Don’t Call An Anime You Don’t Like “Trash”

A post regarding the flippant usage of the word “trash” in specific regard to anime

What are we talking about today? Y’know, I think one of my absolute biggest pet peeves with this whole society of ~amateur criticism~ that we find ourselves in (thanks to the internet and mostly social media) is that people devalue the significance of their words.

Oh. Is this about online bullying or something? Not at all, I don’t have the time or nuanced intellect to deal with an issue that large and impactful on society. No, this is about a single word that gets thrown around to describe all manner of media (but specifically anime in the case of this blog post) and how using it is detrimental not only to the media its ascribed to but also the person who uses it.

And that is? Don’t call an anime you don’t like “trash”.

Hmm, okay. And why exactly? Aren’t people entitled to their opinion? Freedom of speech and all that jazz? Absolutely, there’s no greater believer in freedom of speech than I (probably, maybe) but I’m talking about the ramifications of blanket labelling an entire series “trash” without thinking about the consequences of such unspecific language.

Okay, so you want people to elaborate? Like “x anime is trash because y”? That’d certainly be a step in the right direction, but let’s think about the words we use a little bit harder. Calling something trash implies it has no value–it is essentially garbage, refuse, something to be discarded without thought–and I think a lot of people underestimate the power of throwing out a cursory tweet or hurried blog post that labels something they’ve given a passing glance at as “trash”.

Haven’t you ever heard of the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? I have and that doesn’t change the fact that criticism without critiquing leaves everyone poorer for it. I don’t expect people to write thousand word dissertations about why a certain show rubs them the wrong way or fails to connect with them on any level. What I do expect–at least from the people whose opinions I still hold in some regard–is a degree of self-awareness and too consideration that people might be affected by the negativity they are putting out into the world with such reckless language.

Sounds like you’re being a bit of a precious little snowflake if I’m honest… I don’t know. Maybe I am, maybe this is an absolute non-issue for most people and I’m being especially sensitive to the opinions of others. But here’s the thing, if you want ~me~ an amateur critic existing on the internet amidst a million other voices screaming for attention to take ~you~ a likewise amateur critic existing on the internet seriously in any capacity then you better believe I’m going to hold you to the same standards I hold myself. There’s plenty of times I’ve watched a single episode of a show and thought, “fuck this trash!” but the difference is I at least try and keep that abrasive and unedited thought internalised until I can come with reasons why it made me feel that way and present it against backdrops of personal experience and critical discourse. And at the very least find a place to appreciate the fact that some people out there did find value with the media I’ve reacted so strongly against and let those people know their opinions are not disregarded in the face of my own.

That seems like a lot of work tbh… Sometimes being a respectful human being is a lot of work but being otherwise just doesn’t sit right with me.

Tl;dr? Don’t call anything categorically “trash” without realising the impact of such a shallow summation.

This was a different kind of post for me, not talking about a specific anime but an issue within the anime community that I felt compelled to talk about. Let me know if you want more of this, or alternately if you want me to STFU and GTFO–either’s fine to be honest…

Important Site Update

Regarding the future of the site going forward and some sporadic thoughts on the anime community in general.

Hello everyone, just a short(ish) announcement about the future of the site going forward. Basically content will be a lot less going forward, from what was (pre-holiday) two posts a day will be more sporadic, I might post every second day or I might only post once a week. This blog is going to be more focused on opinion pieces and lists and full season reviews on anime going forward rather than the usual episodic reviews of seasonal anime. The reason for this? Well the atmosphere in the anime community–specifically on Twitter–has been rather toxic of late and it’s kind of soured the experience of interacting with other people. People are reactionary and aggressive and opinionated and I feel that being a part of writing seasonal episodic reviews fuels knee-jerk reactions to things that should be thoughtfully considered over days and weeks–something the rapid pace of seasonal reviewing can’t capture. Also, I feel like my general opinions on ‘what’s good’ and ‘what’s not’ are falling out of line with the mainstream–which should be a rallying cry for me to speak up but instead is driving a larger wedge between me and the anime community as I’m unable to relate or understand the opinions of fellow bloggers. I apologise if this change in direction for my site will negatively affect your enjoyment of it but it’s what I have to do. Thank you for reading.

