10 Best Waifu’s of Summer 2019 Anime

My 10 Best Waifu’s of the Summer 2019 Anime season


Too many waifu’s, too little time! With a new season (almost) completed it’s time for me to countdown my 10 Best Waifu’s of Summer 2019 Anime!

~Number 10~
Hibiki Sakura from ‘How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?’

Tasty waifu.

This show has such high quality waifu potential that honestly any of the girls were deserving of a spot (from an aesthetic point of view I think Akemi is a favourite) but I chose our main main girl Hibiki over the others for a couple of reasons. One she’s got a unique look, she might look like a ‘gal’ but she’s a movie buff and lover of all types of food, she’s got an energetic personality and is very relatable in her weight-loss struggle. Also her voice actress is first timer Egyptian-Japanese which adds a wonderful noticeable difference to the character’s personality.

~Number 9~
Sayu Tsukisaka from ‘Re:Stage! Dream Days’

She’s got all the right moves!

I’m a sucker for an angry fang-girl, or just a fang-girl in general–okay let’s be honest any and every anime girl–but let’s not understate the appeal of it in certain circumstances. Not only is Sayu super cute but she’s got a fiery temper and is loyal to her best friend.

~Number 8~
Asuka Suzumori from ‘Are You Lost?’

Why are her hands in the way, dammit!

Some of this season’s sexiest visuals have come courtesy of this show and it’s probably no coincidence that Asuka has probably supplied the most of them and has ended up on this list. Sexy shenanigans aside Asuka is a genki, upbeat sports girl with a bit of a stupid streak but that just makes her all the more endearing!

~Number 7~
Tilarna Exedilica from ‘Cop Craft’

She deserves happiness! Such a good girl.

Tilarna is inescapably interesting, not only as a character in this show but as a waifu in general she’s a strong independent warrior from another world thrust into a world where she’s not only an outsider but often vilified just because of her race. She’s also cute, feisty and just a little bit sexy.

~Number 6~
Yuika Koga from ‘Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?’

And very much not a good girl.

I’m not a masochist, I don’t have any of those particular tendencies and really don’t see the appeal of being stepped on, but damn if Yuika ain’t the cutest little thing, she almost makes me want to be her slave for life… almost.

~Number 5~
Haruhime from ‘Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon II?’

Protecc Haruhime!

The whole ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ may be a trope in Western media, but in anime it’s kind of unheard of (at least as far as I know). So seeing a character as tragic as Haruhimi having to endure the circumstances of her unfair existence is indeed evoking of sympathy. But Haruhime is more than just a victim, she’s a well rounded character with immaculate character design and an all round beautiful person.

~Number 4~
Tamaki Kotatsu from ‘Fire Force’

Hot stuff.

Forgetting for a second all the endlessly stupid complaints about her character ‘trait’, Tamaki is an absolute goddess; she’s sexy, she’s fun and she’s a badass fighter with a neko-girl aesthetic, what’s not to love?! The only reason she isn’t higher on the list is because we’ve only seen a little bit about her but she’s definitely destined for the pantheon of waifu’s.

~Number 3~
Hitoha Hongo from ‘O Maidens In Your Savage Season’

The one girl I couldn’t find a decent gif for.

Oh, Hongo… you frustrated, tortured little genius when will you understand your overwhelming worth as a person. It’s weird talking about Hongo as a waifu because she’s so real and fully rounded as a character and has such depth and believability that she’s kinda beyond being a “waifu” and just a girl I’d like to date. Is that weird? Probably, but I don’t care.

~Number 2~
Yuuko Yoshida from ‘The Demon Girl Next Door’

The best transformation.

If there were a venn diagram with ‘sexy’, ‘funny’ and ‘cute’ square in the middle of it would be Yuuko, the adorkable demon girl with a heart of gold and a god-tier chest in front of it. From her overall design, her voice acting, her personality and her comedic timing, Yuuko is just an absolute treasure and I love every minute of her being on-screen.

~Honourable Mention~
Sempai from ‘Magical Sempai’

Ta da!

I felt kind of obliged to include the titular (pun absolutely intended) Sempai from ‘Magical Sempai’ because she is a busty, dumb fun girl who’s just a heck of a lot of fun to be around. She’s not worthy of my Top 10 because the lack of characterisation (I mean she doesn’t even have a name she’s just referred to as ‘sempai’ throughout the whole series) means forming a connection to her is especially hard but it’s hard to deny her appeal!

