The Most Glamorous Hero – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 16 Review

The Most Glamorous Hero – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 16

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 16.

The hero licensing arc continues? Indeed! And somehow things just keep getting better—I say “somehow” but I mean of course they are—last episode was just a prelude, a taste, a whiff now we’re offered the delicious entrée!

That good, huh? Never underestimate the importance of adding new and interesting heroes to the mix! And the fact that these aren’t villains they’re versing but rivals—practically colleagues—makes it all the more interesting and rich, it’s like the Sports Carnival arc all over again except without those pesky things like personal friendships getting in the way of defeating one-another!

Ready to fight!

Right… so what kind of epic match-ups do we get here? Well the most ‘impressive’ of the battles—if you want to call it that—is Shiketsu High’s Yoarashi who uses his whirlwind quirk to take out 120(!) other students all in one fell swoop! It’s as impressive as it is ridiculous, but it’s not without explanation of course as he is the most powerful student out of every student in Japan (if we’re basing power levels solely on how well a student scored on an entrance exam—he was number one).

He’s ridiculously strong. I’m worried for our heroes!

Wow, that’s quite an achievement! Indeed, but it’s another Shiketsu High student that steals the show—at least in my humble opinion; that being Utsushimi.

Oh yeah? What’s so good about her? Well, as my irlwaifu said within a couple of seconds of her character being on-screen “I’d f**k the shit out of her”.


*spit take* Excuse me?! I’d expect that kind of crude remark from you but your missus said that?! Hey, I was surprised too! But ignoring her physical appearance for just a second Utsushimi’s ‘Glamour’ quirk allows her to create illusions, which in this episode she uses to evade all of Midoriya’s physical attacks by seemingly ‘teleporting’ around him then in a particularly inspired move makes herself to look exactly like Ochako almost getting the drop on him before escaping, having rattled Midoriya considerably.

She almost got the jump on him. But she can get the “jump” on me any day…

Uh-huh… What? You still bothered about what the irlwaifu said?

No. Uh… well maybe a little… it was just unexpected that’s all. So what else happens? Well elsewhere on the battlefield Todoroki is confronted by ten colour-coded ninja looking fools who bombard him with their complimentary quirks but he manages to hold them off pretty well and then the episode ends.

This guy continues to be hilarious though, so glad he’s ‘commentating’ the exam!

Oh, bit sudden is it? Kind of, but there’s so much action that happens in this episode that it’s understandable that they couldn’t exactly manufacture a cliffhanger just so the episode can end on something noteworthy. All-in-all I’m very happy with this episode, though the continuing complaint remains, that this show really needs to give more screen-time to its female cast—at this point they feel worse than secondary to the male heroes and while I know that’s a problem inherent with the genre itself I think it’s something that could be so easily rectified. That will always be my issue with this series and I’ll probably continue to bring it up until it’s not.

I prefer her leather outfit but this is good too!

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