My First Girlfriend is a Gal – 20 Question Anime Review (Moderate Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for My First Girlfriend is a Gal.

What’s the show? My First Girlfriend Is A Gal (2017).

Hmm, not to get all “heteronormative” on you, as you so like to claim I constantly do, but well obviously a girlfriend is a gal, am I missing something here? It’s okay I forgive you for you for how painfully straight you are. But to answer your question, yes ‘gal’ is a Japanese term; it comes from the word ‘gyaru’ which refers to a specific type of girl.

Oh? How to explain this in the way a ‘filthy normie’ would understand. Oh right, I don’t need to I can just let the English dub do it for me. Gals are like, you know, total valley girl bitches! Like you know whatever!

Isn’t that all high school boys think about after all?

I think I see what you’re getting at, so stereotypically shallow, wear lots of make up, love shopping and socialising? Yeah pretty much, the funny thing is…

What? Well, I don’t usually watch shows with the English dub, and it’s even rarer that I’ll bother to check out multiple episodes in both formats if I’ve decided on one or the other, but the original Japanese version and the English dub are like two completely different shows!

How so? Well the Japanese version is a romantic comedy whereas the American version is a bawdy sex comedy.

Let me just squeeze pass here…

But isn’t the only difference the dialogue, how can it make that much of a difference? Episode 8, beach episode, one of the supporting characters enters the scene with a water pistol and shoots the main guy. In the Japanese original her subtitles read simply “I’m joining in, prepare yourself”, in the English dub she says “That’s right I’m a squirter, better watch your back”.

Huh, that’s quite the liberties taken… Which might be okay, if it weren’t nearly every line of dialogue, there’s a difference between making an adaptation relevant to a Western audience and completely re-writing the script! Every opportunity for innuendo is seized upon and none of it is in the original subtitles. It’s like, it’s like, okay I’m going to make a very specific reference here so try and follow along.

Okay. It’s like when those semi-racist TV-shows of the 90’s used to re-dub clips of foreign movies with intentionally comedic and out-of-context dialogue to get some cheap laughs.

Don’t mess with Ranko.

I get what you’re saying, but what’s the problem? Just go back to watching the Japanese subbed version instead, like you did with Dagashi Kashi and Food Wars! *whispers* come closer, I need to tell you a secret and I don’t want the others to hear this…

Uh… okay. What is it? The English dub is really f**king funny.

Torturing pervy virgins is fun!

So what’s the problem then? Are you kidding me? You can’t just rewrite someone’s material just because you thought of some funnier lines than the original. This isn’t a Hollywood remake, it’s an English dub, it’s supposed to be a ‘translation’ not an ‘adaptation’. Also, I don’t want to sound like I’m siding with those assholes who took down Funimation’s website because the dub decided to throw in some Trump jokes, I don’t care what the jokes are and I don’t care about politics, that’s not the issue here.

But the plot is the same surely, what’s it about anyway? It’s about virginal nerd Junichi and his desire to get a girlfriend, he decides to confess his love to busty blonde ‘gal’ Yukana, despite her being fifty seas out of his league, but to his surprise and adulation she decides to go out with him. The rest of the series is their awkward but kind of adorable courtship and the various obstacles that are thrown up along the way.

Obstacles such as? Such as her overaggressive best-friend Ranko, a fellow gal who may or may not have a thing for Yukana and Junichi—just not the two of them together. And of course there’s Nene, the ever dependable and clingy childhood friend who has the third largest set of breasts of any anime girl I’ve ever seen.

Also she’s 140cm tall, or 4ft 5in. I can’t even imagine what Nene would look like irl.

Is she your best girl then? How dare you! No, actually, in this show I’m actually torn between our main love interest Yukana just because of the seriously noteworthy amount of character development she’s given and the smart, sultry mysterious third(fourth?) girl to the burgeoning harem Yui.

The show should be told from her perspective.

Seems like you do like this show. It’s funny I went into the review with the intention to write a negative review, at least negative for me. But the more I talked about it the more I realised how much I like it, even if it pisses me off how the English dub is both simultaneously, a travesty to ideas of authorship integrity and also much much funnier.

What were the negatives though? Oh, well Junichi even though he starts off as a ‘good guy’ has too many moments where you wonder what on Earth Yukana sees in him, especially towards the end of the season. Also, Junichi’s 3 schoolyard charms are very hit and miss when it comes to their comedy, and downright obnoxious when it comes to their ogling.

You don’t wanna know what the chubby one’s thinking.