The Anime QandA Search Terms of 2018

A look at what search terms led people to find Anime QandA in 2018

So as I’m sure many of you are aware WordPress has this slightly amazing (if not completely flawless) way of detecting the ‘search terms’ which lead the randos of the internet to finding your blog/website. Of course, it doesn’t include ‘Google’ search results because ~reasons~ but it does include every other search engine. And apparently that’s where all their weirdos hang out because I swear the majority of my search terms in 2018 were either specifically perverted or just pervertedly specific! Let’s take a look at some, shall we?! This post was inspired by Irina’s of the same nature, take a look at hers please, it’s substantially more ‘unique’ than mine!

Also, much like Irina’s post I’ll be dividing this up into categories as I see fit! First off:

It’s All About Boobs

Make no mistake, anime and boobs go together like, peanut butter and jam (apparently, I don’t know I’m Australian, we don’t eat those two things together). But yeah, in case you missed it last year I did a post about the 10 Biggest Boobs In Anime and unsurprisingly that was my 2nd most searched for post–Garnering 1,437 views! But all sorts of ways got people to find that post, let’s take a look at a few!

  • somehow this was my biggest search term of the year, 80(!) of them and its literally just a web address for the post? Do people not know how browser bars work?
  • biggest boobs in anime yep, that’s what it was called, next!
  • breasts in anime 2018 yes there were breasts in 2018 anime too, and 2019 I’m guessing too!
  • biggest boobs in animr I mean the ‘R’ key is very close to the ‘E’ key so I suppose this is forgivable…
  • big boob anime why do I feel like a caveman wrote this?
  • biggest breasts manga close but no cigar!
  • big booby anime school girl I don’t remember the last time someone refereed to them as ‘booby’ but thanks for the nostalgia trip!
  • largest breast in anime I bet this person was British. #justsayin… (also why singular use of breast, rather than breasts?)
  • biggest anime boob ever AGAIN why with the singular?!
  • list of anime big boobs character ‘making a list, checking it twice…’
  • list of biggest boobs in animes I love me some “animes”
  • the biggest boobs in anime history well now you’re just making me regret what I called the post with such grandiose language!
  • monstrous boobs anime I mean “monstrous” is just so evocative
  • top 10 big tits hentai womens names “I need names, damn it!”
  • boobs anime yep, that’s the two things!
  • top 10 biggest tits hentai I’m not covering hentai content… yet…

What Controversy?!

Remember when ‘Goblin Slayer’ was controversial? I sure do, because I managed to rack up 1500+ views on my Episode 1 review in the space of a single week! I doubt I’ll ever see those kind of numbers in such a short time again, but with said numbers came search results!

  • goblin slayer rape scene this was my number 1 Goblin Slayer search term with 11 hits, succinct and to the point you could say!
  • goblin slayer sex ummm… not quite
  • goblin slayer rape correct!
  • goblin slayer episode 4 elf one eye closed you mean a wink right?! It’s called a wink!
  • goblin slayer has a rape scene no way!
  • goblin slayer episode 1 rape? that question mark is triggering me so hard right now…
  • hentai goblin slasher sounds like a porn parody
  • qanda qoblindo like the sound of a ‘qoblin’ its like a goblin with a speech impediment!
  • goblin slayer episode 1 uncensored excuse me?! What exactly do you want more explicit about that episode? Oh the rape… right…
  • goblin slayer uncensored ep1 stop

My Sister, My Writer? My God!

So apparently covering ‘My Sister, My Writer’ on a weekly basis was a good idea because I got literally thousands of views for this show each month. And I doubt any of them were searching because of the plot!