~Number 1~
Yue from ‘Arifureta’


I could write an entire post about how much I love Yue, few anime characters have made an impression on me as quickly as she did and continue to do so with every passing moment from their first appearance. Not only is she impossibly cute but being that she’s a 500 year old vampire loli means she’s also got an innocence to her overall seductiveness. As far as personality goes, she’s precocious, intelligent, loyal and level-headed–what more could you ask for?!


And that’s this seasons’ list! I’d love to know which waifu’s made your favourite list this time so let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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Spring 2019 Anime In Review

A look back at all the Spring 2019 Anime I Watched With Scores And Mini-Reviews For Each Show


So the Spring 2019 Anime season has come and gone and in its wake a bunch of shows and many more opinions on them! Overall it wasn’t the strongest or most memorable season in recent memory, but the highs certainly were high! I watched 16 shows in Spring and I’ll be ranking them from best to worst with a score and a little review for each too!

BOKUBEN: We Never Learn

There’s so many good faces in this show it was hard to chose just one!

Oh boy, do I have so much to talk about regarding this show but then again most of it will be me complaining about “people” who compare this show to last seasons’ ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ despite the fact that ‘We Never Learn’ came first (as a manga) and is infinitely superior! Okay I’ll stop with the mini-rant and just say that seldom do I see a harem anime with such a commitment to fully developing its female characters and making the audience not only want each of the girls to end up with the male lead but also give them personal and unique journeys that make all these characters feel real. I really love this show and I’m so glad it’s getting a second season in October of this year!

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Don’t be shy, Bocchi, you have people who like you!

Shows like this are especially hard to review because the journey of the anime is less about a definite ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘endpoint’ narratively speaking but rather just watching characters find one another, grow closer and develop as people in their own right. Likewise the amount you’re going to get out of a series like this is directly proportional to how much you can be brought into their world and sympathise/empathise with the characters in it. Bocchi and her cohorts remained like friends I never knew I needed right up until the end and I’ll forever appreciate them for letting me be privy to their journey, this show was wonderful.

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?


A show as shamelessly ecchi as this one deserves kudos for fully committing to its ridiculous premise alone. But what was more surprising than the myriad ways it managed to push together a female teacher and a male student in compromising situations was the honest to goodness heart, character development and how well it tied it all together. Sometimes a show can be sexy and sweet.

Wise Man’s Grandchild

She’s too precious.

I went into great detail (and defense) about this series in my episode 1 & 2 review but my thoughts on the series as a whole remain more or less the same. ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ is an isekai that knows it’s an isekai, embraces the tropes of its genre but is still wise (heh) enough to do things differently when it needs to. Its sense of humour remains its greatest strength though and made every single episode an absolute joy to watch.

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World
(86/100) [ongoing series Episodes 1 to 13 watched]

Okay, so sometimes our protagonist can be a gentlemen…

Here’s a series that gets more interesting, more complex and more narratively satisfying the longer it goes on and the fact we’re only halfway through its planned 26 (plus 1 OVA) episode at the time of writing this makes things all the more exciting. This show feels fresh despite being based on a Visual Novel from the 90’s and whats more its just entertaining as heck. Yes it’s got some issues (mostly to do with its sometimes sexist protagonist) but the good far outweighs the bad in this particular anime!

Ao-chan Can’t Study!

She loves it.

I haven’t watched that many strictly romantic comedy anime (harem’s usually don’t count as such) likewise even less with a female lead but not only was the titular Ao-chan an adorable neurotic and refreshingly frank character but the show itself was as funny as it was endearing.

Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki

She’s a high energy individual that Yatogame-chan…

When’s a 2 minute anime better than half the anime you watch in a particular season? When it’s ‘Yagogame-chan Kanatsu Nikki’! Food anime are often a favourite of mine, and what’s better than a food anime? A food anime filled with comedy and niche references to very specific parts of Japanese culture (in this case the Nagoya region of Japan). As you’d (hopefully) expect for an anime this short not a second is wasted and the result is a fun and frenetic, but still surprisingly laid back anime that I’m very glad is getting a 2nd season next year!

