Finding Yourself – ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 10 Review

Finding Yourself – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, Episode 10.

So how’s this episode? Right so the first arc was 3 episode as was the second one but the third arc was only two episodes–but I was cool with that because I felt like it wrapped things up succinctly and efficiently without needlessly dragging things out to an arbitrary length for the sake of consistency. This arc–the Mai/Nonoka body swap–is also two episodes and I don’t know, I’m kinda thinking this could have used another episode.

Oh? Is this the first ~actual~ complaint you have about this show? Maybe, I don’t really know for sure because while I do think in terms of screen time the resolution is speedy (some even dare use the word “rushed”) I think for the characters and for the amount of time that passes it’s probably an adequate length of time. This is still a phenomenal show, don’t get me wrong. But if it wanted to be ~perfect~ I think it could have spent more time with Mai (in Nonoka’s body) training and practicing to really sell the whole “flawless performance” thing she had during the idol show. It’s not that I didn’t believe how good Mai was at doing something she’d never done before, Mai could be President of Earth if she really wanted to, but it’s just that I think more could have been done with Mai’s side of things in this arc.

I appreciated that they gave us translation for the idol performances’ lyrics.

But this is Nonoka’s arc, not Mai’s. That’s true. Man, you actually had a good point for once instead of just being the eternal devil’s advocate!

I’ll take that as a compliment I suppose… As you should!

So they reconcile and switch back, how’s that handled? Up until this point the physical rectification of these various ‘Adolescent Syndromes’ have been handled almost always exclusively off-screen or in a very subtle way. This time though we’re treated to the mind-boggling site of Mai and Nonoka switching bodies while hugging! And no this isn’t just a case of consciousness’ switching bodies their bodies literally trade places in some sort of vaguely body horror-esque exchange that’s almost Lovecraftian in its impossibility to adequately describe. It’s, it’s… I was going to say creepy, but that’s not fair, a far more apt descriptor is it’s ~uniquely disquieting~, especially with the accompanying sound effect.

I was going to include a gif of the ‘switch back’ but without the sound effect it looses a lot of its impact.

Right. So anything else you want to add? While Sakuta’s always been something of a catalyst for the various girls in his life finding solace in themselves and solving their problems in turn. I appreciate his overall apathy in this arc, it’s not out of a place of callousness or unconcern, but rather I think, a place of trust in his girlfriend Mai to sort this shit out herself. Ultimately he is the catalyst for the cure again but I too appreciate his candour in his reasoning, he wants things back to normal so he can get on with having “sexy times” with Mai–it’s as simple as that. And what else would you expect from such a piggy bastard!

This show makes “normal” look so damn pretty.

Overall thoughts on the episode? It’s not the best episode but so much important and interesting stuff happens that it almost doesn’t matter. Little sister Kaede has her school uniform on and she’s taking steps to wanting to leave the house for the first time since her own adolescent syndrome! We also get to meet Sakuta’s estranged father and find out his deal. There’s almost too much going on for one episode (hence my earlier complaint) but that said I really did love this episode, complaints still withstanding.

Kaedo = too cute.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Yourself – ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 10 Review”

  1. I was actually worried that they’d drag it out for another episode. I think the only things they could have done with Mai’s side of the story would be to either show her being supremely confident and hard-working some more, which they already adequately conveyed, or show her having some problems, which would have undercut the whole point of the story. So while I think the story might been able to use 5 or 6 more minutes of screen time to space it out and give it a little time to breathe (maybe allow for a little more room on that cut from Futaba to the end song), it definitely didn’t need any more than that, and having another 21 minutes for another episode would have really transformed it into a bit of a slog.

    I actually thought the transforming back scene was not bad, squick factor included. That was part of the question, wasn’t it? Did they switch bodies or switch looks or switch minds? And it ends up being more that they switched the way they look. It was certainly unexpected, but then again this show has done that kind of quick resolution, like when “extra” Futaba just vanished.

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  2. I have to agree with you. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it is the first where I’ve felt the pacing hasn’t been spot on and in a show that has been as consistently great, suddenly just being good was noticeable. Still loved the episode and loved how they solved the problem, but episode 10 was a low point (still if your season low point is that good I don’t think the show has a lot to worry about).

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