When It’s Hot Outside Drink Lots of Shota – ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 6 Review

When It’s Hot Outside Drink Lots of Shota – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 6

What’s the show? Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou, Episode 6.

So what saucy shenanigans to the residents of the Sunohara dorm get up to this episode? Oh you have no idea! Things are well and truly heating up this Summer break!

I’m usually terrified to ask, but to be honest I’m kinda curious too… Yes! I’ll win you over to my side eventually!

If that ever happens just put me out of my misery and kill me, yeah? So what happens? A challenger approaches!

Oh, hello! Who are you?

Oh really? A challenger to Miss Caretaker’s hold over Aki or a challenger to Aki’s heart? Kinda both, kinda neither—I was more thinking a challenger to my personal best girl in this show…

Of course you were thinking that… so who’s the new girl? Well, here name is Nana and she’s a ‘gal’ that is a girl who likes to wear skimpy clothing and sport a tan and wear make-up and she’s pretty much everything I’m usually not attracted to when it comes to anime girls (and girls in real life if I’m being brutally honest) but I don’t know what it is about her but everything just works for me! It certainly helps that we’re given pretty much an entire episode devoted to developing her character straight off the bat. She’s got a dirty mind and a possessive attitude and loves to play retro video games and is all over Aki from the minute she lays eyes on him and it’s almost like the writer brute forced her into my heart!

I mean how else are you supposed to dress to play video games on a lazy summer day?

Right… so it’s her “personality” that’s won you over, huh? I’m not going to pretend like her skimpy clothing isn’t a motivating factor but as I said I don’t usually have much interest in her ‘type’ and so for her to win me over in the space of her episode is a testament to her characterisation and her voice actress—if there’d been even a shred of obnoxiousness in her performance I probably wouldn’t have been as interested but she’s so endearing—even when she’s being condescending that I can’t help but be drawn to her.

The look of a boy who’s bored by anything smaller than a G-cup.

Uh-huh, so what’s the episode about, aside from stoking fires I don’t want to know about? Oh you know the usual kind of shenanigans, there’s Aki being ~molested~, Aki waking up with a handful of breast, Aki getting flustered, Aki getting fawned over by Nana’s horny “young-boy” hungry friends at the pool and of course all the pool related shenanigans you’d expect too.

I mean her friends just straight up and try to steal Aki before Nana intervenes…

Right, so in other words don’t go expecting anything Shakespearian from the experience? …Why on earth would you even think that? Of course not! Though I was surprised to learn that Aki and the others are all in middle-school(?!) for some reason I was under the impression they were first years in high-school. But as it turns out only new addition Nana is in high school. (Of course excluding main-lady Ayaka who’s probably in her twenties).

Oh so all the times you were defending this creepy, predatory relationship between a high-school boy and a woman in her twenties it’s actually been a middle-school boy, huh? Yeah, maybe, I mean I guess… so what?!

Praise be thy oppai.

Nothing nothing, just wait there while I call the police. Oh get over it you filthy normie.

Wow! It’s been a good long while since you’ve called me that! Just so you know I don’t actually care I was just wanting to knock you off that high horse of yours. Yeah, yeah…

So I take it you ~enjoyed~ the episode? Ahem, yes. While the focus was nearly entirely on a new addition to the cast she was such a delightful contribution to the roster I couldn’t help but he drawn in. But that’s not to say the other characters were neglected, everybody got a few good moments throughout the episode, promising (hopefully) a more inclusive, ensemble experience going forward!

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2 thoughts on “When It’s Hot Outside Drink Lots of Shota – ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 6 Review”

  1. I thought Nana was a great conception of a character and well-executed by the artists and by Ayane Sakura to follow in Rina Satou’s Ayaka. It really was a great job being a younger sister. Similar, but not identical features and mannerisms, a good rapport between them, and a rivalry at just the right intensity.

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