10 Best Anime ED’s of Summer 2018

My 10 Best Anime ED’s (Ending Songs) of the Summer 2018 season!

As with previous seasons the choices for ED (Ending) songs are always an embarrassment of riches, there’s just so much good anime music out there! Here is a list counting down the 10 Best Anime ED’s of Summer 2018 season!

~Number 10~
“Eternal Star” by Asaka from Island

Musically this song is pretty cliche, it could be any anime song from almost any other show but the vocals are just gorgeous and darn if I’m not a sucker for that random bit of ‘engrish’ thrown in throughout. “I’ll promise you eternity” indeed…

~Number 9~
“Sasameyuki” (Light Snowfall) by Wagakki Band from Holmes of Kyoto

Normally I don’t go in for that traditional Japanese sounding style of music but when it’s kicked up a notch with some rock stylings (much like Kakuriyo OP) I can’t help but love the contrast!

~Number 8~
“Prayer X” by King Gnu from Banana Fish

This song is just cool sounding and unique but also strangely reminiscent of a place and time I’ve never quite been in… Musically, this would not normally be my thing (make of that what you will), otherwise it’d probably place higher but there’s no denying it’s an extremely interesting track and one that probably benefits from listening to the full length version.

~Number 7~
“Sekaijū ga Koi wo Suru Yoru” by petit milady from The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

It’s freakin’ cute. Just too freakin’ cute! What else do you want me to say?!

~Number 6~
“Pray” by Haruka Chisuga from Angels of Death

The hardest thing about dropping Angels of Death this anime was season was missing out on this gorgeous song at the end of every episode. It’s simply beautiful while also retaining a mysterious mood about it that’s very hard to replicate.

~Number 5~
“Hoshie” (Star Drawing) by Sajou no Hana from Sirius the Jaeger

I always feel weird when I give an anime song this particular compliment, but… it sounds like an actual song I’d hear on the radio. And compared to some of the trash that passes for modern pop-music it’d be refreshing to hear something as good and interesting as this on the airwaves.

~Number 4~
“Sonna no Boku Ja Nai” by Shino Shimoji from Miss Caretaker of Sunohara Sou

It’s intimate and sensual but comforting and warm all the same. Plus the opening 30 seconds to this song are just so damn cool and pulsating and interesting I can’t help but love this song!

~Number 3~
“CheerS” by ClariS from Cells At Work!

I mean holy heck it’s ClariS, of course this song is amazing! And that’s not some kind of artist related bias, they just consistently perform top-notch music, and this is definitely no exception!

~Number 2~
“Saiaku no Hi demo Anata ga Suki.” by Serizawa from How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Confession time. I don’t normally look up the lyrics for an anime song… sometimes we’re lucky and the person subtitling an anime bothers to translate the lyrics–which is always a bonus! But most of the time I’m judging these songs solely on the ~sound~ and what Japanese phrases I recognise (as well as the random ‘engrish’), not this one though. It’s a totally great song in of itself, but I just adore the lyrics for this song–so much so that were it not for them this song would have probably been number 7 or 8 on the list. Maybe they mean nothing to you but to me these lyrics are pretty special.

~Honourable Mention~
“Konpeki no al Fine” by Izu no Kaze from Grand Blue Dreaming

Like most of this show this ED is a joke, pure and simple. It’s a bunch of buff, drunk dudes singing (poorly) karaoke a song from a popular idol. It’s not a good song to listen by itself, hence why it can’t score a place on the ~actual~ list, but it’s just so much silly fun I couldn’t not mention it. Hence the ‘honourable mention’!

~Number 1~
“Inkyainparusu” by Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, & Konomi Kohara from Asobi Asobase

In my list of the Best OP’s of the season I lamented that it seemed like a lot of the ~really~ good metal songs seemed confined to anime for women (I hate using that phrase but you know what I mean), but here we are with Asobi Asobase to the rescue! And what’s even better is that isn’t some kind of joke metal song, perhaps in the context of the show the tongue is firmly planted in cheek but listening to the song removed from the show this is legitimate quality heavy metal that evokes the best of the likes of Cradle of Filth but with the vocals of the three female leads to accompany. I could legitimately listen to this song all day.


And there we have it, my favourite of Summer 2018’s ED songs! What did you think? Agree, disagree? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for my list of the worst ED’s of this season coming soon!

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5 Worst Anime OP’s of Summer 2018

My 5 Worst Anime OP’s (Openings) of the Summer 2018 season!

The ‘worst’ list is always the hardest, not because I have a hard time being judgmental—that shit comes easy, the hard part is actually finding songs that even qualify as ‘worst’ because so much anime music (specifically OP’s and ED’s) are just so good, that’s part of the reason why this list is just 5 songs, because I didn’t feel right listing the other 5 that would have made out the 10 “worst”. Even so half the songs on this list aren’t actually bad, they’re just not as good as the one’s that came before! But that said, if they’re on this list then they’ve done something ‘not quite good enough’. For the list of the best OP’s of Summer 2018 (and a full list of my regular list-making requirements) click here. Otherwise enjoy my countdown of the 5 Worst Anime OP’s of Summer 2018!

~Number 5~
“Momoiro Typhoon” (Peach-Colored Typhoon) by Luna Haruna from Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Divorcing all opinions of a show from an OP is hard, especially here given how much I like the show and the opening visuals, but to be honest this song is just way too low key and kinda bland, admittedly it picks up toward the mid-way point but by then it’s already too little, too late.

~Number 4~
“Red Swan” by Yoshiki feat. HYDE from Attack on Titan Season 3

Another one that’s hard to separate from the visuals, but here it’s because they work so well together—it’s a deliberately contemplative effort pairing the nostalgic visuals with a soft song like this and in my opinion it works for the show! Where it doesn’t work is listening to this as a song by itself because it… is… dull. Also the lead vocalist is kinda bad?

~Number 3~
“Make my story” by Lenny Code Fiction from My Hero Academia 3rd Season

Oof. What’s with all these great, high-profile shows with mediocre OP’s this season (and last season). The chorus kind of destroys any potential for this being enjoyable, sounding like a boy-band sucking helium. It’s just such a ‘meh’ of a song; I can’t help but be left disappointed.