  • with 18 views this was the second highest searched result of the year… and again it’s a literal address as opposed to key words. Wut.
  • my sister, my writer episode 1 uncensored “down with censorship” is pretty much the theme of this particular category
  • my sister, my writer fanservice not much of that I’m afraid, the show is kinda dull in that respect!
  • my sister my writer bad animation but yes, it did have that.
  • my sister my writer nude wait, you want the whole show nude?
  • my sister my writer naked again?!
  • my sister my writer anime nudity gotta get ‘dem nudes!
  • my sister my writer what is it about incest, next!
  • my sister my writer anime ahegao double peace well she is the best character!
  • my sister my writer unscenaord oh, you tried…
  • my sister my writer be dub lol no, never in a billion years
  • incest anime gifs I can only assume this is related. Heh! “Related”!
  • horny+loli sister my writer yep that about sums it up!
  • my sister – my writer uncensored moments just the moments, you can keep the rest
  • my sister my writer episode 7 not is that you Borat?
  • when will my sister my writer be uncensored you just gotta believe! But seriously it’s called the AT-X version and you can get it via torrent. It’s that easy.

Assorted Perverts

I mean what else are people on the internet for other than sex? What other possible use does this technology have?! Please tell!

  • konosuba boobs gifs Yes I want them too!
  • shina aki sex not quite, well not yet anyway…
  • naked women anime when you word it like that it just sounds strange!
  • christmas shota a shota’s not just for Christmas!
  • the master of ragnarok & blesser of einherjar twins naked with big ass …excuse me?
  • the master of ragnarok sex nope, never happened
  • anime girl bath too many to choose from!
  • bo y doing each other it’s the unintentional space in the word ‘boy’ that makes this search term a winner
  • hentai narusawa riyouka now you’ve got me curious…
  • older sister straight shota this isn’t pornhub!
  • cattleya boob they are impressive
  • that time i got reincarnated as a slime girls naked I’d like this too? Where can I get this? Oh right not on my site…
  • shera greenwood gif boobs it’s the gif that keeps on giving
  • sexy ogre prior to ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ I would have thought this search term silly, now I can only nod agreeing while thinking of Shion.
  • momen seksi dxd hero I don’t speak Indonesian but I understood that perfectly
  • anime girl with abs *new fetish acquired*
  • anime belly button now that’s very specific
  • anime girl enema this is because I titled a Chio’s School Road ep review ‘Public Enema Number One’ isn’t it?
  • naked pictures from the master of ragnarok & blesser of einherjar rule 34 didn’t anyone ever tell you to make your search terms short?!
  • murcielago sex as in the manga? or the sports car?
  • a loli a day keeps the doctor away?
  • how not to summon a demon lord fingering ~oof
  • island anime had sex “and it felt so good!”
  • chio’s school road nude It’s out there, just not on my site (sorry)
  • chio’s school road no panties ahem…
  • chio’s hentai man Chio was popular!
  • senran kagura shinobi master nipple just the one, that’s all I need!
  • franxx strelitzia hentai robot porn, sure why not
  • anime tongue kissing LEWD

Question Time

Sometimes people have very specific questions and I can only hope that my site offers them a degree of enlightenment. If not I will proceed to answer those questions, right now! (Minor spoilers for shows that aired last year)

  • rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai age you need to know for “research” purposes I’m sure, she’s a third year in high school so let’s say 17.
  • island anime did setsuna have sex with rinne well spoilers but yeah. But it’s complicated!
  • how not to summon a demon lord where does diablo put his fingers in rem you’re really needing me to spell it out? In her vagina. Next!
  • best ghost waifu now I need to make that into a list! Oh, let’s just say Yuuna for the sake of answering this question.
  • does ayaka miss caretaker loves akkkun too many ‘k’s in the name but yes she probably does.
  • serial killer loli anime 2018 that’d no doubt be ‘Happy Sugar Life’ but what a way to describe it…
  • bang dream vs love live bang dream.
  • is angel of death really scary anime that’s subjective, but personally I only saw 2 episodes and it wasn’t really.
  • that time i got reincarnated as a slime will shizu ever return? hey look an actual question mark! I mean it’s a fantasy series so I wouldn’t rule anything out but I’m going to say sadly probably not.
  • aki shina really a boy I mean I know he’s petite and cute but that’s kind of mean, of course he is!
  • sunohara-sou are you really a boy yes! Stop asking!
  • märchen mädchen what happen? a hurried production time, a director quitting and being replaced with an inexperienced one, just basically every bad thing that could happen to an anime production.
  • how much time passed in darling in the franx a lot.
  • does yuuna and the haunted hot springs have an uncensored version yes, it’s on blu-ray in Japan.
  • the master of ragnarok does felicia have sex with someone else umm, she doesn’t have sex with anyone as far as I’m aware!
  • what anime does a girl like another girl and likes coffins maybe ‘Ms Vampire who lives in my neighbourhood’? But what a strange way to word it…
  • best waifu to start out with this is the single most perplexing question I got this year. Like is this an alien trying to figure out how to fit in with Earth otaku culture? Or is this someone trying to go undercover as a weeb? Mate, you don’t pick a waifu, there’s no guide, you watch anime… any anime and the waifus will come to you.


