Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 2.

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re, Episode 2.

So how’s the second episode then? Really really good!

Elaborate! Well it starts off where the previous episode ended, mid action scene with Haise facing off against a very powerful baddie and looking like he’s about to lose, that is until he taps into Punished Ken, his torture born alter-ego full ghoul monster form. Unfortunately because it’s only episode 2 the bad guy still manages to get away despite getting triple penetrated by Haise/Ken’s Kagune. Gotta save a final confrontation for a later episode!

“Payback time!” until the fight is interrupted.

You sound kinda annoyed. Oh it’s just that it’s just a really lazy and obvious plot convenience, like I know the show just wants to get some mileage out of its ‘big bad’ but doing the whole ‘bad guy retreats to fight another day while good guy licks his wound’ is yawn inducing by this point, but whatever.

I thought you said it was quote “really really good”? It is! Everything after the opening action scene is quality. We’re introduced to two new supporting characters who work for the CCG, including a very cute and quirky half ghoul (presumably) called Saiko, who’s into video games and eating and being a reclusive introvert and who is totally best girl, except for…

I need more of this character please!

Except for what? Well we’re jumping ahead in the episode a bit but while on patrol for a target who goes by the name of the “Nutcracker” because she likes to crush men’s testicles—

Wait, stop! You can’t just drop that and expect to not elaborate?! Well, like in the previous episode how the ‘monster of the week’ was a bad guy called Torso, who removed women’s torso’s and took them for whatever reason, this arc’s mini-boss/monster of the week is a woman who crushes mens testicles with her feet. We’re only passingly introduced to her before Haise and the others stop at a familiar looking coffee shop…

I squee’d at the re!

Oh? A call back to the first season is it? Yup! It’s the coffee shop where Ken spent much of season 1 and it’s Touka, the waitress who was so integral to our protagonists development back then! This scene, this scene, I loved it so much, though a lot of that was due to the music choice which was sublime. It’s times like these that make me realise how damn good this show can be! More of this please! More Touka, more tears!

Who would have thought a show like this could be so touching.

Right, so all in all a great episode? Yep, better than the first one, there were a couple of times where I was confused as to what was going on, and some of the animation feels a bit cheaply done, like in the house scenes, but there’s just too much good and so much promise that I can’t help but be totally invested in this series already.

Me, watching this scene.

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