~Number 2~
“Tenshi yo Furusato o Kike” by May’n from Lord of Vermilion: Crimson King

There’s nothing wrong with May’n, it’s just this song kind of exists and nothing else, while many other songs on this list are far more low-key and uninteresting this is just utterly generic from beginning to end.

~Number 1~
“Sassoku to Hashiru Tonegawa-kun” by Gesu no Kiwami Otome from Mr. Tonegawa

Ugly sounding music, ugly vocals—just an unpleasant musical experience, not much else to say to be honest!


True to the quality of the music this anime season the OP list wasn’t all that bad, save for an utterly muddy-sounding Number 1. And trust me when I say it’s absolutely a good thing when there’s only 5 viable picks for a worst of list! Coming up next is the Best and Worst ED (Ending Songs) of Summer 2018!

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15 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2018

My 15 Best Anime OP’s (Openings) of the Summer 2018 season!

Another season is upon us which means another massive assortment of OP (Opening) and ED (Ending) songs to listen to an arbitrarily rank! As always this list is purely subjective, though in an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible I have listened to every OP and ED of the season–even of shows I aren’t watching week-to-week in order to give an overview of what I personally think are the best and worst anime songs of Summer 2018. Remember I’m only judging the song not the show! Ordinarily I limit these lists to the top 10 (or even narrow then down to 5) but I don’t know what it is but this season just had an inordinate number of bangers! So let’s get things started with the 15 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2018!

~Number 15~
“Eien no Hitotsu” by Yukari Tamura from Island

From the get-go this song just shouts (or rather calmly and beautifully sings) summertime feelings and good times! It’s just sweet and calm but not in a cloying or boring way!

~Number 14~
“Suripisu” by Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, & Konomi Kohara from Asobi Asobase

Here’s the thing about context, by itself this is a cute and light-hearted song with admittedly amateurish sounding vocals but a pretty cool and up-beat chorus. But in the context of the show this song is amazingly sarcastic… because the girls are nothing like they appear while singing this song and that kind of makes this more amazing… too bad I’m only judging the song and not the show…

~Number 13~
“Bitter Sweet Harmony” by Megumi Nakajima from Miss Caretaker of Sunohara Sou

I’m reminded (positively) of Laid Back Camp’s OP with this one, it’s just pure upbeat fun, kind of hard to fault other than the fact it doesn’t do anything particularly ‘new’ it just does what it does and does it well.

~Number 12~
“Sirius” by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets from Sirius the Jaeger

This song is just cool from beginning to end–not much else to say!

~Number 11~
“Ano Ko ni Dropkick” by Aina Suzuki, Nichika Omori, Miyu Kubota, Yurie Kozakai, Chiaki Omigawa, Rico Sasaki, & Riho Iida from Dropkick on My Devil!

I just love all the different levels to this song and yes, there is a somewhat gimmicky element of the song by having the characters talk to each other during the OP but it’s used in such a way that it doesn’t really interfere with how awesome sounding this song is–that driving drum beat that underlines the ‘heavier’ parts of the song is just so good. Plus I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the cutesy mid-song break which is just adorable.

~Number 10~
“One Room Sugar Life” by Akari Nanawo from Happy Sugar Life

A truly great OP can communicate the tone of the show it’s attached to, even without the visual accompaniment, and this is certainly a perfect example of this, it’s got the cute and upbeat vocals but with a kind of anxiety-driven and sinister musical accompaniment. Plus it’s just a great track!

~Number 9~
“Danger in my Tsūgakuro” (Danger in My School Commute) by Naomi Ōzora, Chiaki Omigawa, & Kaede Hondo from Chio’s School Road

Now here’s a song that just rocks, there’s something very old school about it too which is fun–but of course the vocals are very distinctly Japanese (as expected as it’s sung by the main girls of the show) but there’s no denying it’s a damn cool track!

~Number 8~
“Utsushiyo no Yume” (A Dream of the Temporal World) by Nano from Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits

The first OP for Kakuriyo was a sublime masterpiece, not just among the best OP’s of the Spring 2018 anime season but just a fantastic track–so imagine my horror at learning that another band would even dare replace such a flawless track! Obviously this song isn’t as good as the first OP but to my surprise it’s actually really really great in a whole bunch of different ways than the first one while not completely disregarding that ancient Japanese sound (but just updating it ever-so slightly).

~Number 7~
“Eien Shōnen” (Forever Boys) by Yui Ogura from Music Girls

I’d be lying if I didn’t say a lot of the reason I love this song is that it’s absolutely my aesthetic when it comes to anime OP’s… it could practically be the theme song for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things as a genre!

~Number 6~
“One Unit” by Minami from Planet With

An amazing high energy track–but what else would you expect from Minami?

~Number 5~
“Braver” by Straightener from Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Man this song has so much emotion to the vocals even though I have no idea what he’s saying (and that’s fine). It kind of reminds me of a lot of the early 2000’s Western alt rock I listen to and that’s absolutely a good thing. I mean I’m all about anime and everything Japanese but I still love my Western music… I can’t quite pinpoint who I think this sounds like but I know I love it.

~Number 4~
“Futari no Hane” by YURiKA from Hanebado!

I don’t even know why I love this song so much, but I do… actually I know exactly what it is it’s that fractured chorus. Man, I could listen to this song all day… but we’ve still got more songs that are better than this!

~Number 3~
“VORACITY” by MYTH & ROID from Overlord III

Any OP that has the balls to be this batshit wild from the get-go deserves all the praise. It’s like a gothic hybrid of the Inspector Gadget theme song and it just pushes all the right buttons for me. “Very very crazy” indeed!

~Number 2~
“Heading to Over” by OLDCODEX from Free! Dive to the Future

Why do all the shows I have absolutely zero interest in have such badass openings? I mean this song is actual ~metal~ and as an ex-metalhead (kind of) I just kind of wish a cute girl show would go full metal for once… (actually never mind, it happened in the ED list for this season and I was deliriously happy about it, you’ll see soon enough!) Back on topic, yeah, what else can I say other than this song makes me want to watch buff anime boys swimming in a pool…

~Honourable Mention~
“Mission! Ken – Kō – Dai – Ichi” (Mission! Health First) by Kana Hanazawa, Tomoaki Maeno, Daisuke Ono, & Kikuko Inoue from Cells At Work!