Sometimes people know exactly what they want but that doesn’t help me much. I didn’t get many but these were the more perplexing search terms of the year…

  • heds cool dxd born animeq I’m sorry you’ll need to repeat yourself?
  • anime mild born to be mild?
  • futaba rascal does not “Oh hi Mark!”
  • manga pony play I don’t even want to know!
  • kyodan what?
  • bachelorette blake instagram ~why~
  • hare bikini fanservice what, as in like a rabbit?
  • muck definition I don’t even know how you got to my site by searching this…

And that’s it for 2018 search terms, I spent way longer on this than I should have so hopefully it provided some entertainment for you! Feel free to share some of your weirdest/funniest/most random search terms in the comments below!

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“Do You Want To Build A Shonen?” Tag – The Weather

Participating in the “Do You Want To Build A Shonen?” Tag, with my world-building contribution on ‘The Weather’.

So there’s this tag which seems like a bit of fun (plus as a fan of ‘Frozen’ that name is amazing!), I’ve never contributed to something like this before but Arthifis tagged me (and said some nice things about me too!) so I figured, why the heck not and decided to give it a go!

General Rules:

  1. Copy the post you were tagged in (From the Rules down, include links to each person’s post. Exclude that person’s personal comments and their tag choice, of course.)
  2. Read the general rules Here (the post will be updated as new rules appear)
  3. According to the rules for the current section, write your piece of the post.
  4. Tag a post of someone who has not yet been tagged. (Give them 3 days or so to accept, if they don’t you can choose someone else to keep the tag moving.)
  5. If you accept a tag, try and get the next piece written within a week, so things keep moving at a decent pace.
  6. Have fun!!!

Rules – Section 1: Setting/Worldbuilding

  1. Use between 100 and 300 words (a little overflow is ok but don’t go too wild), to add a piece to the setting of our Shonen world. Feel free to draw on various types of Shonen tropes, but make sure that your part of the setting follows a certain “Theme.” Themes can be such things as “Magic system”, “Politics”, “Geography”, “Technology”, “Organizations”, etc.
  2. Make sure to label the “Theme” of your piece of the world setting at the top of your section, as demonstrated below.
  3. Try not to duplicate themes.
  4. You can go into as much or as little detail as you want, as long as you stay within the word limit.
  5. Have fun with stuff, but try and make things fit into the pre-existing pieces of the world setting.

Themes already created:

So, what am I going to add to this little world we’re creating, well the weather of course! Though hopefully it’ll be a bit more interesting than the weather we’re all used to and lead to some plot developments later on!

~The Weather~

Flux Storms are unpredictable and violent weather systems of raw magic energy that sweep across the landscape with little notice or prediction. They only last for minutes at a time but for anyone caught up in these magical tempests the usual outcome is an overflow of magic which renders the victim comatose–the mind unable to deal with this surge of energy. While a relatively recent phenomena (the last ten years or so) no one who has been caught up in a Flux Storm has ever awoken…

Flux Storms, while generally feared for by the populous can be avoided by seeking shelter in a rune-enhanced dwellings. Modern housing comes enhanced with runic protection but it’s an expensive service that not everyone can afford. There are those who do not fear the Flux Storms however, believing greater magical abilities can be afforded to those who do not fear the storms and instead embrace them. Different factions have different views: some seek to harness the high level of magical energy the storms output through science, while others have formed disorganised cults that wish “to be one with the flux”, though all have failed so far at taming this wild weather.

