Contains Traces of Nuts – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 2 Review

Contains Traces of Nuts – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 2

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 2.

And how’s the second episode of this dark and twisted little show that you’re so enamoured with? I admit a modicum of pause and concern as I sat down to watch this second episode. I was worried that this show would go in a direction I wasn’t wanting, a fear that was almost verified as Sato has a tense encounter with her homeroom teacher at school.

And what “fear” was that exactly? That bad men doing bad things would interrupt this messed up little piece of paradise I was afforded with the first episode.

Too pure! Squee!

Oh. So is the teacher character ‘on the level’ then? Oh no. Not at all, he’s completely horrible. It’s inferred that he sexually assaults some of his female students (add to that stalking and the rest of the harmful things that come from student x teacher relationships) all the while he has a wife and small daughter at home–so add infidelity to the mix. So when he starts stalking Sato I obviously feared the worse… though I don’t know why I should have…


Oh? What happens? Don’t stalk a crazy person–especially one who’s homicidal. Though rather than do something drastic (and foolish) like kill the guy she shows up to his house one morning and basically blackmails him into doing her dirty-work in exchange for not ruining his life by telling his wife. That dirty work involves disposing of the body (who I believe is that of her Aunt’s if I inferred correctly) that had previously been kept behind the door with all the locks. This teacher guy… I should look up his name… Daichi (thank you Wikipedia) is now kind of turned on by having his whole world be in the hands of this violent and crazy girl and so fully commits to his role–even if he can’t explain why he feels that way.

I mean some dudes are into that kind of thing…

Pretty messed up. Anything else of note happen? Ordinarily I’d say that this was more than enough for a full episode but this isn’t even a third of the episode’s running time! So much happens in this episode that it’s almost difficult to keep up!

Wanna speed round the rest? I’ll try! So at her job at the maid cafe we learn Sato has an ex-customer who is a stalker (who we briefly see one night following her). We also get Taiyo the good-looking blonde boy who was sexually assaulted by his previous employer come work at the same maid cafe. Who has grown an unhealthy fixation on little girls–specifically Shio–of whom he keeps a picture of her ‘missing person’ poster which he kisses in private. Also everything isn’t so rosy with Shio either, at home alone she succumbs to a sort of dizzy spell–which could either be related to a physical health ailment or a mental health ailment, either way it’s not good. Speaking of which we finally get properly introduced to the boy who has been putting up the ‘missing person’ posters as he’s saved from being beaten up by Taiyo’s good Samaritan efforts and is brought back to the cafe. Only for him, in his beaten daze, to start reciting the same wedding vowels that Shio recites to Sato! Nobody gets between Sato and the love of her life and as she raises a crowbar over her head to dispatch of this perceived ‘threat’ the episode ends!

*cut to credits*!

Wow! That’s… uh… that’s quite a lot of things happening for just one episode! You’re telling me! I mean I get that the show probably wanted to put some more pieces in play for the upcoming episodes but I didn’t expect this much to happen for at least 2 or 3 more episodes!

Some interesting (if vague) backstory here too!


And are you happy with that? I don’t know… I’m not unhappy, I mean presuming this is similar pace as intended by the manga than who am I to question it! It didn’t feel rushed but at the same time I would have been just as happy for this to have been spread out over more episodes. Makes me wonder if they’re rushing to get to a rather ~definitive~ end game by the end of this season. Which wouldn’t necessarily be bad as the manga is (eventually) coming out in English–and is still ongoing–so the story would still get its full run in print form. Either way I really enjoyed the high-stakes tension of the episode as well as the various truly messed up characters who’ve been inserted into Sato and Shio’s happy sugar life!

Top cleaning loli.

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2 thoughts on “Contains Traces of Nuts – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 2 Review”

  1. I’m probably done with this show even without watching this episode (but good review on it 🙂 ). I just don’t want to watch the horrible person olympics. Plus, I had the inkling from the very beginning that the real puppet master is Shio, and I wouldn’t be surprised if poster person was Shio’s last dupe who couldn’t let go of her, like Satou can’t quit her now and will probably go completely mad when Shio leaves her too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting theory! I didn’t think of that! I totally relate to not wanting to watch as you say ‘horrible person olympics’ but I’m still totally down for it because how in control Sato seems to be of everything–even the horrible men who seem to be creeping into her life. I do love a strong women… even if she is a completely insane homicidal maniac!


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