Gosh this song is cute! So why in the ‘Honourable Mention’s and not the list proper? Well, it kind of doesn’t really work as a song without the context of the show… it fits it perfect but it’s also very situational a great OP but not really a great song by itself. Makes it hard to rate objectively hence the ‘Honourable Mention’!

~Number 1~
“found & lost” by Survive Said The Prophet from Banana Fish

If you’ve been following along with these lists throughout the months you’ll know that I’ve gone through many musical phases throughout my life and while the different genres that I’ve listened to never truly leave my playlist the songs that seldom get the skip are the songs from my ’emo’ phase. And hearing this OP it was like I was 17 again and with all the angst and self-loathing and bad relationship decisions that came with it. I’m definitely getting an early Senses Fail vibe from this song and that’s absolutely a good thing. I never said these lists would be impartial–just comprehensive.


And there we have the Top 15 OP’s of the Summer 2018 anime season! Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you thought of the OP’s from this season! And stay tuned for 3 more Summer 2018 anime lists coming soon, the Best ED’s, the Worst OP’s and the Worst ED’s!

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Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (Part 5 of 5)

Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (of the first half of 2018) [Part 5 of 5]

There’s four other parts to this blog, if you haven’t read them you probably should do so before reading this one, you can find them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

And here we (finally) are! After 80 songs before it we’re counting down the ANiUTa anime music streaming service’s top 20 Most Played songs of the first half of 2018! These are the serious business ones here! Let’s see how long it takes before Love Live! Sunshine!! appears and I start tearing my hair out in frustration!

#20 HAPPY PARTY TRAIN by Aquors, insert song of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

The measure of how “big” a band has gotten–at least in the west can often be defined by how obnoxiously long their ‘official music video’ is, specifically the part before any music or singing takes place. It’s nearly 2 minutes before any music appears in this video… okay, maybe I shouldn’t be judging this song on stuff that isn’t even in the song but what else am I supposed to talk about?! It sounds like Aquors, and I’m absolutely not interested. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN? Please derail.

#19 Redo by Konomi Suzuki, OP1 of Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World From Zero

Yes! This is more like it! The beat is kind of obnoxiously repetitive but I just love the kind of raw energy this song has!

#18 Youkoso Japari Park e by Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP, OP of Kemono Friends

Memes, amirite? I’ve never had as much as an inkling to watch this (for some reason) strangely overhyped series and the stale visuals and kid show-esque song has done nothing to change my mind.

#17 Shikisai by Maaya Sakamoto, ED of Fate/Grand Order: First Order

I’ve still never delved in any way into the ‘Fate’ series, and not for any reason in particular mind you, just never really felt the need. This song doesn’t really do anything to change my mind, it’s okay but nothing special.

#16 Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Ooishi, OP of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

This song appeared at #56 earlier in this list, not sure why it’s showed up again… could be a mistake, could be a glitch or could be someone somewhere is trying desperately to make me watch Nozaki-kun… well it’s working!

#15 Walkure ga Tomaranai by Walkure, Theme Song of Macross Delta

I think this song appeared too… I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Hopefully the rest of the picks won’t be doubles.

#14 Fatima by Itou Kanako, OP of Steins;Gate 0

Compared to ‘Hacking to the Gate’ it’s not quite as much of an addictive earworm but what it is is a better song! It’s dark but it’s got this vague but tangible sense of hope highlighting it all. Also “There is no god, wonderful new world” is perhaps among my favourite ‘engrish’ lyrics in an OP!

#13 Ichido dake no Koi nara by Walkure, OP1 of Macross Delta

The Macross Delta songs continue to be a source of frustration because not only they are almost uniformly excellent but I don’t know whether I’ve already heard them before or what?! And also there’s no definitive playlist of all of them to easily find for the sake of this list. I swear I’ve already heard this song on this list before… (Patiently waits to be told of all the mistakes I’ve made).

#12 Sincerely by TRUE, OP of Violet Evergarden

This is the best thing that’s ever came out of the Violet Evergarden series #controversialopinion

#11 Ikenai Borderline by Walkure, ED1 of Macross Delta

The opening of this song is legitimately terrible, like someone’s put a Ricky Martin song through a child’s Casio keyboard. How is this song so high up the list, especially among the other stellar Walkure songs?! This is actually garbage! It’s the kind of song that’d come dead last in Eurovision were it not for the Eastern Bloc vote… what is that too specific a reference?

Turns out I had a shitty cover song, not the real thing so strike those comments from the record! Thankfully I have a Walkure/Macross expert in my comments helping me fix my (many) mistakes when it comes to this show as it is the single most troublesome series to find accurate YT versions of! This live version of the song is pretty damn kickin’, still not my favourite of their songs but I can understand now why it’s so high on the list!

#10 Iwanai kedo ne. by Yuiko Oohara, OP of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

This song immediately brings tears to my eyes, it’s just utterly gorgeous and fun and brimming with life and spirit! It’s not quite as good as it is with the accompanying OP visuals but it’s still a worthy entrant–even this high up in the numbers.

#9 FEELING AROUND by Minori Suzuki, OP of Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

Imagine my surprise to see the OP from Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles–the black sheep of the Winter 2018 anime season this high up the list! But my surprise is quickly vanquished as I remember how damn good this song is… never underestimate the power of noodles! Also, it’s worth mentioning that the rest of the song past the OP length 1:30 is just as consistently excellent as what came before, so you know, listen to the whole song, yeah?

#8 CLEAR by Maaya Sakamoto, OP1 of Cardcator Sakura: Clear Card

Cute. That’s all I have to say.

#7 Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo by Aquors, OP1 of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

Much like I said about the first season OP, it’s perfectly serviceable… “good” even, but that’s what you’d expect from the OP of an idol show.

