Down The Rabbit Hole – ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 8 Review

Down The Rabbit Hole – An Anime QandA Review of ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 8

What’s the show? How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord, Episode 8.

So what wanton and lewd acts are you deigning to defend this episode? You ever get so drunk you mistakenly fingerbang a rabbit girl thinking she’s a body pillow?

*spit take* What the hell?! I didn’t think so…

Are you seriously telling me Diablo did ‘that’?! If by “that” you mean bring Sylvie the rabbit-girl guild leader to orgasm through the use of his fingers, then yes, “that” indeed did happen in this episode. Though not until the end of the episode, you know after Diablo goes about defeating a weapon of mass destruction tier Hydra summon from Shera’s evil brother, then defeating Galford who’s trying to instigate a war between his hold and the Elven Kingdom. So you know, basically saving the world in the space of an episode!

That’s his serious face.

Is this your roundabout way of saying we should talk about the rest of the episode first because I mean you brought up the, uhh… thing… in the first place? Certainly was attention grabbing wasn’t it! But yes, the ‘rest’ of the episode, i.e. all the quality stuff that’ll be forgotten by everyone being too hung up on what happened at the end. So the Hydra that Keera summons is unlike any beast Diablo has ever seen—and Diablo raises the point himself, that this (probably) means that despite some superficial similarities initially this world is more different to the game world of ‘Cross Reverie’ than he anticipated, which is exciting for him! After some difficulties even making a dent on the beast, Shera gives Diablo the helpful hint to destroy the creature’s core to get it to revert to a crystal—which he does by electrocuting the whole thing. Now, Keera is defenceless and at Diablo’s mercy…

Gross looking Hydra.

Does Diablo kill him for what he did to Shera last week? He probably should have but Shera interjects and asks to spare his life, as much as she hates her evil brother—they’re still blood and she still has memories of the good times they spent together. As he’s escaping however a sword strikes from the darkness of the woods decapitating Keera and killing him instantly. It’s Galford—the Timothy Dalton looking guy from a few episodes ago. He’s not happy about the easy resolution and wants to force a war to happen so he can make a claim for the Elven territory through invasion. Obviously Diablo’s not having any of this and the two fight, but the old man is much tougher and faster than he looks! It’s a hard fought fight but eventually Diablo bests the bastard through superior intellect and strategy.

Gotta go fast!

Does Diablo kill this guy then? Nope, I guess the series needed a recurring villain. Which I’m ~kind of~ okay with as not only is he pretty-well established now, has a lot of influence over the town and has some pretty badass abilities that pose and actual threat to Diablo it’ll make for some interesting match-ups in the future!

…we are at the point we’re you’re going to talk about the ‘incident’ now, aren’t we? Yep.

When things start looking slightly sideways it’s fair to say you’ve had too much to drink!

Fine, go on then… explain away! I’ll just sit here with my fingers in my ears. Speaking of fingers, Sylvie comes to visit the mana-depleted Diablo who is bedridden, bored and broke. She comes (ahem) bearing gifts, specifically a bottle of what looks like whiskey or some other type of alcohol. Diablo isn’t sure what his alcohol tolerance is in this world—presumes its substantial since he’s a big guy and so down a tankards worth—and is instantly hammered. In his drunken haze he mistakes the petite Sylvie for a body pillow (dakimakura) and takes her in his arms. Remarking on the high quality of the material as he rubs against her bare skin. Then he removes what little clothes she has and starts stroking her… then his hand moves south of the border and well in the uncensored AT-X version you see a little bit more than on the Crunchyroll stream so there’s mistaking that he goes down the ‘rabbit hole’ as is it were.

You don’t get that on Crunchyroll!

And are you going to try and justify his actions like you’ve done many times before? Nope. As amusing as the scene is (this is comic relief fan service here) Diablo is indeed in the wrong, having an altered state of mind due to alcohol is a flimsy excuse at best—whether she enjoyed it or not is also not justification after the fact. The only thing that potentially ‘saves’ the scene from being assault is whether Diablo is held accountable for his actions in a future episode. Obviously I don’t expect him to go to jail or anything, Sylvie seems like a practical kind of woman and she even says afterwards “you better make this right”. Meaning she knows a transgression has been done to her, she’s not traumatised by it due to the nature of their relationship but she does feel like she has been wronged so it simply remains to be scene what he’ll have to do to ‘make up for it.’

I never realised her eyes look like they’re buffering. Speaking of buffering…

So you’re finally putting your foot down? I could just shrug it off as silly fan service comedy moment but I think this show is smart enough to know—and foreshadows it with Sylvie’s remark—that this is a universe with consequences, yes it may appear to be ‘fantasy’ and ‘harem’ on the surface but this show continues to hammer home the fact that this isn’t a game, this is real and actions have consequences. So I’d be surprised if there aren’t any consequences for Diablo’s actions—even if it’s just a slap on the wrist.

So what’s your final opinion on the episode? It’s another great episode of a show I love increasingly more with each passing instalment. Keera’s death was surprising, Shera’s emotional reaction was impactful, the action was exciting and innovative and there’s still (presumably) a lot more to happen in this world. And with regard to the final scene, well I guess we’ll see if this show stands by it’s commitment to the ‘this world has consequences’ mantra it’s sewn throughout the series so far!

Don’t cry Shera! 😦

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7 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole – ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 8 Review”

  1. My only real complaint this episode is how little Shera and Rem got to do. Shera’s grief was great, but during the fight the two of them were decidedly side-lined and as two great characters I just wish the show had found a better way to incorporate them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kinda get it because of how crazy overpowered the two opponents were but yeah I absolutely agree, I don’t want two characters as great as Rem and Shera to become ‘damsels in distress’ constantly rescued by Diablo. Hopefully they’ll have more to do soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I dunno, this was a big climax episode, with a big fight against a *real* boss, but I just don’t feel like it stuck with me the way the other episodes did. I was glad that Diablo lampshaded that stupid “It has a core that moves around it’s body!” stupidity (that’s how you knew the REAL enemy was there in Strike Witches, too). It also felt like a bad choice to have Sylvie be the other person in that last part. Just why? Oh, this is too “adult” for Rem and Shera? Or is it a “We could go farther with Sylvie because otaku purity garbage with our main characters” thing? We’ll see what the consequences are, although this is a world where the Elves were going to stand aside while their prince mind controlled and enslaved their princess, who by the way is his sister, and forced her to bear his children, which is WAAAAAAY worse if you ask me. Assaulting Sylvie is bad, and it’s also one of those “why set this up that way” things, but we’ll see where it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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