he was in the first season.

He’s kind of adorable? Wait I didn’t say that out loud did I?

Is he the only character that’s there from the first season? If you remember my previous review I had a hard time remembering a lot about that show to the point of it becoming a running gag of sorts, but I don’t think there are any other returning characters but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Plus the character designs are a little different too, yeah that excuse will do…

Mind if I “cut” in?

Sure sure, so what about the other new characters then? They’re all pretty great, all interesting and unique, I think—even though we only saw a little of her—my fav character so far is Akira Mado, who is like the handler of the main cast of Quinx’s who are like half human half ghouls (or humans implanted with ghoul ‘abilities’ who work for work for the Commission of Counter Ghoul (they’re like the police, except they hunt bad ghouls).

You tell ’em, gurl!

And I’m guessing this season has a big bad ghoul that they’re hunting? Yup, his name is Torso because he kills women and only steals their torso’s, except there’s another bigger and badder ghoul that crashes the scene towards the end of episode one. It’s all very interesting!

Now that’s just damn cool.

Okay cool, so what’s your verdict on this first episode of a third season that’s actually a second season that’s actually a— I’ll stop you there. It’s a great continuation and one that doesn’t (at least at the moment) seem to require having read the intervening manga’s to enjoy. It’s similar in tone to the first season but it feels a lot more focused because of the fact that most of the main characters including Ken (Haise) work for the CCG, It kind of reminded me of Psycho Pass, though not nearly as polished. Still, if you were a fan of the first season and have doubts about this I’d say it’s definitely worth a watch and I’m interested to see where the story they’re setting up goes.

Picturesque af.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! Episode 1 & 2 – Anime QandA Review (Collab with Irina!)

An Anime QandA collaboration with review with Irina from ‘I Drink And Watch Anime’ about Uma Masume: Pretty Derby! Episode 1 and 2.

(Guest Question Asker: Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime)

Matt, what even is this show? Wait I know what show it is I watched the first 2 eps too for the purposes of this collab, but you know, drinking…! Hi Irina! Welcome to Anime QandA! We’re talking about Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, which I kinda forced you to watch…

Haha, you say “forced”, I say blackmailed…. We’re all friends here. So this is what having friends that aren’t a construct of my own mind feels like? I like it!

So on first glance, some people may think this is just a loli, ponyplay, idol hell mashup but how would You describe the show? Well I know you’re just asking for the benefit of the readers and also because it’s kind of a staple of my reviews, but it’s about a starry eyed country girl ‘Special Week’ whose moved to Tokyo to attend a school for horse girls and live out her and her mother(s) dream of being the best horse girl in Japan!

‘I wanna be the very best…’

And when you say horse girl we’re not talking centaur’s now are we? No, not as such, these are just otherwise normal girls’ who also have horse ears and a horse’s tail. Oh and they run really fast too!

Certainly helps if you’re going to be a race horse girl!

***cough ponyplay cough*** Listen, I’m much too innocent to even know what that is…

Now tell me honestly, what made you want to watch the show in the first place? Cute girls! It’s why I do most things, also if they’ve got a monster girl edge then bonus!

I’m really into their hair, or is it their manes?

And did the first two episodes live up to those expectations? Well, if we’re talking about expectations of plot and character the only thing I had to go off for this series was the MAL synopsis which even now still just reads “based on the mobile game” so my expectations were pretty much zero. But it met and exceeded my expectations for being a show about cute horse girls!

My money is on the protagonist!

You downloaded the game, didn’t you? I would have if I had a Japanese iTunes account or could read Japanese…

This sort of freaked me out but what did you think of the fact that the girls seem to only have been given racing names? I think it’s cute! They’re all named after famous Japanese racehorses such as: ‘Silence Suzuka’, ‘Symboli Rudolph’, ‘El Condor Pasa’, ‘Air Groove’ and ‘Vodka’. I don’t know I just get a kick out of otherwise normal looking girls having weird names. Is that a new fetish? Uh-oh…

Irina likes Vodka, the drink not the horse.

Speaking of Uh-oh – I had a coach like that…. Yeah, I’m not sold on the coach character, I mean he at least seems less creepy in episode 2, but I mean way to get me off base right away with a character by having him rub ‘Special Week’s’ calves without her permission—twice!