#6 Aozora no Rhaapsody by fhana, OP of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I love this so damn much! But I think it’s because of my overwhelming love for the show that whatever actual opinion I may have had for the quality of the song in of itself has been obfuscated. But there’s no denying that chorus is utterly sublime. Even if I’ve talked negatively of this artist previously in this list (pretty sure I did) I’d never say a negative word against this groovy OP!

#5 NOISY LOVE POWER☆ by Ayaka Ohashi, OP of Magical Girl Ore

Huh… can’t say I expected to see this show’s OP song so high on this list… or on the list at all to be honest! Not that it’s not a tremendously fun song, it has ‘layers’ which I like–that is to say it changes up throughout–but I certainly wouldn’t have listened to it outside of the context of watching the show. Although I guess I can see the charm of it to have on at a party, or when exercising… neither of which I do, so yeah…

#4 Kokekara by Machico, OP of The Ryuo’s Work Is Never Done!

Ohh~ I had mixed feelings about hearing this song again, on the one side it’s ab absolutely immaculate song and I love it… but this show… yikes! Really wish they hadn’t made the protagonist such an irredeemable dickbag (see my review for more on that)–but that’s not really what this list or this song is about is it? Fantastic song, and well deserving of being so high on the list!

#3 Walkure wa Uragiranai by Walkure, Theme & insert song of Macross Delta Movie: Gekijou no Walkure

It wouldn’t be a legitimate Top 5 of this list without another Walkure song appearing! And saved the best for last? Well not quite, but it’s damn near close! Everything about this song is just so good, musically, vocally… lyrically? I don’t speak Japanese so sure let’s just assume that too! But seriously, top quality stuff!

#2 SHINY DAYS by Asaka, OP of Yuru Camp

Even though the opening few bars of this song sound like a Jackson 5 song I still dig the lighthearted infectiousness of the beat. This song just makes me smile from ear-to-ear whenever I hear it!

#1 Backlight by Maaya Sakamoto, ED2 of Fate/Grand Order

So this took a bit of work finding… the original list had the song as being called “Gakkou” but I couldn’t find anything by that name belonging to either the artist or show/game in question. So I had to go back to the original Japanese post and copy/paste that into Youtube and I found this song which was apparently only uploaded 6 days ago… so I don’t even know if this is the right song?! Yay, what a totally confusing and anti-climatic way to end this absurdly long countdown list! Why anti-climatic? Well because if this is the most listened to song from the past few months all I have to say about it is, “eh, it’s okay”. Riveting content!


And there we have it! A short diversion that turned into nearly a week’s worth of content and many hours work! For those of you who’ve read all the way to the end, thank you and I hope you found some form of enjoyment out of these posts! And who knows, if they’re well enough received maybe I’ll do a continuing feature where I look at each week’s Top 10 songs on ANiUTa?! Thanks for reading!

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Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (Part 4 of 5)

Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (of the first half of 2018) [Part 4 of 5]

If you haven’t read parts one, two and three then maybe you oughta do so.. you know for context or whatever! Or not, either way is fine…

Here we are with Part 4 of ANiUTa’s Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs of the first half of 2018 and my super redundant but nonetheless entertaining “commentary” of it!

#40 LOVE MEN HOLIC by Shiena Nishizawa, ED of Ramen Daisuki Koizimi-san

Yes… YES! Justice for Koizumi! Here we have one of the most criminally shat upon series of Winter 2018… like seriously how is this show ranked so low, it’s not a masterpiece by any means but it’s just so consistently good and entertaining I can’t understand the negativity around it! Oh I’m supposed to be talking about the song? Yeah it’s pretty damn good. In fact it’s better as a ‘song’ than it is an ED, so yeah completely understand how it got this high on the list!

#39 Wagamama MIRROR HEART by Ayaka Ohashi, OP of Masaumune-kun no Revenge

Listening to this I was instantly transported back to Akihabara, there’s something very ~anime~ about this song and I haven’t even seen the show it’s from it’s just every bit of the composition and production just exudes “I am an anime song” and there’s something commendable and even endearing about that, at least for this shameless weeb…

#38 Kimagure Romantic by Rie Takahashi, ED of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

The start of the song is way too bombastic for what is ultimately just a sweet sounding song, little else to say about this other than I’m slowly falling in love with Rie Takahashi’s voice. “My sweet sweet darling”

#37 MY Mai☆TONIGHT by Aquors, insert song of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

I’m not going to spend this whole blog series shitting on Love Live! Sunshine!! Where’s the fun in that? This song is pretty good, that’s about all I have to say about it though…

#36 Yuuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni! by Aquors, ED of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

Two songs in a row? Mate, you’re pushing your luck here… Again, resisting my urge to upchuck at their mere mention this song is fine… “fine”…

#35 Change!!!!! by Walkure, insert song of Macross Delta Movie: Gekihou No Walkure

Sad to say I’ve been defeated, I couldn’t find this song online! I’m sure it exists, just my searching skills are evidently not up to scratch!

#34 SAKURA SKIP by fourfolium, OP of NEW GAME!

One of my commenters said I was ‘incorrect’ by saying the second season NEW GAME!! OP was better and while I say it is indeed a close race, I personally think the song is weaker BUT the visual tie-in is much stronger. So as a whole OP (visuals and music) this one is better, but minus the visuals it’s not ~quite~ as good. Still an excellent song though!

#33 Awaken the power by Saint Aquors Snow, insert song of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

Here’s another song I couldn’t find an official online version of. Oh well! If you find one (and it’s accurate) link me to it, yeah?

#32 Watashi no Tame no Monogatari ~My Uncompleted Story~ by fhana, OP of Marchen Madchen

I used to think this song was pretty good, now it just gives me PTSD thinking about how badly f**ked the animation was in Episode 9, so bad that not only did I (and many others) give up on the show but it was pulled from airing til December 2018 (remember this was a 2017 anime!) I don’t know what to think anymore…

#31 ONENESS by Roselia, from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

Oh hi again Roselia, still rocking? Yup. Well keep up the great work!