Isekai Quartet

I can literally hear the theme song in my head just by looking at this gif.

Bringing together characters from four different popular isekai anime and smashing them together could have been a recipe for disaster–or at least a recipe for a messy anime but the team responsible for this crossover handled it (almost) perfectly and gave us fun and entertaining experience. Even if you’re only familiar with half the shows being referenced it’s still a worthwhile experience if you’re into seeing crazy characters interact with each other with often hilarious results!


I watched it for the plot, I swear!

The otaku references in ‘AMAZING STRANGER’ were an endless source of comedic delight as were the marital shenanigans between our protagonist and 1/6 scale bishojou figure but it was the commitment to its world building, the connections between the characters and the surprising amount of drama that ended up making this anime such a rewarding (if still inherently silly) experience.

The Helpful Fox Senko-san

She is pretty damn adorable (and don’t forget 800 years old, so it’s legal!)

Despite seemingly being an anime that’s exactly in my wheelhouse (a.k.a. it’s about a cute loli fox girl in a Slice of Life setting) there were certain things about this anime that I wasn’t exactly a fan of and hence prevented me falling in love with the show like so many others did. Having an adult male protagonist felt like it was pandering to a different demographic entirely (I wrote a whole rant-y post about it which I never ended up posting) but external factors should seldom detract from a show’s enjoyment factor. Also the fact the show felt the need to mention that the loli fox girl is actually 800 years old in every episode (sometimes multiple times) felt like the writer was embarrassed by his very own premise–which sucked a lot of the joy out of the show. Regardless of my issues it was still a wholesome, comfortable and well-made anime.

Fruits Basket 1st Season
(81/100) [ongoing series 13 Episodes watched so far]


As someone who’s never seen the ‘original’  Fruits Basket, read the manga nor is particularly a fan of this genre of anime (whatever genre that is) I’m still yet to see the monumental appeal of this series–however its characters, its overall emotional impact and the promise of something bigger and more serious behind the scenes means I’m more than happy to keep watching the show and see where it goes.

Nobunaga teacher’s young bride

The face of all the ‘normies’ who stumbled upon this show.

There’s a lot of promise in this anime’s premise but unfortunately not a lot of care in its overall execution. It’s clumsy, occasionally ugly and extremely problematic. But it’s also fun, amusing and occasionally inspired. Also kudos for being one of the only ecchi harem anime I’ve ever seen to have a “trap” character get further sexually with the main (male) character than any of the girls did! I’ll remember that about this series if nothing else…

Joshi Kausei

Literally the best moment in the whole series and it happens two minutes into Episode 1.

An interesting premise and some wholly likeable characters are the highlight of this short anime that never does anything particular inventive with its ‘no dialogue’ premise but is still a pleasant and entertaining diversion.

Cinderella Nine

Do they have ‘yellow cards’ in baseball?

As of the writing of this I’m only 11 out of 12 episodes (due to a broadcast delay) but ‘Cinderella Nine’ is an example of a sports anime without the budget to wholly execute its sport in any satisfying way, with characters who amount to little more than single sentence cliches and nothing in the way of a gimmick to spice up the proceedings.

Han-Gyakuisei Million Arthur 2nd Season [on hold at Episode 3]

So, this show is great, probably with a score around the mid 80’s, but I had to stop it at Episode 3 because Funimation being the incompetent twats that they are decided to cut out the post-credit gag scenes which were a source of so much joy in the 1st season. Maybe it seems weird to put a show on hold because of such a (seemingly) minor reason but its a matter of principal, you know?! I’ll probably get back to watching this just… not on Funimation…

AFTERLOST [on hold at Episode 7]

*sigh* This show… is so frustrating, there’s so much good about it and almost in equal measure so much bad about it. I haven’t considered this ~officially~ dropped but at the same time I don’t know if I want to ever go back to it so consider this in the limbo between on hold and dropped–whatever that might be called… okay let’s call it ‘Lost’!


And that’s the Anime of Spring 2019 that I watched reviewed! What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on my thoughts? Drop a comment below if you have something to say! Thanks for reading!