So how do you review a show like this? I don’t know… like this I suppose, what you’ve been reading. If you watched it in Japanese only and thought it was dull then watch the dub. If you watched it in English and thought it was crass and dumb then watch the sub. If you’ve watched neither… I don’t know, watch whatever you think will satisfy you better, an authentic but kinda dull romantic comedy or a very funny but inaccurately dubbed imitation.

If only every episode could have been as interesting as episodes 9 & 10.

Great but that’s not what I meant, how do you review a show like this. What score do you give something that’s essentially two different things? I… I don’t know. Quick, put me on the spot and make me decide!

Final score! The worst thing that can be said for the Japanese version is that it’s frequently dull, that in of itself deserves a score of 65 out of 100. The English version, while occasionally hilarious is an inaccurate representation of the actual product, but the issues of character and plot and tone persist despite the added comedy, an appropriate but not much better 69 out of 100GalGif4


Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei – 20 Question Anime Review (Moderate Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei.

What’s the show? Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei (2010).

B-gata what now? Are you trying to signal for help or something? Don’t worry about it; I don’t have time to explain.

What, why not? We just started the review. Well you see I’ve got to sleep with 100 guys before graduation.

I… wha… huh?! Aha! Fooled you, that’s just the plot of the anime we’re reviewing, I’m not actually in high school.


Meaning you do have to sleep with 100 guys?! Aha! Fooled you again!

Are you just stalling to get the question count up? Maaaaybeee…

Well stop it! It’s very unprofessional! So what’s the show actually about? Well there’s a high school girl called Yamada and she wants to sleep with 100 guys before graduation.

Wait so that part wasn’t a joke? I already said it wasn’t, now who’s stalling, huh?

Fine, so why does Yamada want to sleep with 100 guys and what’s stopping her? Well she’s a virgin and so she’s kind of all talk, no action when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex, so she decides to find herself a “cherry boy” to ease into the whole 100 guys things and that’s where Takashi comes in (no pun intended). She’s very keen to do the deed only she’s also terrified because the more time she spends ‘wooing’ him, the more complicated her feelings for him get.


Okay, sounds interesting. So she’s not just a sex-crazed high-school girl to be the thing of masturbatory fodder for the male audience. Indeed, in fact as the series progresses she begins to realise that the idea of sex and actually going about the deed is a lot less straightforward than she thought, not just physically but emotionally too. She’s a surprisingly well-written character and despite her lascivious goals and preoccupations she is by no means a one-dimensional girl, and even though she’s confident about her looks she still has relatable insecurities. Obviously this review could very easily go into heavy spoilers, but it’s probably best to leave it this vague for those who want to watch the show because it is worth watching.


So it comes recommended. Any significant issues worth addressing then? There are some obvious tropes of the genre that you see coming from a mile away. Seeing that this is a romantic comedy there’s obviously another love interest to complicate things here specifically in the form of Mayu, the adorable childhood friend of the male protagonist who’s been pining for him since they were kids.

Your best girl? Probably. She is totes adorbz.


Please don’t. So these ‘tropes’ do they harm the enjoyment of the show considerably? If you’ve watched a lot of these shows then it might feel lazy and predictable, but the story between Yamada and Takashi is fresh enough to warrant a watch by itself.

So now we’re almost done with the review you want to explain what B-gata H-kei means? Pfft, just Google it, man.

Don’t be lazy! Fine! The B stands for Bousou which means ‘Rampage’ and the H stands for ‘Hentai’. The gata means ‘type’ and kei means ‘style’, so all together it means ‘Rampage Style, Hentai Type’.


Oh I see… um… and what does ‘hentai’ mean? …you can leave now.

What? How is it my fault I don’t know what hentai means? I’m not well versed in all these Japanese terms you throw around so freely. And I learnt my lesson from the OreImo review to not Google these terms anymore; I still sweat a little every time I hear a police siren… Fine, in this specific instance it means ‘pervert’.

Ah… okay that makes sense. Hey! Does this mean I should’ve been calling you a ‘hentai’ all these times? Hehe, hentai! Hentai! Ugh, it’s like teaching a parent what memes are.

Final score if you please, Mr. Hentai. Yamada’s First Time is a coming of age story that’s more about the female perspective on teenage sexuality than most shows even bother to touch on, and it’s refreshing to have a lead who’s so frank about her desires, even if they don’t always manifest in reality. With a plot synopsis that reads more like a porn film a casual glance at the show might suggest something that’s cheap, tacky and perverted but the truth is significantly otherwise. It’s an amusing show with well-written characters and just enough heart to carry it through. Like a lot of first times, it’s not perfect, it’s a little messy and plenty embarrassing but it’s memorable and worthwhile all the same. It’s the first time but it won’t be the last time, 82 out of 100.

Thank you Hentai-senpai. Shut up!