Settling Down – ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ Episode 3 Review

Settling Down – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ Episode 3


What’s the show? Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Episode 3.

So how’s this episode? Seemingly minor but nonetheless noticeable improvements each week adding up to an overall more cohesive, satisfying and enjoyable anime experience!

Okay, so what’s changed that’s made the show better? The narrator is becoming less prevalent content to longer lead scenes but rather occasionally comment where necessary. In fact the third segment of the episode (and the best so far of the series) was almost entirely devoid of his overbearing presence and it absolutely shined as a result. Although that probably has something to do with the fact that it had the most heart and character development of any of the segments so far too.

Relatable/10. Jk.

Skipping to the end as usual I see… No if I was skipping to the end I’d be talking about the new ED sequence which after being alerted to a 10 hour version of I literally watched for about an hour before going to bed. It’s just that good!

Okay, calm down. Let’s go back to the start of the episode and work our way from there? First segment? So turns out Kaguya’s led and ~exceptionally~ sheltered life. To The point where she thought “doing it” meant kissing. And the series of misunderstandings as Kaguya lists all the people she’s “done it with” (her parents, a baby, a dog) while Miyuki and Chika watch on in confusion/terror was wonderful. And it’s got some of the best visual cues of the show so far, almost working like a little short-film.


And the second segment? The second segment, while cute, was a little bit on the middling side, with a game of 20 questions played in order to embarrass Miyuki and with a punch line I guessed from the start.

Is it filled with particle effects in here or is it just me?

Right and the much lauded third segment? Simply put Kaguya takes an opportunity to walk to school–something she’s always dreamed of doing, but her affluent standing never meant it possible. On the way she helps a crying school girl cross the street and then walks with her the rest of the way which ends up with her late for school. By some coincidence Miyuki rushes past on his bike, only to be stopped at the traffic lights where he notices Kaguya. Frantic about the two of them both being late (and setting a bad example) they forgo the pretense and ride together on his bike–Kaguya treasuring every moment of this rare event. It might seem simple on paper but everything about this segment is expertly executed, it’s sweet and reflective and casts Kaguya in a different light than we’ve previously seen. This isn’t about her trying to outwit her love-interest, this is just a girl enjoying a youthful moment which she’s bound to relive happily for years to come. Quite frankly, it was beautiful.

Simply wonderful.

Well, certainly seems like you’ve turned a page on this anime, I’d qualify this as an almost “glowing” review. Well to quote the irlwaifu after watching this episode “where was that show hiding?!” And while I personally don’t think the previous two episodes were as bad as she thought I do admit the improvement felt palpable. If the show can retain this level and seek to improve throughout, then the show will indeed live up to the hype that many of the manga readers foist upon it.


Oh, we almost forgot to talk about the ED. Do you want to do that before we finish? There’s nothing to say other than it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Chika has achieved god-tier waifu status from just this 1:30 of video alone. But why settle for 90 seconds of it when you can have 10 hours!

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  1. The third segment was undeniably the best as it didn’t feel forced and I really enjoyed spending time with Shinomiya for once. I’d really like more of that because otherwise this anime is going to end up very forgettable for me as I’m just not that interested in the other stuff going on.

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