A Snake With Legs – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 7 Review

A Snake With Legs – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Dropkick On My Devil’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Dropkick On My Devil!, Episode 7.

So what happens in this episode? You know what’s funny, every time I finish a Dropkick On My Devil review I think, “well that’s probably it, the last time I’ll be reviewing this show” and then before I start every new episode I think, “well doubt I’ll find enough to say about in the review for this show but here goes nothing” and then by the episode I’m left scratching my head and thinking “well, shit, guess this show is better than I give it credit for after the fact.”

Well I wouldn’t say you’re exactly harsh on the show, you speak of it rather fondly—despite its inherent issues, I mean you said it was better than Gabriel DropOut an actual CGDCT show, so that’s got to count for something! Fair enough, but if we’re talking about Gabriel DropOut again let me say one thing for certain this show actually does something interesting with its premise unlike the aforementioned…

How about neither?

I feel like you’re giving that show a lot of shit unnecessarily, should we clear the air before people think you hate it or something? I don’t hate Gabriel DropOut at all, it’s a very good show—it’s also the victim of its own originality. That is to say it’s a CGDCT show so the characters are of paramount importance, which it more or less succeeds at but it also has the promise of something more given the unique premise of angels and demons and heaven and hell but it lives up to that promise approximately 25% of the time. Dropkick On My Devil however, a comedy masquerading as a CGDCT show with a similar if not identical premise has less appealing characters and less cute moments but makes use of its unique premise about 70% of the time. So, in conclusion while Gabriel DropOut is the better CGDCT show it squanders greatness in favour of towing the line, whereas Dropkick is just more flat out interesting even if it’s frequently mean-spirited.

Wonder what Halo’s taste like?

‘Kay… If you’re still reading congrats on being so bored to do so! Don’t roast our readers, please.

Sorry. So, what happens in this episode? Jashin-Chan finds herself confronted by the antagonistic angel she threw into the sea last episode; so she does what any gluttonous demon would do, eat the angel’s halo. Later, Jashin-Chan makes Medusa cry, Jashin-Chan gets a gift from Satan-Sama, it grows her a fancy pair of legs and she and Medusa hit the town and…

Jashin-Chan with legs is weird…

And?… Just want to take a brief time out to say, I love the realistic setting this show has. Not only do we get scenes (previously) set in Akihabara, but this episode we get a scene set in Shibuya and Harajuku and (most specifically) the Kawaii Monster Café (here called the Kawaii Creature Café) which me and the irlwaifu spent time at during out last trip to Japan!

Wait, did you say Jashin-Chan gets legs? What’s all that about? Don’t worry about it, just some special potion that Satan-Sama gave her for “levelling up” that grew her a temporary pair of legs, I want to talk about the Kawaii Monster Café some more!

I’ve been there!

I kind of see why you like this show more than Gabriel DropOut… it panders to you specifically. That’s got to be a ridiculously narrow target audience. As I wrote this review I had pause to wonder, since this show obviously was at least partially funded by Amazon, whether it was told to curtail to some obviously tourist-y depictions of Otaku Japan, or if it’s just a big ‘ol coincidence and these references appear in the manga too?

Speaking of references…

I don’t know, and honestly I don’t care, this review is already been more about Gabriel DropOut than it has been the ~actual~ show you’re supposed to be reviewing. Care to wrap things up in a succinct manner? Uh… okay… this show is consistently interesting and brimming with character and if you like CGDCT shows with a subversive, enigmatic, self-referential edge than watch this show? But come on, let’s face it, no one who isn’t watching this show is reading this review… and if they are this half-hearted recommendation is going precisely nowhere. Simply put, this show is for people who are already watching it, and if you aren’t you either don’t care or are too busy and either way that’s just fine…

This made me laugh way more than it should have.

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