Bad touch!

So why do they run in high heels? Maybe it’s like a handicap to make the sport more difficult? Though I think if the show never explains it it’s probably just someone likes girls in heels. Yeah I can see why that might seem like a bit of an unnecessary addition.

Yeah, that does sound like something their coach would suggest. I’m surprised they’re not running in mini skirts…yet… Oh it’s probably going to happen, unless the opening credits is just for illustrative purposes I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up running in their idol costumes at bigger events.

Elite athletes.

Do you have a favorite character so far? If the wikipedia page is anything to go by there is going to be a lot of characters in this show. So given the only two who’ve received considerable screen time so far are ‘Special Week’ and ‘Silence Suzuka’ it has to be ‘Special Week’! Ha – I knew it!

She’s just so ‘special’, she makes me ‘week’ at the knees…

Man, horsegirls sure are nice and optimistic! Well I don’t think that they’re all just nice and optimistic, we get that one girl in the second episode who tries to take down ‘Special Week’ in her debut race. And I think the supporting characters all have pretty distinctive personalities, but I mean yeah… it’s not like we’re going for deeply flawed and complex characters here.

You can tell she’s the antagonist because of the eye patch!

Yes the one clear antagonist is not nice. So what does “Eclipse first, the rest nowhere” mean? That the Japanese are bad at English? No, I mean I get it’s their school motto and it’s something of an inspirational quote but I think all it means is, be better than the best and leave the rest in the dust? Though it’s kind of a harsh motto if they’re trying to promote camaraderie and teamwork too. Oh that makes much more sense, I thought it was some type of deep astrophysics theory…

Google translate only gets you so far.

What’s with all the idol shows? Ah yes, probably the most unnecessary part of the show. After each race the top 3 horse girl’s perform a ‘winner’s concert’ which is basically just an idol show. I know ‘idols’ exist in various sports in Japan, like ‘Shogi Idol’s’ are a thing, but I don’t think they go as far as singing and dancing on stage. I guess this show just wanted to have both sport and idol related things in the show. Plus if it’s the voice actors singing the songs then more money from selling CD singles!

I mean of course every horse girl race turns into an idol concert.

That would be funny since we know the characters lip syncAre you buying the soundtrack? Wait did you already buy the soundtrack? I don’t generally buy Anime soundtrack’s, at least not new, just wait a couple of years and you can get them so much cheaper from second-hand sites!

What are you hoping to see in the rest of the season? I don’t know, I’m honestly not looking that far ahead. I’m just happy to take it episode by episode just like I was with Laid Back Camp–oops! I probably shouldn’t mention that show around you! Never heard of it…

It’s a sport anime, see?

Since a ‘career ending injury’ is a super common sports anime trope, do you think a girl will twist her ankle (running in high heels ‘n all) and will they have to… dispose of her like they do with race horses? Off to the glue factory with you horse girl! Or do horse girl’s get turned into something different, like lube maybe?–Oh that’s dark and perverse even for me… I take everything back – this show is pure brilliance!

Good advice. Wait, why are you looking at me?!

I take it you recommend the show? You could pretty much just look at the poster or any of the screenshots to know whether this is the show for you, it’s cute horse girls and I love their character designs and personalities, this is just totally my kind of anime. It’s not perfect and I do wonder how far they can take this show’s concept but I’m along for the ride! Ride – I get it! I smurt!

Now if you want to know whether I recommend the show over unnecessary explorative dental surgery without anaesthesia, you can find out in our exciting review of episode 3! Coming soon!

I wonder who these girls could be? Such flawless disguises!

Spring 2018 Anime That I’m Watching

A list of all the Spring 2018 Anime I intend to watch and review for the site.

So, I thought I’d do a post about what anime I’m watching for the Spring 2018 season and a brief explanation as to why! Also a few of these have yet to be picked up by a streaming service, so this list could reduce if Crunchyroll or someone else doesn’t pick all of these shows up. Prepare yourself for a long list! And make sure to read—or just skip—to the end for a bit of site news regarding the blogging format for these shows.(Presented in order of release date)

Magical Girl Ore (March 25th 2018/April 2nd 2018 – official release)
Two episodes were made available early on Crunchyroll and I’ve already watched them and I kind of love this show and want to see where it goes!

