Where Maids Fear To Tread – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 12 (Finale) Review

Where Maids Fear To Tread – An Anime QandA Review of ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 12 (Finale)

So what’s the show? UzaMaid! Episode 12 (Finale).

So how’s this episode? If you’d had told me at the start of the season that UzaMaid, this freaking show would have me cry more than ‘Bloom Into You’, more than ‘Banana Fish’, more than ‘Bunny Girl Senpai’… I would not have believed you. And yet here we are…

Okay that’s quite an intro, care to tell us what the episode is about then? Following on from last week Misha has locked herself in her mother’s studio after learning that Tsubame violated the sanctity of the room by entering it when she was explicitly told to never go in. Tsubame didn’t of course, she was only covering for Washi and Yui who entered by accident during their sleepover. What proceeds is nothing less than a 15 minute examination into the nature of grief how it manifests in everyday life and the way guilt plays a part when you feel that grief lessen with time. It probes the depths of two characters who have both lost important things in their lives and in-turn found new joys that lessen the emotional burden and allow them to see the light again.

Tsubame was once a loli too. Poor Tsubame…

Wow… that actually sounds kind of profound. It is. It’s very moving, and the show does a cool visual trick of keeping the colour palette muted throughout until both characters reach their emotional xenith and can admit to the need to move on and how important each of them are to each other. This episode isn’t some fluke, this is an intelligent and emotionally honest experience written by someone who clearly knows the true face of grief and loss.

Powerful words coming from an elementary-schooler.

I know you’ll probably yell at me but it almost feels like a different show. In some respects its more restrained but they still manage to fit in a decent amount of sassy quips, absurdity and toilet humour that means the show isn’t miles away from what it usually is. It doesn’t in any way feel like a departure for the series, this feels like the logical progression for where the show was at its point. It was inevitably going to have to deal with the mother’s room from the moment it introduced it way back towards the start of the season. Likewise we get the long awaited (at least for me) reveal on how Tsubame lost her eyesight in her left eye. My bet was during a military exercise but as it turns out it was an illness that caused her sight to deteriorate until she lost it completely in that eye.

They never explained why she wears such a fancy strapless eyepatch though and not a normal one.

I see… and what was that about this being “15 minutes” of the episode? Presumably this means there’s something else in the remaining minutes. I plucked that number out of the air, it’s a large chunk that’s devoted to the aforementioned. The rest of the episode is, well… let’s just call it “business as usual”. And I don’t mean that as a bad thing, after the more serious tone of the previous part it was nice to get Tsubame acting like her old self. But it’s not as if things are back to the way they were post emotional reveal, there’s still a sense of progression it’s more that the series is just acknowledging the need for the levity that the show started on as a sort of bookend if you will.

Good end!

Right. So you’ve covered seemingly everything it seems anything else you wanted to add? Midorin has a larger presence in this episode than she has had in the last two episodes which while not ideal she’s not nearly as grating as she has been. That said she does still feel kind of unnecessary and she is the weakest part of an otherwise excellent episode. And if this is indeed the last time we see UzaMaid grace our screens, that would be sad but on the other hand this is a very satisfying series finale.

The best part about this site gag is they didn’t even draw attention to the fact that the dog was walking her until she gets pulled away. Probably the funniest Midorin’s been in the show…

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