Over Staphed – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 10 Review

Over Staphed – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Cells At Work!, Episode 10.

So what happens in this episode? More of the same really, except I felt even though there were repetitive elements this one felt really cohesive and it’s kind of hard to put my finger on why exactly—I think if you wanted the perfect example of everything this show does well in a single episode this’d be the one to pick!

Staphylococcus aureus was the ‘big bad’ in this episode.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to fall into one of those ‘difficult to review’ categories? So difficult! Like what am I supposed to talk about? Gratuitous Platelet service? There’s only so many synonyms for ‘cute’ that I can bust out of my thesaurus!

*waves enthusiastically*

Well is there anything unique or different about this episode that caught your eye? Well we ~almost~ had a new character (and I mean ‘technically’ they still are) in the form of the yellow jump-suited Cell’s called Monocyte. I loved how weird and quirky the particular Monocyte AE3803 ended up following but as it turned out Monocytes turn into Macrophages when they leave the cell walls.

Monocyte approved!

Oh well that’s interesting! Yeah it was a fun little twist, but any excuse to get the Macrophages kicking butt—though it was kinda odd/curious that the voiceover felt the need to all but compare them to mothers, but I mean I guess a Macrophage is as close as human bodies have to a motherly-type Cell, wonder if that means people who think Macrophage is attractive have an Oedipus complex?

Well do you? Do I what? Find Macrophage attractive? Uh, duh—she’s a sexy anime lady! Oh I see what you’re trying to do, very funny…

Beautiful and badass, a winning combination!

So thoughts overall, if you can even muster enough words to make another paragraph? I saw a lot of positive remarks about this episode on Twitter after it aired and it’s easy to see why. While it would have been fun to be a contrarian and say something opposing the fact of the matter is this is just prime Cells At Work that pushes all the requisite buttons. Plenty of adventure, plenty of fun, plenty of laughs, plenty of bloody action and ~almost~ enough Platelets, because let’s face it you can’t ever have enough Platelets!

Platelet’s to the rescue! ❤

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

8 thoughts on “Over Staphed – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 10 Review”

  1. I saw this one this morning and I have to agree that I really liked this one myself a lot as well. Yes there was a lot of repitition, but still it was interesting enough and the twist was fun too. And of course the cuteness overload of plateletts wasn’t bad either 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Hoping things will keep at this quality for the rest of the season just with a few more interesting twists like this one had (and maybe a bit of romance–but maybe that’s asking too much… lol)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This episode wasn’t exceptional, but as you said, it pushed all the right buttons and included more platelets. It was fun to watch and I think that’s all most of us want from this show.

    Liked by 1 person

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