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (April 2nd 2018)
An odd choice perhaps, not usually what I’m into but I’m willing to give it a try!

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (April 2nd 2018)
“Based on the mobile game” – what could possibly go wrong! No but really this looks pretty cute.

Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Sen’you Pet (April 2nd 2018)
No comment.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter (April 3rd 2018)
Figured I’d give something different a try from this season, it’s not really what I usually watch but I have to expand my horizons.

Space Battleship Tiramasu (April 3rd 2018)
Who can resist a show with a name like that?! Again, not really the kind of show I usually watch but no harm in trying!

Tokyo Ghoul:re (April 3rd 2018)
I enjoyed the first season enough to want to watch this 3rd(?) season. I never bothered with Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and apparently that was a wise decision.

Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto (April 4th 2018)
Unfortunately it’s only a 5min anime, but as if I can resist a synopsis like that!

Tachibanakan Triangle (April 4th 2018)
It’s a yuri! But again only 5 minutes—why! I was so keen for this when I saw the poster and character designs! Oh well, 5 minute shows can be good too I suppose…

Comic Girls (April 5th 2018)
Cute girls writing manga in a dormitory together? Sold!

Amanchu! Advance (April 7th 2018)
I only started watching the first season a couple of weeks ago but I adore the art-style and characters and chill vibes from this show, so I’m keen for the second season.

Mahou Shoujo Site (April 7th 2018)
Last season I didn’t really watch anything too psychological or horror themed, I kind of missed it. Plus magical girls.

My Hero Academia 3rd Season (April 7th 2018)
Even though I think they should have waited a bit longer between seasons (season 2 only ended September 30 last year) I’m still excited for more of my favourite superheroes! Also, I’ll be watching this in English like I did the previous two seasons and like I do with all shounen style anime.

The Caligula Effect (April 8th 2018)
Imagine my disappointment when I found out this wasn’t an incestuous harem anime about debauched Roman emperor Caligula! Still this looks interesting.

Cutie Honey Universe (April 8th 2018)
It’s got an interesting aesthetic and I’ve heard about the manga for so many years; hopefully the show is good too!

Person 5 the Animation (April 8th 2018)
The game was pretty good, but the best thing about it was the story and the characters—hopefully they don’t screw it up!

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online (April 8th 2018)
I’ve never watched a Sword Art Online series, never really liked the settings of them, but this one looks different enough to be interesting to me.

Food Wars! The Third Plate – Totsuki Ressha-hen (April 9th 2018)
The second half of Season 3 of Food Wars! Give it to me, I’m hungry for it!

Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days (April 9th 2018)
Monster girls, kind of? I don’t know…

High School DxD Hero (April 10th 2018)
Not sure how I feel about the new art style but I’m still keen for this, though I won’t be watching this particular show on Crunchyroll for reasons that should be obvious…

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Sometimes you watch a show because the wife wants to watch a show.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Something about the art style and character designs is really comforting and familiar to me.

Steins;Gate 0 (April 12th 2018)
Probably more than any show this season I’m simultaneously excited and terrified about Steins;Gate 0. The original series may be one of the best anime ever made, so expectations are high but so much could go wrong. Fingers crossed!

Dorei-ku The Animation (April 13th 2018)
This sounds dark and psychological, I’m intrigued.

Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World (April 13th 2018)
Even if the plot seems a bit too similar to last years ‘Restaurant From Another World’ for my liking, I just can’t resist a food-based anime.

And there you have it, 25 shows I intend to not only watch the day of or the day after release but will also blog about them too! How I’ve decided to blog about them is by simply creating a new ‘category’ on my site called Spring 2018 Anime, which will basically be normal 20 Question Anime Review’s just not bound to the 20 Question limit. Some episode reviews might only be 5 or 6 questions long, some might be 10 or 15, I just think this will be the easiest way of being able to blog about as many shows as I intend to watch. Also, and this one’s kind of a questionable (no pun intended) decision, but I won’t be dropping any of these shows, no matter how much they might suck or trigger me—which, let’s face it is bound to happen. Why am I doing this to myself? Well I figured since I’m still unemployed I might as well make the most of this ‘free time’ and plus it’ll be a good experiment to see how feasible this is. Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with what show’s you’ll be watching and how many weeks you think I’ll last before I lose my mind!