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10 Anime That Need A Second Season

10 Anime That I Personally Think Need A Second Season The Most

There’s nothing worse than becoming invested in a series only for it to end after a single season, plot lines unresolved, characters unfulfilled and an empty space in the audiences’ collective hearts. The following anime are shows that I personally think are most needing of a second season–chances are my picks won’t align with yours but that’s to be expected, after all I’ve got weird taste in anime! I’ve tried to pick shows that left me with more questions or that made me want to know what happened to the characters–rather than just pick shows that’d I’d solely love to see more of. Also, spoiler warning for any given show listed as I may talk about final episode plot points. Let’s get this started with the 10 Anime That Need A Second Season!

~Number 10~
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

The thing about anime based on long running light novel series’–especially in the isekai genre–is that answers to overriding plot arcs are going to be mostly left out in service of completing shorter story arcs. There’s so many factions whose ultimate motives going forward are left on the sideline that one can’t help but long for more episodes to answer these questions–also more Shera.

~Number 9~
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

The “will they/won’t they” has been a tried and tested formula of romantic comedies the world over and even if we know in our heart of hearts that Kaguya and Shirogane will end up together that doesn’t make the fact that we don’t get to see as much as a kiss between the two throughout the season! We need more, we need closure! As the newest show on the list there’s still an iota of hope a second season will eventuate but I’m not holding my breath.

~Number 8~

The thing that makes ‘Citrus’ such a bitter tease is that its first (and to date, only) season ends on something of an artificially happy note that kind of shoo’s away the potential of a sequel but likewise leaves things otherwise unresolved. This is a “will they/won’t they” where I’m not especially rooting for the couple but just for them to find some happiness, the intrigue would then come from ‘how’ and ‘with who’.

~Number 7~
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Cliffhanger endings are the worst–especially if you’re an anime who isn’t guaranteed a second season! While by no means the worst unresolved anime cliffhanger in history this show builds and builds in its final episodes and by the time we’re halfway through the season (now series) finale we come to the gut-wrenching realisation that they’re not going to wrap this up in time. And indeed the show ends just as the story is about to enter a new and interesting phase. Why must you do this to us!

~Number 6~
A Sister’s All You Need

There’s a lot of really interesting things about this series that make it worth watching–even if its polarising opening scene had you scrambling for the stop button. For me, beyond the seemingly endless scenes of playing board and card games, the lengthy fantasy sequences and the wish fulfilment writer life paired with crippling reality actuality the most interesting thing about this series was Chihiro–who had a secret whose inevitable reveal was something that could rock the foundation of the series to its core. But alas in 12 short episodes we never got to see a full reveal of said secret and we were all left wondering what would happen.

~Number 5~
The Devil Is A Part Timer!

There’s so many interesting and nuanced pieces of character development and world-building that NOT revisiting this series feels like a crime. Plus I want to see if Maou and Chiho ever get together properly–I ‘ship them so hard!

~Number 4~
Killing Bites

The only thing worse than a cliffhanger ending is blatant sequel baiting in the form of an epilogue after a series is more or less wrapped up. Had ‘Killing Bites’ ended where it ended with our protagonist Yuya dying at the hands of Hitomi in a a massive betrayal it would have served as a powerful ending to a series that was pretty much never going to get a second season. But instead they tease us with a post credit scene that shows not only did Yuya survive but much time has passed and the world is a very different place then it was. I want to know more! But sadly we never will know!

~Number 3~
Slow Start

know what you’re thinking, “what’s a mediocrely received CGDCT show doing on this list?” First of all, how dare you ‘Slow Start’ is amazing and secondly while it’s true CGDCT shows don’t generally lend themselves towards forwarding any kind of dramatic narratives. But where ‘Slow Start’ excelled was its side characters, specifically Eiko and her homeroom teacher Kiyose whose relationship moves (rather aptly) slowly but steadily throughout the first season. But it’s never enough, every intense and suggestive encounter leads to wanting to see what will happen next between this student and teacher–it’s utterly irresistible but sadly will be relegated to the pages of the manga and not any subsequent anime season…

~Number 2~
No Game, No Life

The movie doesn’t count! It was a prequel/side story! We need a second season of this now!

~Number 1~

This choice is purely motivated by having read (most) of the manga and wanting to see the rest of Tomoko’s growth from socially awkward loser with no friends to social awkward loser with some friends in an animated form. It might not seem like a lot–especially for the Number 1 spot–but I’ve always had a sort of personal affinity towards Tomoko and her struggles in life. Its a journey that deserves to be continued in anime form.