#30 Lion by May’n and Megumi Nakajima, OP3 of Macross Frontier

Macross series anime songs delivering the goods again, like seriously how can one franchise have such a monopoly on quality songs?! I sense a conspiracy…

#29 God Knows… by Aya Hirano, insert song of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I mean… what do you want me to say? This is iconic in every sense of the word… this youtube video has 76 MILLION views! That speaks for itself doesn’t it?!

#28 Colors Power ni Omakasero! by Colors☆Slash, OP of Mitsuboshi Colors

My kawaii daughters! Mitsuboshi Colors just fills me with utter joy at the mere mention of its title, let alone this adorable, genki opening song! Musically it’s just sublime but being familiar with the characters and hearing each of the girls’ personalities in their vocals certainly adds a lot to the experience. Just go watch Mitsuboshi Colors already!

#27 adventure bleu by Maaya Uchida, OP of Takunomi.

Ehh~ it’s okay? But honestly kind of dull, actually it reminds me of a more low-key version of the Marchen Madchen OP… anyone else hear that?

#26 Aozora Jumping Heart by Aquors, OP of Love Live! Sunshine!!

I mean it’s the OP for an idol show, you’d hope it would be good and it is good, you’re just never going to find me raving about a Love Live! Sunshine!! song anytime soon… internal bias and all that… sorry!

#25 Furu Biyori by Eri Sasaki, ED of Yuru Camp

There’s a lot of recurring things I like to complain about when it comes to anime music, I often get annoyed at what I call ‘dull’ music–which this list already has a couple examples. That’s not to say I don’t like slow and peaceful music, like this absolutely gorgeous track, and I’d never heard the full version til now but I’m so glad I gave it a chance because it’s beautiful. It’s like the sweetest lullaby and I mean that in all the best ways.

#24 This Game by Konomi Suzuki, OP of No Game No Life

I always feel weird saying this but, this feels like a real song. That’s not an insult against other anime songs, it’s just there’s a certain level of polish and gravitas to the production that ~sometimes~ can be missing from other OP’s. I think this works better as a song than an OP because–also weird to say because I love No Game No Life, but this song doesn’t remind me of watching the show like listening to other OP’s after the fact do… Maybe it’s just been too long since I watched the show, perhaps time for a rewatch?

#23 Gimme! Revolution by Maaya Uchida, OP of Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu

I saw that this was Maaya Uchida again (whose #27 song I just proceeded to call “kind of dull”) and expected the worst. But wow, talk about unexpected energy! I mean it’s not like an amazing song or anything, it doesn’t do anything particularly special but it’s still a lot of fun!

#22 Otomodachi Film by Masayoshi Ooishi, OP of Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

I mean it’s at least ~different~ sounding, it’s pretty good just not really the kind of anime music I usually like to listen to recreationally, though the chorus is way better than the verses.

#31 WATER BLUE NEW WORLD by Aquors, insert song of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

It starts off sounding like a Disney song but then ends up being an Aquors song, imagine my disappointment. Sorry! I really have to stop picking on Love Live! Sunshine!!


We’re almost done! Part 5 coming soon!

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Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (Part 3 of 5)

Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (of the first half of 2018) [Part 2 of 5]

If you haven’t read the previous two parts you can find part one here and part two here, please read them for context for this one, or don’t… whatever.

So turns out (some) of you really enjoy these posts of mine, well that’s a win-win for me because I enjoy making them! Let’s get on with my ‘commentary’ as we cover songs 60-41 of the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime songs of the first half of 2018!

#60 Absolute 5 by Walkure, Insert song of Macross Delta

So much Macross Delta on this list! Can’t deny I’m kinda, really intrigued about this show now. Song is pretty good too. Though ridiculously dramatic, who would have thought a song on this list would have an idol being shot mid song!

#59 Hello! My World!! by fhana, OP of Knight’s & Magic

I really don’t like the lead’s vocalist voice, so that pretty much informed my whole opinion of this song. No idea why it’s so high on the list…

#58 Tomorrow by Machico, OP of Konosuba! 2

This is an absolutely a case of the opening visuals absolutely making the song, not to say it’s not a good song in of itself but the visuals fit so perfectly it feels ridiculous to listen to this song without the accompanying imagery. Also, Konosuba is just the best you guys.

#57 OH MY Sugar Feeling!! by Ayana Taketatsu, OP of Dagashi Kashi 2

Dagashi Kashi is a super under appreciated series, in just every conceivable way. And there’s not really any better way to try and sell this show other than have them watch this high-energy super adorable song for the second season on loop until they crack! Also, Hotaru… nice oppai.

#56 Kimi ja Kakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Ooishi, OP of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

A lot of people (my irlwaifu included) absolutely love this show, I’ve not bothered to watch it but well heck and darn isn’t this song absolutely adorable. It’s ~different~ but in all the right ways!

#55 Walkure ga Tomaranai by Walkure, Theme song of Macross Delta

Yup, guess this show is being added to my watch list despite being exactly every genre of anime I give zero shits about. Such is the power of damn good music (and apparently this anime has an abundance of it)!

#54 Nesshoku Starmine by Roselia, ED of BanG Dream!: Asonjatta!

Oh hey look, it’s Roselia again, you remember them right? That band that’s better than pretty much every other idol band in existence! This list has made one thing abundantly clear to me, Roselia is a powerhouse group and are amazing and I want to marry them. Wonder if we’ll get some more Roselia songs on this list (spoiler alert: yes, lots because Japan has good taste).

#53 Miiro by AKINO with bless4, OP of Kantai Collection: KanColle

“WANKER!” Okay, I know they’re (probably) singing “wake up” in that opening line but I can only hear “wanker”… umm… sorry, stream of consciousness and all that. But wow, what a powerful and commanding song, it just grabs you by the, uh… okay my mind is officially stuck in the gutter.

#52 WONDERFUL STORIES by Aquors, insert song of Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

I tried my hardest to give this song the benefit of the doubt, I really did. I mean for a second there I thought I almost liked it… but that was a brief and fleeting second, I really don’t see the appeal of Aquors (or this show) at all. Sorry Love Live! Sunshine!! fans, these girls are just creepy and uncomfortable to me… Oh and the song is pretty average too, sorry for a second there I thought we were just reviewing the girls…

#51 Seikan Hikou by Megumi Nakajima, character song of Macross Frontier

Finally! A song that’s not from Macross Delta! That show has way too many songs in this list! Oh… what’s this, this song is mediocre and drab… oh… can we have Walkure back please?!

