License To Kawaii – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 2 Review

License To Kawaii – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 2

What’s the show? Release The Spyce, Episode 2.

And what’s this episode like? A bit of a slower episode—but needed if we’re going to go full-tilt into action and plot going forward. Also it was necessary to show Momo’s transition from average high-school girl to super spy and I’m glad they didn’t rush it—whether or not two months of hard training would actually be all it takes to make such a change is debatable, but this show hardly takes place in our concrete reality, it’s a bit fanciful like James Bond or similar.

Pretty advanced software if it can register through that expression!

So I was going to ask what happened in the episode but you kind of already answered that—I’m not used to you being this efficient! Yeah, kind of loaded up the early part of the review with all the content, didn’t I?

So I take it you’re still happy with this show? Yeah, for sure! It’s fun and funny but has a lot of interesting visuals and world-building—I feel like this is the kind of show that’d benefit from binge-watching because I just want them to get to the story and show more of the villains already! Which is rare because for me I’m usually all about taking things slow and focusing on characters.

Villains are always the most interesting looking/acting characters in spy movies anyway!

Do you think the pacing is off? I think maybe I was expecting a faster pace because of the first episode or because of its genre—but it’s got more in common with a slice of life or CGDCT show then it does an action or adventure series. But this is only the second episode, there’s still plenty of time for it to pick up the pace, if that’s its intent. And if not, I’m kind of fine with that too—a CGDCT show with a spy twist would be fun too!

It’s a spy show, I swear!

And what was your favourite part of the episode? I enjoyed all of Momo’s reactions—especially in the early training montages where she’s constantly getting ‘stamped’ by Yuki’s “surprise attacks”. I also think that their whole underground base was really cool, also seeing just some of the gadgets that Hatsume has invented for using on missions was fun too—but I’ve always been a geek for that James Bond stuff anyway!

“Spyce, not even once”.

So all in all a good episode? It’s full of great character moments and nice comedic beats, its well-animated and looks pretty—it teases some of the villains but for no more than a minute or two. As I said at the start, it’s more of a set-up episode than anything but it’s necessary and still thoroughly entertaining!

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One thought on “License To Kawaii – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 2 Review”

  1. I like the show, but I kind of want them to quit with the “traitor” stuff for now. I feel like it’s distracting from setting up both the good spyce and the bad spyce. We don’t have any clue what the relative power level of Tsukikage is to the bad spyce. Do they always win? Do they always lose? Do they always end up in a draw, but win because the bad spyce are thwarted from doing bad things? Without knowing that, I think the traitor stuff is missing a lot of context. How much does the traitor shift the balance of power? We can’t know. So we can’t try to figure out who the traitor is. Although, given that they have roped in a bunch of other former Spyce into being part of Tsukikage, it doesn’t necessarily need to be one of the 6 active Spyce.

    I first thought that they were going to test Momo after like a week, which would have been no time to figure out all that stuff. But I thought they gave it enough time to show that she’s made progress (although the bad spyce have been basically doing nothing in that time?). I’m fine with less training montage, like I’m always fine with less training montage.

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