And those are my picks! I’m sure you’ve all got anime you think should have gotten a second season so let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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10 Best Waifu’s of Spring 2019 Anime

My 10 Best Waifu’s of the Spring 2019 Anime season


The seasonal tradition of counting down the best waifu’s of the season continues! In previous seasons I’ve struggled to narrow down the sheer wealth of waifus down to just 10 but there was something ~lacking~ about this season that meant I had no problem finding 10 girls for the list. Somewhat a mixed blessing as it made for a rather straightforward decision process! Here we go counting down the 10 Best Waifu’s of Spring 2019 Anime!

~Number 10~
Akane Ukita from ‘Cinderella Nine’

I mean sure, this image is from the mobile game, but unlikely are you going to find a pic of her this cute from the anime! (Spoiler alert, the anime is cheap looking)

Interminably shy, insecure but still high-spirited nonetheless. Aside from being physically cute (where can I get a hoodie with cat ears?!) watching her slow but steady rise from inexperienced at baseball to… adequate(?) is a level of adorable-ness all of its own!

~Number 9~
Mio Shimazu from ‘YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World’

She looks rather plain considering my usual waifu choices but she’s got a certain charisma about her personality that’s irresistible.

Sometimes a waifu is more than just looks, you know? Okay, I don’t know what I’m talking about either but as far as ‘YU-NO’ goes there’s no shortage of attractive girls (and women) but for some reason I found myself drawn to substitute teacher Mio above all others and I’m not even sure why.

~Number 8~
Tohru Honda from ‘Fruits Basket (2019)’

*tadaima intensifies*

Speaking of “wholesome and kind-hearted”, few girls in anime embody everything that’s wonderful about the fairer sex than Tohru Honda. And while I still have issues with the show itself, its hard to fault this ‘Fruit Baskets’ protagonists embodiment of love and light.

~Number 7~
Ao Horie from ‘Ao-chan Can’t Study!’

She’s got stunning eyes, hey her eyes are up there! Where are you looking?!

She’s a complex girl who’s forever battling her own disgust for her fathers’ career (he’s an erotic novelist) while trying to reconcile her own burgeoning feelings of lust for the hot boy at school who is endlessly (but insufficiently) perusing her. Basically she’s DTF but too proud to admit it, and that makes her endlessly adorable. Also she’s got an amazing body and beautiful eyes.

~Number 6~

She’s a strong independent toy!

I wouldn’t mind “toying” with all the 1/6 scale girls in this show but for me it’s the fantasy-series derived tsundere Bellnoa who captures my attention. She’s stoic and proper, but cute and cheeky when she needs to be.

~Number 5~
Hikari Hazakura from ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?’

Not see-through enough… guess we’ll have to wait for the uncensored version…

Before she’d even spoken a word–just seeing her in the OP–I knew Hikari would be my best girl (woman?) from ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?’, she’s tanned, she’s genki… yep that’s pretty much my checklist checked off for the perfect anime girl. Also, ~nice oppai~!

~Number 4~
Nako Sunao from ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’

And that tiny mole below her eye too, *chefs kiss*.

As a character, none are better in ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’ than the title character of Bocchi herself. But when it comes to the serious business of picking a waifu its her first (and best?) friend Nako who wins my heart. She’s a misunderstood “tough-girl” with a heart of gold and a wry sense of humour–what’s not to love?!

~Number 3~
Senko from ‘The Helpful Fox Senko-san’


The thing about Senko-san is she’s #theperfectwoman by design, which kind of feels like cheating. I mean Senko herself literally describes herself as the protagonists “wife” and “mother”–which aside from the obvious awkward Oedipus connotations–is basically what every man (apparently) looks for in a partner. Oh and she’s an 800 year-old loli fox girl, so you double perfect.

~Number 2~
Sicily von Claude from ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’

She makes a great first impression.

The comparisons to Aqua from ‘Konosuba’ are inevitable but they should stop at the superficial because Sicily is a wholesome, pure princess without compare. She’s kindness and joy and sincerity and beauty in a single well endowed package! And if that’s not the makings o f a top tier waifu then I don’t know what is!

