Two Sisters Sharing Meat – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 8 Review with Irina and Matt

Two Sisters Sharing Meat – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 8 with Irina and Matt


Another season, another anime collaboration with Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. For Winter 2019 we will be talking about ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ and I will be represented by the bold text!

Hey look, it me, the real Matt and not some (at times) terrifyingly accurate version of me that Irina was imitating for the past 3 weeks while I was on holiday. Wait, let’s not call it imitating, let’s call it ‘text cosplay’! Thank you for your service sock puppet Matt, You will be missed but there’s just no substitute for the real thing! Also text cosplay sounds naughty in the best way. I have to figure out how to use the expression as much as possible.

But seriously, a big thanks to Irina for picking up my slack, her thoughts on the previous 3 episodes were ~mostly~ accurate. Though I did really enjoy the visuals of Episode 7 just FYI, mixed medium animation and “artsy fartsy” pretentiousness is my jam. I’ll be honest, I was just going by how generous the assets were portrayed. I’m not as smart as real Matt….

So enough about that, Episode 8 gave us more of a focus on Ekoda’s sister–and I’m not sure how to say this but I kinda like Ekoda’s sister (damn, already forgot her name) more than I like Ekoda! Is that weird? That’s probably weird… M-san was a bit more put together than Ekoda but I also liked this week’s Ekoda quite a bit. Optimistic and laissez faire. Fine ladies this week!

Even her ‘contempt’ is cute.

It probably helps that this episode looks the “best” out of any of the episodes so far. I use “best” in quotation marks because, again, what I’m about to say is probably a bit weird but it was the most ‘anime’ looking and I really prefer my anime girls to look like human beings and not inconsistent and always off model like they’ve been in the other episodes. I loved the visuals as well. For me, they looked like classic 70s cartoons. Something about the brush stroke quality of contours and the underrealised background characters just brought to mind classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons for me. M and Ekoda were both quite pretty so that’s a plus.

Spot the main character.

The episode was pretty low-key in terms of what happened, and in terms of comedy. But I kind of liked that more too? Maybe what I was looking for all this time was a series where Ekoda was the supporting character and her sister was the main…

I’ll go on a brief tangent (brief because these reviews are meant to be short) but their relationship reminded me of a lot of sisterly relationships in SoL anime I watch. With a free-spirited (a.k.a. irresponsible) older sister being the main protagonist and them having a put-together and serious younger sister (a.k.a. responsible) and that being played not only for contrast and laughs but as a source of tension in their relationship. [Main examples I’m thinking of is Kasumi and Asuka in BanG Dream! as well as Yui and Ui in K-On!] Sorry I’m rambling, I’ll stop now. I thought M-san was the older sister….Good thing you’re here! She might very well be, I was only comparing the contrasting character relationships rather than the fact which one was older or younger.

Typical siblings.

While I was watching this episode, I thought: finally the true relationship of the series is explored. These types of easy interactions where details take on meaning through tradition and familiarity, and things can just be left unsaid because it’s really a conversation that’s been ongoing for years…wait, where did this sentence start? I’m saying, I liked this episode. A Lot. Not quite as much as episode 6. That flowers blush line just made my day but I really wouldn’t mind getting to know the people around Ekoda just a bit more. Agreed!

This dude Ekoda with is grade A douche.

Yay – welcome back Matt. We’ve missed you so much some of us had to resort to sock puppets…Crazy, I know. Those poor suckers! Glad to be back! We will finish this series together and not resort to sock puppets again!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

2 thoughts on “Two Sisters Sharing Meat – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 8 Review with Irina and Matt”

  1. It kills me that it seems like almost no one is watching this series. Honestly, just about every episode has been great, each in its own very personal way.

    The only thing weird about the series, to me at least, is why the heck not a single episode (at least so far) has been directed by a woman?! Is the lack of a female in the director’s chair some sort of meta social commentary that’s flying straight over my head? Or is it just plain old sexism?

    Because no one can possibly convince me that Sayo Yamamoto wouldn’t straight up SLAY an episode of this show!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly I think it’s just Japan doesn’t really think about these kind of things. Call it sexism, call it a massive oversight, but yeah, really a shame there’s not one female director on this project.


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