And that’s my input to the tag, hopefully it can tie into what’s come before! I didn’t tie any of the specific political factions that Arthifis mentioned in their post to anything in my post just to keep things open-ended. Whether this becomes a main part of the story or if this is just a facet of the world, I guess we’ll see in future instalments of this tag!

Now I have to tag someone to continue with this, if you don’t want to participate then let me know in the comments and I’ll tag someone else. I pick Scott!

Thanks again to Arthifis for tagging me and AstralGemini for making this tag! Hope you all enjoyed my contribution!

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Awards Tag – Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Awards Tag – Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Been a while since you’ve done one of these, eh? An award tag? Yeah… almost like nobody is nominating me…

Ahem I mean us.

You’re kidding of course? Of course, after all seems like most of the bloggers I follow are too busy producing really high quality content. Like seriously so many good ‘essay’ style posts out there, kinda makes my episodic reviews feel a bit lackluster by comparison…

Enough feeling sorry for youself you have an award tag to do! Oh right!

So what’s this one and who nominated you? It’s The Brotherhood of the World blogging award! And I was nominated by Irina!

Great, and I take it there are some rules before we get down to the meat of the post? Yup:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the questions sent to you.
3. Nominate around 10 others.
4. Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Cool, and now for Irina’s questions, yeah? Mmhmm! And they’re good ones too (it’s most of the reason I’m doing this tag in the first place!)

1. Who’s the last anime character you identified with and why?

This was a hard one to answer, I don’t think I’ve ever fully identified with an anime character, rather I gravitate towards portions of their personality. The more I thought about it though the more I kept coming back to Kazuki Kazumi from the Grisaia series–specifically in Eden of Grisaia. I really relate to her deadpan sense of humour, her calm nature under pressure, her logical mind and her vaguely perverted outlook. Also, like her, I too am a genius whose mind is being used by a corrupt government to power an all-knowing super computer. What? It could be true, as far as you know!

2. Is there an anime universe you would want to live in?

Another tough question but for different reasons, I thought about the life I have now and where I’d ~ideally~ like to live, the answer to that question is my life is pretty good but I’d always like to live in Japan. However, I could pick any ol’ slice of life show to live in and then “BAM” I’d be in Japan–but that hardly makes for the most compelling answer now does it? Plus my life would more or less be the same as it is now just with extra Otaku. So instead, I pick the ‘Konosuba’ anime universe! Why? Because I get to be an adventurer in a fantasy world that’s ~vaguely~ threatening but not really plus there’s that kinky succubus club I could visit whenever I felt like it.

3. I hope you answered the last question – what would your job be in that universe?

I know I said adventurer, but let’s face it–I’d probably be a bartender or something… unless I get to be a woman in that other world! In which case I’d *censored* all the *censored* and then *censored* the *censored*!

4. Who would you like to do a collab with (real or imaginary)

Do you mean “collaborate” in the physical sense? Because I’ve got a list of waifus who I’d like to do the ‘horizontal collab’ with? …Oh you mean on my blog, ahahaha… why didn’t you say so… ahem… I could collab with any of the vaguely ‘writer’ types, maybe someone like Futaba from Persona 5… oh wait I’m still thinking of the ‘horizontal collab’ aren’t I….

5. Is there a character trait (physical or personality) that you always love to see?


And so that’s the five questions… man you have some issues… This is true.

So what now, don’t you have to nominate some people and come up with your own questions? Probably, but I’m gonna cheat and just say whoever I nominate can answer Irina’s questions instead–can’t be bothered coming up with questions of my own!

Fair enough… I suppose… so who are you nominating? I’ve got a few people in mind (not 10 though, that’s a crazy number, I’ll settle for 5)… though if you don’t want to participate feel free to ignore this! I don’t mind!

We done now? I got places to be… Sure you do. Thanks for reading, hope these answers weren’t too awkward (but let’s face it, you’re pretty much all expecting these kind of answers from me at this point…)

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Site Update – 200 Followers and Summer Review Schedule

A Site Update concerning reaching 200 Followers, the AMA to follow and the review schedule for Summer 2018 Anime

Hey everyone just a quick-ish update about a few things. Firstly, I mentioned it on Twitter a week or so ago but I’ve hit 200 WordPress followers! Truly an exciting milestone and I have all of you to thank for it! I’m planning on doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post in celebration so if you have any questions for me either send me a tweet with a question or DM me if you want to keep it a secret! I’ll have more to say about hitting this milestone in that eventual post!