#50 Here by JUNNA, OP1 of Mahoutsukai no Yome

Ah… The Ancient Magus Bride, a show I’ll (probably) never watch for ~reasons~, but I guess this song is okay? It’s got a distinct mediterranean/Latin American vibe which is fun(?) but I’m still not particularly inspired to watch this show from it… you tried song, you tried…

#49 Tokimeki Experience! by Poppin’ Party, OP of BanG Dream!

Hey look, it’s a BanG Dream song that’s not from the mobile game and is distinctly from the series! It’s a pretty great song, that build to the chorus is gosh darn irresistible. Why don’t more people like the BanG Dream anime? *sad face*

#48 LOUDER by Roselia from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

I used to be a big Babymetal fan–used to be–that was until I saw the light and discovered Roselia. Seriously, every new song I hear from this further cements them as one of my favourite bands, not just anime bands, but favourite bands fullstop! Such power and conviction! But it’s not like they could possibly top this, right?!

#47 BLACK SHOUT by Roselia from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

Oops, they did it again! Not to sound like a broken record but Roselia, man. Roselia. I didn’t use the live version because, well… need them sweet anime girls in my life!

#46 Maware! Setsugetsuka by Hitomi Harada, Ai Kayano, Yui Ogura, ED2 of Unbreakable Machine Doll

Seemingly an eternity I reviewed a show I thought was pretty crappy, it was called Unbreakable Machine Doll and pretty much did everything wrong… except as I pointed out in the review it’s Ending Song was absolutely flawless and among the best and most purely “genki” anime songs out there! And here we are however many years later and it’s still ranking among the most listened to anime songs of all time… Seems like someone knows how to pick quality anime songs! /gloat

#45 WiSH VOYAGE by iDOLiSH7, OP of iDOLiSH 7

Don’t know if you notice but this list seems pretty highly populated with female voices… not that I’m complaining, I love my sweet anime girl voices–they give me life but sometimes a bit of ‘boy voice’ doesn’t go astray… good song is basically what I’m saying! Just don’t expect me to make a habit of it, tch!

#44 Paradisius-Paradoxum by MYTH & ROID, OP2 of Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World From Zero

I did say I was going to just play OP length songs when available, but sometimes a song just begs to be listened to in its full, uncut length. Like this sexy, gritty, angsty beast. I love Re:Zero and it’s hard to deny apart of the reason is because of the great musical selection, also Rem… because Rem is best girl and don’t you forget it!

#43 Azalea by nano.RIPE, OP of Citrus

Don’t mess with Citrus! I don’t know what it is about this song… it’s kind of grungy, kind of rock, bit rebellious, bit seductive, bit sexy… it’s basically the anime in song form! I dig it, I dig it a lot fam! (Sorry I’ll never say “fam” again…)

#42 Hey-day Capriccio by Afterglow, from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

Hey look it’s a BanG Dream band that ins’t Roselia! Get out, I’m not interested… but seriously, this song is fine it’s just nothing special, you know? Sorry, Afterglow!

#41 Hacking to the Gate by Kanako Itou, OP of Steins;Gate

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Didn’t expect to hear/see one of the single best OP’s of all time on this list, I thought this was all just new memes and whatnot but then again why should I be surprised, the power of Steins;Gate transcends time and space! What world line are we in again?!


I’m glad you’re all (hopefully) still enjoying this… whatever this is. Music, it makes the world go round…. Part 4 coming soon!

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Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (Part 2 of 5)

Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (of the first half of 2018) [Part 2 of 5]

If you haven’t read the previous part please click here to read it for context of this post.

Let’s continue with this completely pointless but nonetheless fun (for me at least) look at ANiUTa’s Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs of the first half of 2018!

#80 Chiisana Koi no Uta by Rie Takahashi, ED5 of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

I made a mistake the last time I mentioned the ED’s for this show, for some reason I thought they were sung by different artists… how embarrassing! Even though (some of) the original versions of these songs are from artists from different artists decades ago all the ED’s in the show are covers by the VA for Takagi-san. Can’t believe I didn’t realise this earlier… Not my favourite song, it’s sweet and cute but kinda boring.

#79 Teardrops by Poppin’ Party, Character song from BanG Dream!

BanG Dream (and by extension the main band Poppin’ Party!) are the second coming of K-On!’s ‘Afternoon Tea Time’–at least if this rockin’ song is anything to go by! Not much else to say, it’s just a great tune!

#78 Hana wa Odore ya Irohanih by Team “Hanayamata”, OP of Hanayamata

This show has been on my to-watch list for ages (of course it has: cute girls, slice of life, etc.) and yes this is a very sweet-sounding song, it’s very good… it’s just I wonder if there aren’t better songs that could have been on this list? [Edit: the second half of the full-song is really good, makes me wonder which part of it they used for the OP, hguess I’ll have to watch it and find out!]

#77 Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM by Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine!!

I’ll always have an immediate dislike for Aquors as a band because for some reason they choose to pronounce their band name as ‘Aqua’ and there’s already a fantastic band called ‘Aqua’! Ahem… with that rant over, ugh… I don’t like this song at all… it just feels so ‘try hard’ to be “cute” and “fun” and “happy”–it literally does nothing for me at all. Come at me Love Live Sunshine fans!

#76 Sousei no Aquarion by AKINO from bless4, OP1 of Sousei no Aquarion

A 2011 anime! Try not to get too annoyed as I’m constantly surprised by older anime songs appearing in this list–I just assumed it’d all be new stuff. I’ve never watched the show but funnily enough I almost immediately recognised it as it’s a part of a massive compilation of anime music I have on my iTunes. And with good reason! It’s a catchy and interesting sounding song!

#75 fantastic dreamer by Machico, OP of Konosuba!

