Love Knows No Gender – ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 3 Review

Love Knows No Gender – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 3

What’s the show? Anima Yell! Episode 3.

So how’s this episode? I was almost ready to relegate this show to the ‘Watched But Not Reviewed’ pile when the second-half of the episode did one of my favourite low-key awesome things an anime can do.

Was it a beach, or a pool, or a bath or a hot springs episode? I know it’s gotta be something fan-service related since it’s ~you~ we’re talking about… Nope! None of the above!

Well what then? So after our three protagonists form a ‘Cheer Association’ (they can’t be a club until they get five total members but they’re allowed to be an ‘association’) Kohane puts some flyers up around the school to advertise the group. They get their first interested party in the form of Kon, who wants the ‘Cheer Association’ to help “cheer her on” so she gets the confidence in order to confess her feelings to college-aged private tutor who she’s fallen for. Even though it’s not ~technically~ the point of the cheer club Kohane and the others can’t refuse this girl in need and give her some advice on how to confess to a boy. It’s then that Kon reveals that her private tutor isn’t a boy but another girl. There’s a brief pause and then the three girls smile and Kohane says “I think the fact that you can fall in love with anyone is great!” There’s not the least bit of ~weirdness~ or judgment or fetishizing of the moment—it’s just all about love, no matter the gender of either involved party.

It’s good the show is so progressive in that respect. Glad to hear it. And what’s more her confession works, granted its off-screen because Kon is a minor side-character, but still happy that this show is normalising something that should already be considered normal the world over!

“Let’s go love!”

But other than that part of the episode, is the show any good? It’s still about the same as it was in Episode 1 & 2, like obviously the aforementioned moment skews my bias more positively towards this episode being ‘better’, but objectively speaking this show’s still a bit too slow for my liking. Or maybe I’m just not connecting with the subject matter of the girls’ interest as much as I did in shows like Comic Girls, New Game or Is The Order A Rabbit?

The dilemma is real!

So more of the same huh? Yeah pretty much, I’m still enjoying the show and I’ve endeared to it a little bit more because of its positive attitude towards same-sex relationships but I’m still not 100% into it. There were some funny jokes to do with cheerleading ghosts and they’ve hinted at a couple of extra new members but I’m still waiting for that moment for the show to ~click~ with me the way other CGDCT shows do. Usually it happens quickly, most of the time within an episode or two, but maybe this one’s a slow blooming love story.

Some ghosts have legs, just look at Yuuna!

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Author: Cactus Matt

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5 thoughts on “Love Knows No Gender – ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 3 Review”

  1. I think there’s a small but significant difference in styles of CGDCT shows, and the three you mention kind of highlight it. The three you mention are shows where the protagonist is kind of thrown into a full group (or immediately coalesces a full group) and has to find her way in the group. Slow Start is also in that category. Yeah, they may add some characters later, but there’s already a 4-pc or larger group right from the beginning.

    This one’s in a little different where they have to build up the group (and thinking of a few, these tend to be more club shows). This fits more into shows like Sansha Sanyou, Anne Happy, Hanayamata, KinMoza, or even Locodol, Long Riders, and Bakuon. They can tend to feel like they started slower because they usually start with 1 or 2 characters, and then add one one at a time. You get a bit more in depth with these early characters, but it can start to seem a little formulaic because they have to add the characters to the group, and there are only so many ways they can do that.

    I like both, but there are definite patterns to each one.

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    1. My CGDCT expertise and experience is nowhere near yours, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the shows you mentioned in that second paragraph! I was more comparing it to those shows I mentioned because they are favourites. (And I deliberately didn’t mention Slow Start because I feel, despite it being ostensibly a CGDCT show it belongs in its own sub-category with more Yuri-leaning shows like Ms Kobayashi)


      1. The ones in the second group tend to be fewer people’s favorites. Plus, a few I mentioned are really kind of out there (like nobody watched Bakuon, I think (although my avatar on these posts is from that show), and Long Riders was another Actas schedule mess). But Anne Happy is a really great show, directed by Shin Oonuma (who did a lot of shows I really love, like Invaders of the Rokujouma, Rakudai Kishi, and ImoSae), that really treats the characters well, even though they’re all giant “losers”. And Locodol is a lot of fun as well.

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  2. I liked the scene with the knowledge falling out of Kohane’s head. I thought this episode was funnier and less cliched than the previous two. Like you, I was on the verge of giving up on it, but now I think I’ll keep watching it.

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  3. I liked the scene with the knowledge falling out of Kohane’s head. I thought this episode was funnier and more original than the previous two episodes. Like you, I was on the verge of giving up on this anime, but now I think I’ll carry on watching it.

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