Also, not-so quick update about the Summer 2018 Anime Review Schedule for the site! As much as I’d like to keep reviewing every show I watch every week there’s simply not enough time to do so, so unfortunately some shows had to be cut—I’ll still keep watching them (unless of course they do something to annoy me) but unless they have a particularly interesting or noteworthy episode you won’t see reviews of the following Summer 2018 Anime shows:

Angels of Death
Attack On Titan Season 3
Banana Fish
Grand Blue Dreaming
Phantom of the Twilight

As for the review schedule itself; it’ll look something like this (Also bear in mind these are going off Australian times so they may look like they’re running earlier if you live in a different timezone):


Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (10am~ AEST)
The Master of Ragnarok & the Blesser of Einherjar (5pm~ AEST)
Harukana Receive (Collab with Irina, will alternate week-to-week between my site and hers, post time will usually be 10pm~ AEST)


Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou (10am~ AEST)
Island (4pm~ AEST)
Hanebado! (10pm~ AEST)


Asobi Asobase (10am~ AEST)
Music Girls (10pm~ AEST)


My Hero Academia Season 3 (10am~ AEST)
Dropkick On My Devil! (10pm~ AEST)


Steins;Gate 0 (10am~ AEST)
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord (Midnight~ AEST)


Seven Senses of the Re’Union (10am~ AEST)
Happy Sugar Life (Midnight~ AEST)


Chio’s School Road (10am~ AEST)
Cells At Work! (Midnight~ AEST)

In addition to these posts I’m hoping to squeeze in the occasional Top 10 List and full season anime/manga reviews (probably 1 a week) but no promises as since I have a casual job I can be called in at short notice and this is about as much as I can 100% commit to. Hopefully I haven’t disappointed too many people with the shows I’ve decided not to cover! Thanks for reading, and remember to ask me a question (or multiple questions) for the AMA. I haven’t set a deadline, I’ll just answer them once I feel like I’ve got a decent amount of questions for a post!

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2 Neat 2 Curious (Real Neat Blog Award) – Untold Questions

An Award Tag about the Real Neat Blog Award

Hey-o! Another award! Two in fact! That’s right, hence the ridiculously lame blog title… this time I was nominated by Aldael and Shaddowcat99!

So what are the rules for this award tag?

  1. Display the award logo.

  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.

  3. Answer their questions.

  4. Nominate 5 to 10 bloggers.

  5. Ask 7 questions.

Great! So let’s get on with the questions since there’s twice as many this time! Right! First off Aldael’s questions.

  • How and when do you usually watch anime?
    Always on the television, through the PS4’s various anime apps (Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation Now) and usually in the evening. Except on the weekends when it’s usually most of the day and night.
  • How many people know about anime being your hobby? How do they react to it?
    I don’t know that many people irl (sad I know right) but I don’t hide it, I’m proud of my geeky hobby. And whenever somebody I don’t know asks about it, I’ll go ahead and tell them that anime is my hobby until their eyes glaze over and they lose interest entirely.
  • Which two anime series you would choose to make a crossover of?
    This is a difficult question, so many to pick from! I guess I’ll go for the one that’d make the most interesting show and say a crossover between Steins;Gate and Assassination Classroom, for reasons I won’t get into lest I spoil the latter…
  • Which anime portrays food in the tastiest way?
    Probably Food Wars! Gotta love attractive anime girls in close proximity to food, wait that’s not what you meant by ‘tasty’ is it?
  • What’s the tastiest vegetable?
    My initial reaction was to say Potato, because I love potatoes (specifically chips) but thinking about potatoes aren’t actually tasty by themselves you usually have to add fats and salt and seasoning to add to the effect. So strictly based on the vegetable itself without adding anything extra, my answer would be a chilli pepper.
  • What’s the tallest place you’ve ever been at?
    Landmark Tower in Yokohama, Japan, I actually stayed in a hotel room on the 54th floor—its the second tallest building in Japan.
  • You find yourself in a middle of a desert with a lion, a jaguar, a puma and a tiger surrounding you from all the sides. Which way do you go?
    I dig down so they can’t find me and then hopefully wake up from this nightmare!