~Honourable Mention~
All the top waifu’s from ‘Isekai Quartet’

Look at all these adorable, silly, crazy, stupid girls (in that order).

So ‘Iskeai Quartet’ brings together 4 separate anime series’ each with at least a couple (if not a lot) of cute girls and smushes them together for comedic shenanigans. And likewise amongst the “smush” is a whole lot of top tier waifus sharing screen time together! Rem from ‘Re:Zero’, Shalltear from ‘Overlord’ and Darkness and Aqua from ‘Konosuba’, All worthy of a spot, but let’s face it, this is a short-form comedy spin-off so we’ll save individual mentions for their inevitable sequel seasons!

~Number 1~
Takemoto Uruka from ‘We Never Learn!’

She’s perfect.

Y’all know how I like those tanned, genki girls right? I’ve made no secret of the fact that those two factors add up to winning best girl potential. So let me not undersell the fact that Takemoto from ‘We Never Learn!’ is potentially the pinnacle of tanned, genki girls. She exists within the framework of her tropes but showcases such nuanced characterisation and growth throughout the show that she’s without compare. Also, those tanlines… I’m gonna need a minute to recuperate.


And that’s this seasons’ list! I’d love to know which waifu’s made your favourite list this time so let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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Spring 2019 Anime – Midseason Review

A Rundown of my thoughts on the Spring 2019 Anime at the Midseason point


Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Firstly, apologies for the lack of content on the blog recently. The reason for the lack of content, well it’s mostly general annoyance with WordPress as a platform–as well as being banned from gaining revenue from Google AdSense because apparently my site is “adult”. The latter of which I felt particularly angered about as I’d just renewed my domain plan with WordPress when I found out about the ban and so now am $144 out of pocket and stuck with a site that can’t earn me any money back to pay for the hosting fees! Anyway, that’s not really what this post is about… despite the lack of blogging activity I am still watching anime and for those interested I thought I’d share my thoughts with the shows so far since we’re halfway through the season!

The Anime I’m Liking Way More Than I Thought I Would


‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ on the surface looks like a rather ordinary isekai but where this show succeeds above other similar shows is its levity, it’s almost parody-level awareness of the genre’s tropes, while still retaining a compelling plot and charismatic characters both main and side.

The Anime That’s Taking Its Time And That’s Probably A Good Thing?

Shit gets real, it just takes a while.

It has a long title and a 26 episode stint and while we’re only at Episode 6 (as the time of writing this) ‘YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World’ isn’t rushing its story. Good thing too since it’s based on an apparently complex and lengthy visual novel. While the show remains strong, interesting and at times even agonisingly dramatic and risk-taking–it also seems like the kind of show that would benefit from a binge-watch rather than the trickle of information each weekly instalment gives us.

The Anime That Is Pure Fanservice (And Not The Sexual Kind)

You better believe Darkness likes being called “that thing there”.

Bringing together characters from four different, already popular isekai anime could be a recipe for laziness but thankfully ‘Isekai Quartet’ is funny and savvy. And even though I’ve only watched two of the shows whose characters feature (Re:Zero and Konosuba) the show still is a whole lot of fun and occasionally laugh-out-loud hilarious. But it’s strictly for fans of the shows its characters are from.

The Anime That Seems To Benefit From A Nostalgic Perspective


I never watched the original ‘Fruits Basket’ or read the manga so I had nothing to go-on going into this remake. And while it certainly has a lot going for it (emotional mother-daughter backstory to wring emotion from, interesting premise, large cast of colourful characters) it also has a lot that I dislike about it (problematic male characters, problematic gender roles, and other various issues that stem from both its genre and the source material’s age). Some people can overlook these issues and that’s fine, but I’ll always be kept at an arms length because of them–still it’s an enjoyable enough experience for me to keep watching till the end.

The Anime That’s Pure Fluff

Kawaii desu~!

Nothing wrong with a bit of comfy, fluff and this season’s “comfy fluff” comes in the form of ‘The Helpful Fox Senko-san’. Admittedly I’m not nearly as enamoured as a lot of people are (as evidenced by the crazy-high–for a show of this genre–MAL score) but it’s adorable and peaceful and sometimes that’s enough.