*excited flailing Muppet arms* Yay, Konosuba! Did I mention I love this show? I think I may have… anyway a great song from a great anime that had so many memories flooding back… I need to watch Konosuba again…

#74 -HEROIC ADVENT- by Roselia, ED of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z

I had to look up to see if this was the same Roselia that features as a side band in the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party mobile game (and who appear many times on this list) and yup, apparently so! I’m sure there’s some sort of cross-promotional synergy that made this happen and whatever, I’m all for it, Roselia is the best thing about BanG Dream! Girls Band Party so the more the better–that said this song is mixed very loud in favour of the music. Good thing it’s great music in fact the latter half of the song sounds a lot like ‘Metal Resistance’ by Babymetal, anyone else here that?

#73 B.O.F by Poppin’ Party from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party game

(I picked the live version because Poppin’ Party is just so cool live–that keyboardist *swoon*). Not the best Poppin’ Party song out there, but still a lot of fun!

#72 Diver’s High by SKY-HI, OP of Gundam Build Divers

It’s Gundam meaning my eyes have glazed over in boredom, but this songs is so damn cool and unique!

#71 Tomoshibi no Manimani by Nao Touyama, OP of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

I’m still watching this anime and I’m still kind of ambivalent on it, but holy heck do I love this OP! Hard to believe such a beautiful voice comes from the VA from the very monotone Rin from Laid Back Camp! Just goes to show Nao Touyama’s range! This song should be higher on the list, it’s utterly sublime!

#70 Zettai Reido θ Novatic by Walkure, OP2 of Macross Delta

This is the third(?) a song from this show has appeared on the list and man is the starting to this song iconic! Talk about a song that’s transcended the show it’s from! But it’s not just the start, the rest of the song is no slouch, absolutely understandable that this song is still getting play after all these years… I might have to watch this show if it has such consistent bangers throughout!

#69 Rocket Beat by Kiyono Yasuno, OP2 of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

What I know about the Cardcaptor series could fit on a post-it note, but it’s a beloved series right? And I know this is from the new series that’s aired this year? And, uhh… I’m running out of things to say because I’m padding for time because I can sum up this song in one word. “Yawn”.

#68 GO CRY GO by OxT, OP of Overlord II

As I was listening to this I was like surely this should have featured on my Worst OP’s of Winter 2018 list, but nope! I must have been feeling generous when I did that list because right now, ugh, it’s just a messy and disappointing song! Next!

#67 DETERMINATION SYMPHONY by Roselia, from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

The more this list (or whatever it is I’m calling this blog post) goes along the more I realise I’m ~incredibly~ biased in my opinions. But then again I just know what I like and I know I adore Roselia. Another rock solid banger!

#66 Michishirube by Minori Chihara, ED1 of Violet Evergarden

Sometimes you hear a vocalist and you’re just like, “Nope! No thank you!” that’s about the summation of my feelings on this song! I know, I’m such an insightful and intellectual commentator, aren’t you glad you’re wasting your life reading these barely coherent ramblings?!

#65 You by May’n, OP2 of Mahoutsukai no Yome

Anyone else getting a heaping feeling of ‘generic’ from this OP? No? Just me? I mean it’s fine as a song, I just couldn’t imagine listening to this more than a couple of times in my life let alone as an OP for however many episodes and moreso on a streaming service so repeatedly that it gets to #65! I’ll shut-up now.

#64 Stray by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, OP of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

The Winter 2018 anime season had a lot of really top quality OP’s, even one’s I failed to mention in my best of list. Hard to deny how great of a track this is even if it kind of trails off into nowhere by the end…

#63 Clattanoia by OxT, OP of Overlord

It’s a “good” song, that much I’m sure of. But please, for the love of god ease up on the autotune, because it almost sinks the song completely… almost, it’s still pretty fun!

#62 STEP by STEP UP↑↑↑↑ by fourfolium, OP of New Game!!

Ahhh, it’s like slipping into a warm bath on a cold day after a hard day at work. God I adore this show and everything about it, especially the second season from which this song is the OP. This is the superior New Game OP, I’m only saying this out-loud because I have a feeling I’ll need to refer back to this opinion sometime soon…

#61 Sparkling Daydream by ZAQ, OP of Chuunibyou demo Koi ha Shitai!

I’ve heard about this show for a long time but this OP doesn’t do much to sell me on the show. It’s good, but nothing special. The chorus is fun though!


And that’s part 2 done, can you believe I’m still rambling on about this?! Yeah, so can I… it’s almost like I have a problem that can only be solved with.. more anime music! Continued in part 3!

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Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (Part 1 of 5)

Discussing the ANiUTa Top 100 Most Played Anime Songs (of the first half of 2018) [Part 1 of 5]

So I saw an interesting list come up on twitter and you should all know by now how much I love lists, and what’s more it was about Anime Music and I do love anime music too! Basically it’s a list of the top 100 most played anime songs for the first half of 2018 from a Japanese music streaming service called ‘ANiUTa’–I’m sure that probably stands for something obvious, I just don’t see it. And it’s a pretty interesting list, sure a lot of it is made up from songs from the Winter and Spring 2018 anime seasons but there’s also a few classic tunes in there as well as songs I’ve not heard of before (mostly because they’re from shows I don’t watch). Either way, I felt like talking about each of the songs on the list, not sure if this will make for ~interesting~ content but I wanted to talk about them and it was blog relevant so here we are! For those who are interested in the list but don’t care about my “commentary” the link to the list can be found by clicking here.

#100 Haru Natsu Aki Fuyublooming by A3ders from A3! game

I remember seeing an A3! collaboration cafe for this mobile game when I was in Akihabara last October/November. This song is pretty adorable even though I’m usually not into cutesy Japanese boy bands, which this is heavily.

#99 Kyoukai no Kanata by Minori Chihara, OP of Kyoukai no Kanata

So this is from a Fall 2013 anime I’d never even heard of, damn good opening and just by looking at the visuals I’ve added this to my watch list. Don’t know if the show is any good but such is the power of a good OP!

#98 Kowareyasuki by Guilty Kiss from Love Live! Sunshine!!