So that’s one batch of questions down, next lot please! The second lot is a bit different, Shaddowcat was inspired by the questions given to her by Lina and so they are… well you’ll catch on soon enough.

I like the idea of hats, but hats don’t like the idea of me. Apparently my head is too big and they just look weird on me. Everyone says so… Oh well!

Like blow-up dolls? That’s where my head went first… but no thank you… I’ll take my dakimakura over those cheap plastic creations any day!

The first thing I think of is Pyramid Song by Radiohead. One of my favourite non-anime songs of all time.

We’ve got a pet bird, it’s a cockatiel named Bella and it’s noisy and hateful.

I actually like the dentists, weird huh? I never used to, I had a super bad experience when I was a teenager where the dentist was actually standing on the chair trying to rip a particularly stubborn tooth out of my mouth. Ever since then whenever I go to the dentist I just kind of think ‘nothing could be as bad as that’ and just kind of mellow out and enjoy all the attention.

I prefer tacos, or nachos, or enchiladas, or taquitos. But they’re okay I guess!

This Video?

I have that exact image on a t-shirt, does that answer your question? 

Well that was different, but good different! Yeah that was a lot of fun, in fact for my set of questions I’m going to do the same, mostly because it’s a lot easier than coming up with original questions, but also because it might be fun for some others to partake! But first the nominees, as always there’s no obligation to participate if you’ve already done it or are too busy or just don’t feel like it!

Slice of Alfredo
Ayappi’s Room
The Animanga Spellbook

Cool, and you’re questions? All one word questions, this oughta be fun!

Suitably vague, terrific. All done then? Yep, thanks everyone for reading and thanks again to Aldael and Shaddowcat99 for the nominations!

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Domain Acquired! – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions post about Acquiring a Domain name for Anime QandA.

What’s this? What happened to the .wordpress part? It’s gone! I bought the gosh darn domain, son!

I’m not your son, also, what? Why? Why? Why not? Gotta spend money to make money!

That’s a terrible attitude to have, also, I feel naked without the .wordpress part… Please, the last thing I want to do is imagine you naked…

Ugh, so what’s this all mean anyway? I don’t know! I’ve never owned a domain before! Exciting times! Basically for all of my lovely wordpress followers it means if you want to link to my page for whatever reason, just use from now on! For me though, hopefully it’s another step in the direction of making this silly blog of mine a part of my primary income! Sure it’s still a ways off from becoming a reality but hey a step forward is better than no step at all!

Ads… ads as far as the eye can see! Shh~ listen, this blog ain’t gonna monetize itself without a few extra ads about the place… it’s just capitalism, baby!

Uh-huh. So, uh… does this mean I finally get paid? We’ll see… what would you even spend it on anyway, you don’t exist remember!

Hey! Don’t discriminate against the ‘existence impaired’ we have rights too! …So anyway, that’s all this little ~update~ was about. I know there’s been a few update posts what with the Patreon update post earlier which hardly make for the most entertaining reading, but things should be back to normal after this. Thanks for reading!

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TBR/W (To Be Read/Watched) Tag – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions blog about the TBR/W tag.

What’s this? A tag? TBR/W? I’m so confused… Irina nominated me to do this fun little tag where you get to use your name and pick a book (and in this case an anime as well) for each letter of your name that’s on your ‘To Be Read’ list. It’s a fun way of letting people know what kind of stuff you’re wanting to read or watch in the future and maybe a little on the why it’s on your list and why you haven’t gotten to it yet (or maybe that last part is just because Irina likes to talk a lot…)

Right, so it’s normally a book tag but because you’re such a giant weeb you’re doing it about anime too. You betcha! Ain’t gonna make me feel bad calling me names, I know what I am. Also books can include manga anyway!

Whatever. So what books are on your ‘To Read List’? Bare in mind, I don’t read a lot of non-manga fiction so this list might be kinda lame!