The Anime That’s Got Its Heart In Its Pants


Too often romantic-centric anime are either all horny or all emotion. Chalk that up to their intended audience perhaps but it’s refreshing to see a show like ‘Ao-chan Can’t Study!’ which balances these elements pretty deftly to deliver a show that’s both saucy and sweet.

The Anime That People Need To Stop Comparing To ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’!

I love these girls!

Like clockwork, nearly every anime season there’s a show that comes out and then the following season another show comes out with similar themes or concepts and everyone hurries to compare it to the show that came previously. Yes, ‘We Never Learn’ is a harem romantic comedy with a male student from a poor family tutoring a group of girls like last seasons’ ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’. But that’s where the similarities end, not only is ‘We Never Learn’ more charming and intimate but it’s also got a far more interesting female cast, oh and the manga came out 6 months before ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ so stop acting like ‘We Never Learn’ is somehow a rip-off/cash-in, okay?! /rant

The Anime That’s Fun–But Not Much Else…

“Thin volumes” ftw!

‘Amazing Stranger’ has a lot of potential in its premise–sort of an otaku-Toy Story except with more lewds. And while I do find myself enjoying every episode for its own merits, it’s also (unfortunately) kind of forgettable.

The Anime That Deserved Better

No comment.

It’s a weird sentence to say but this 7-minute time-travel lolicon harem should have been a lot better than its execution! ‘Nobunaga teacher’s young bride’ is the kind of controversy baiting show that I gobble up–only this time the only person it seems to be “triggering” is the irlwaifu… As for my opinions on the show, at 7 minutes per episode there’s not enough time to even have a show worth defending and what is here is kinda cheap looking and rushed.

The Anime That Should Slow The Fuck Down

If super dramatic moped chases are your thing than this show has you covered!

As if to contrast this seasons’ ‘YU-NO’, ‘AFTERLOST’ is unrelenting in its narrative pace and almost belligerent at its introducing of new characters and plots upon subplots only for said characters (and said subplots) to be hastily wrapped up or truncated or elaborated upon needlessly. It’s a messy show but it needn’t have been this way, given a few more episodes between the ones we have and there’d almost have been a show worth recommending. But as it stands its just a fast-paced mess.

The Anime That Needs To Be Uncensored ASAP!

She could glare at me all day…

I hate censorship–and while I understand its purpose in the anime industry–it’s pretty egregious when an ecchi comes out that not only decides to censor a toilet bowl, a fully clothed chest rub and a consensual kiss(?)! ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?’ is funny, its shenanigans are imaginative and sexy and it’s characters are all (so far) charismatic and enjoyable to watch. But the censorship… my god, the censorship is just borderline infuriating! *impatiently awaits the blu-ray version*

The Anime That I’m Only Still Reviewing Weekly Because It’s Part Of A Collab

“I’m generic! Haha!”

Of all the shows I ended up reviewing week-to-week it had to be the most ‘vanilla’ of anime. ‘Cinderella Nine’ isn’t by any means a bad show, it’s a perfectly fine viewing experience during the 23ish minutes its on. But after it’s over its almost like the show doesn’t exist because I don’t even think about it once until I’m watching it again next week. It makes very little impact and I doubt it ever will…

The Anime That’s (As of Writing This) My Anime of The Season

Big mood.

Calling an anime ‘anime of the season’ before its done can be troublesome–it’s backfired for me in the past more than a few times–but for me, nothing this season is better than ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’. On all fronts it’s pretty much flawless and Bocchi herself is my new spirit animal–which probably says more about me than I care to admit…

And those are my brief but specific thoughts on the anime I’m watching this season. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and thanks for reading!

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Spring 2018 Anime That I’m Watching

A list of all the Spring 2018 Anime I intend to watch and review for the site.

So, I thought I’d do a post about what anime I’m watching for the Spring 2018 season and a brief explanation as to why! Also a few of these have yet to be picked up by a streaming service, so this list could reduce if Crunchyroll or someone else doesn’t pick all of these shows up. Prepare yourself for a long list! And make sure to read—or just skip—to the end for a bit of site news regarding the blogging format for these shows.(Presented in order of release date)

Magical Girl Ore (March 25th 2018/April 2nd 2018 – official release)
Two episodes were made available early on Crunchyroll and I’ve already watched them and I kind of love this show and want to see where it goes!

Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (April 2nd 2018)
An odd choice perhaps, not usually what I’m into but I’m willing to give it a try!

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (April 2nd 2018)
“Based on the mobile game” – what could possibly go wrong! No but really this looks pretty cute.

Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Sen’you Pet (April 2nd 2018)
No comment.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter (April 3rd 2018)
Figured I’d give something different a try from this season, it’s not really what I usually watch but I have to expand my horizons.

Space Battleship Tiramasu (April 3rd 2018)
Who can resist a show with a name like that?! Again, not really the kind of show I usually watch but no harm in trying!

Tokyo Ghoul:re (April 3rd 2018)
I enjoyed the first season enough to want to watch this 3rd(?) season. I never bothered with Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and apparently that was a wise decision.

Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto (April 4th 2018)
Unfortunately it’s only a 5min anime, but as if I can resist a synopsis like that!

Tachibanakan Triangle (April 4th 2018)
It’s a yuri! But again only 5 minutes—why! I was so keen for this when I saw the poster and character designs! Oh well, 5 minute shows can be good too I suppose…

Comic Girls (April 5th 2018)
Cute girls writing manga in a dormitory together? Sold!

Amanchu! Advance (April 7th 2018)
I only started watching the first season a couple of weeks ago but I adore the art-style and characters and chill vibes from this show, so I’m keen for the second season.

Mahou Shoujo Site (April 7th 2018)
Last season I didn’t really watch anything too psychological or horror themed, I kind of missed it. Plus magical girls.

My Hero Academia 3rd Season (April 7th 2018)
Even though I think they should have waited a bit longer between seasons (season 2 only ended September 30 last year) I’m still excited for more of my favourite superheroes! Also, I’ll be watching this in English like I did the previous two seasons and like I do with all shounen style anime.

The Caligula Effect (April 8th 2018)
Imagine my disappointment when I found out this wasn’t an incestuous harem anime about debauched Roman emperor Caligula! Still this looks interesting.

Cutie Honey Universe (April 8th 2018)
It’s got an interesting aesthetic and I’ve heard about the manga for so many years; hopefully the show is good too!

Person 5 the Animation (April 8th 2018)
The game was pretty good, but the best thing about it was the story and the characters—hopefully they don’t screw it up!

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online (April 8th 2018)
I’ve never watched a Sword Art Online series, never really liked the settings of them, but this one looks different enough to be interesting to me.

Food Wars! The Third Plate – Totsuki Ressha-hen (April 9th 2018)
The second half of Season 3 of Food Wars! Give it to me, I’m hungry for it!

Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days (April 9th 2018)
Monster girls, kind of? I don’t know…

High School DxD Hero (April 10th 2018)
Not sure how I feel about the new art style but I’m still keen for this, though I won’t be watching this particular show on Crunchyroll for reasons that should be obvious…

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Sometimes you watch a show because the wife wants to watch a show.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari (April 12th 2018)
Something about the art style and character designs is really comforting and familiar to me.

Steins;Gate 0 (April 12th 2018)
Probably more than any show this season I’m simultaneously excited and terrified about Steins;Gate 0. The original series may be one of the best anime ever made, so expectations are high but so much could go wrong. Fingers crossed!

Dorei-ku The Animation (April 13th 2018)
This sounds dark and psychological, I’m intrigued.

Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World (April 13th 2018)
Even if the plot seems a bit too similar to last years ‘Restaurant From Another World’ for my liking, I just can’t resist a food-based anime.

And there you have it, 25 shows I intend to not only watch the day of or the day after release but will also blog about them too! How I’ve decided to blog about them is by simply creating a new ‘category’ on my site called Spring 2018 Anime, which will basically be normal 20 Question Anime Review’s just not bound to the 20 Question limit. Some episode reviews might only be 5 or 6 questions long, some might be 10 or 15, I just think this will be the easiest way of being able to blog about as many shows as I intend to watch. Also, and this one’s kind of a questionable (no pun intended) decision, but I won’t be dropping any of these shows, no matter how much they might suck or trigger me—which, let’s face it is bound to happen. Why am I doing this to myself? Well I figured since I’m still unemployed I might as well make the most of this ‘free time’ and plus it’ll be a good experiment to see how feasible this is. Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with what show’s you’ll be watching and how many weeks you think I’ll last before I lose my mind!