I mean, I know this song probably doesn’t appear in the show? (Remember Love Live! Sunshine!! is on my list of Show’s I’ll Never Watch so my knowledge of this show is limited) But damn if this isn’t a cool and rockin’ song! But that’s usually the case with the rival bands, they always have more interesting songs–especially if they’re not the ‘main’ band but are a “darker” band like…

#97 Re:birth day by Roselia from the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! game

Now this is more like it! I really enjoy the BanG Dream mobile game and Roselia is my favourite band of the 5 in the game. It’s got an Evanescence sound–which I guess is a compliment? (lol) But seriously, it’s just a cool sounding song!

#96 GALAXY HidE and SeeK by AZALEA from Love Live! Sunshine!!

I knew there’d be a lot of Love Live! music (and Idol music in general) going into this list but here we are 3 in a row! (Don’t worry I’ve looked ahead and there’s not as much as you might think). This song is okay, but nothing special. Good driving beat but a little generic.

#95 Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari by Ushiro kara Haiyori-tai G, OP of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Here’s another anime from a few years ago that I hadn’t heard of but I guess there’s a song that’s stuck in people’s heads! I mean it’s pretty catchy, but I don’t think I’d rank it so highly that I’d be listening to it enough to rank in a Top 100 all these years later. I linked to the OP length song because I’ve already realised this is going to be a ridiculously long undertaking to listen to 100 songs! Also it gets a sense of the show it’s from which is almost as interesting too!

#94 Be The One by PANDORA feat. Beverly, Theme Song of Kamen Rider Build

This song sounds like it could be an actual pop hit on the charts (or maybe a Eurovision song–hardly much difference). I kind of dislike this song a lot but I can see why it’s popular. Also this looks like it’s from a Live Action series (albeit probably based on anime) so isn’t that cheating? Oh well…

#93 Even… if by Tamaru Yamada, OP of Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

If I recall this song narrowly missed out on being in my Top 10 OP’s of Spring 2018 list, I don’t regret that decision–it’s good, very good. But nothing special.

#92 Ai Uta by Rie Takahashi, ED6 of Karaki Jouzu no Takagi-san

Takagi-san had a lot of interesting ED songs, most from long before either of the characters in the show were even born (there were some ED songs from the early 90’s) but it’s hard to deny the charms of a song sung by Takagi-san herself! It’s so cute, but more than that it’s actually got a damn good sounding chorus–ironically enough bit of a 90’s indie-pop vibe to it!

#91 Bokura no Senjou by Walkure, insert song of Macross Delta

It was hard to find out if this was the right song, there’s a lot of different versions, plus most if not all have voices and sound effects from the episode–which I guess happens when dealing with insert songs. Either way, it’s pretty good–still a bit annoying with all the other voices and sound effects competing for attention.

#90 Changing point by I☆ris, OP of Mahou Shoujo Site

Despite whatever my opinion on this show is *ahem*, it’s still a damn good song. Enough for it to rank in my Top 10 OP’s of Spring 2018! A great song is just a great song, regardless of where it comes from!

#89 Fubuki by Shiena Nishizawa, ED2 of Kantai Collection: KanColle

Here’s a show I see absolutely everywhere when searching Mandarake for anime merchandise, despite this I’ve never bothered to even seek out what the show’s about let alone watch it. Pretty good song, very bombastic and grand, doesn’t change the fact I’ll probably never get around to watching the show though…

#88 Caste Room by ZAQ, OP of Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)

I’m surprised this song is still ranking as high as it is, I heard it twelve times while watching all 12 episodes of Classroom of the Elite and that was enough for me for a life time. It’s not a bad song at all it just kind of exists, the chorus is fun and funky but I don’t know, just nothing really remarkable about it (sorry!).

#87 Ugoku, Ugoku by Inori Minase and Yukira Kubo, OP of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

It’s been said that some anime OP’s are only good to listen to while watching it with the episode, I’d make the argument that this is one of those. It’s still a fun song but without the context of the show and to some extent the OP visuals it doesn’t have the same impact. FYI Girl’s Last Tour is a great show.

#86 Cagayake! GIRLS by Sakurakou Keion-bu OP of K-On!

K-On! will always be the king of the music anime genre. And that’s not even nostalgia talking, I came late to the K-On! party heck, I watched it after I watched Love Live! So how is it so good? It’s just science… there’s simply no disputing the power of K-On! Like holy heck this is such a good song, here’s the full version for your listening pleasure… no 90 second version here, no sir!

#85 Hametsu no Junjou by Walkure, ED5 of Macross Delta

Why is it so hard to find ‘clean’ (aka without voice acting and sound effect) versions of these songs? I can’t even tell if this is a good song, there’s way too much going on. Let’s just go with ~maybe~ and leave it at that…

#84 Suki no Skill by Wake Up, Girls! ED of Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Here’s a show I probably should have watched when it aired, it’s all about my ~aesthetic~ whatever that means. Also for those keeping track this song ranked as my #1 best ED of Winter 2018, so that’s got to count for something yeah?

#83 Dancing by YouthK Saeki, OP2 of Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line

Trust anime to make a sport as dull as cycling look not only cool but sexy. And I’m not even into sweaty sport boys. Great song too, I’m all hyped up to go cycling now and I don’t even own a bike!

#82 Make Debut! by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Toukai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chise Kimura), Sold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Oonishi) from Uma Musume: Pretty Derby!

No one can deny the power of these horse girls, nobody! But seriously this song is so damn catchy, I’m glad the people of Japan (and whoever else is responsible for this last have such great taste). P.S. only video I could find for the OP has the Ending Song attached too, so enjoy that!

#81 Don’t say ‘lazy’ by Sakurakou Keion-bu, ED of K-On!

What did I say about the power of K-On!? Don’t underestimate it! At first I was like, “this is one of their best songs, this should be in the Top 20” but then I realised, K-On! is a 9 year old anime! (That’s 2009 for people reading this who aren’t in the year 2018) That’s a damn impressive feat for so many people to be listening to this after all these years! Also Mio is a better lead singer than Yui–just deal with it!


Well this is going to take a lot longer than I initially thought, guess I’ll split it up into parts. If you liked this, please let me know as it was a lot of work and I’d like to hear your feedback! You can find part two here!

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