M – The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Always wanted to read Kafka but I’ve always hastened to delve into the kind of literature a lot of people label as ‘pretentious’, I don’t need to end up being the kind of guy who quotes Kafka at people in my every day life! Nevertheless, I am still interested in reading this one day.

A – A Sister’s All You Need (LN) by Yomi Hirasaka

I really enjoyed how simultaneously mature and immature this anime was, so naturally I was curious about the Light Novel, it comes out in English very soon and I’m keen to read it, even if it’ll probably end up being super similar to the anime. Plus it means I’ll be able to find out what happens with the rest of the story which is the real reason I want to start on this.

T – Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

The plot synopsis doesn’t particularly interest me but I’m always curious about books that were controversial or even banned. This one seems to get mentioned a lot and while I’m sure the content will be pretty tame by today’s standards it’d still be interesting to see what courted such controversy back in the day!

T – To Love-Ru Darkness (Manga) by Saki Hasemi & Art by Kentaro Yabuki

(From Wikipedia) “In 2012, To Love-Ru Darkness was reviewed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly to see if it violated their newly passed controversial Bill 156. This was after they had received a phone call from a parent who discovered a To Love-Ru Darkness book while cleaning a son’s room. The parent did not like that there was frontal nudity of a female character, including her lower body. At the meeting on April 9, 2012, they decided that while the book did include the aforementioned nudity, it did not violate the new ordinance.”

*thumbs up emoji*

H – House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

I’ve owned this book for about, oh, 6 years maybe and I’ve still only ever cracked the first chapter(?) or so and it’s not that it’s bad or anything (from what I’ve read) it’s just kind of intimidating and overwhelming. One of these days…

E – The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (LN) by Eiji Mikage

Just because something’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good. And sometimes it does. I don’t know much about this Light Novel but I am intrigued nonetheless.

W – The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind, the first in The Kingkiller Chronicles is one of my favourite fantasy books of all time, in fact it’s the only full length novel I’ve read more than once. So why haven’t I read the second book in the trilogy? Well, a part of it is because it’s been 7 years since the second one came out and we still don’t have the third part! I’m not one of those people who criticise authors for taking a long time but at the same time there is an increasingly large chance we’ll never see Book 3 and I don’t want to commit to Book 2 until the third one is actually out.

I didn’t know your name was Matthew, I just assumed it was just Matt. Don’t get used to it, I don’t like ‘Matthew’, makes me feel like I’m getting in trouble! Besides, Matt was too short, and ‘Cactus Matt’ had too many repeating letters.

Fine, whatever Matthew, what anime are on your ‘To Watch List’? Grr~.

M – My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected (or My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

I don’t know, I just hear a lot of “good” things about this show and so it’s become a fixture of my ‘To Watch List’. The whole ‘romantic’ part is I think what’s kept me from diving in already.

A – Angel Beats

I hear really good things about this show but for some reason it’s quite hard to get a hold of ‘legitimately’ in Australia.

T – Texhnolyze

An older title but one I remember seeing on DVD back in the early 00’s and being intrigued about!

T – Tsugumomo

I don’t know anything about this but it’s been steadily moving up the To Watch List as I hear more people mentioning it favourably. Or maybe it’s just that girl on the poster artwork…

H – Harukana Recieve

Does it count if it’s an anime that’s not even out yet? Probably not, but I’m really looking forward to this show. Like, as much as I complained about Haikyuu I do admit it made the sport of volleyball entertaining and kinetic and exciting! So with Harukana Receive; a female beach volleyball anime we have that plus cute anime girl’s in bikini’s? Only one thing to say to that… “nice receive”.


This show seems dark, I’ll have to wait ’til I’m in the right frame of mind to watch something like this!

W – World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Don’t know anything about it but the character designs on the poster pretty much sold me!

And that’s it then! Nope, have to nominated some people for this too!

Oh, okay, well who do you nominate? Right, so as always if you’ve already done this or just don’t want to no obligations to do so!

All done then? Indeed! Thanks so much for reading, hope it was illuminating, or interesting, or at the very least not a complete waste of your time!

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