Comic Girls Episode 7 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Comic Girls Episode 7

What’s the show? Comic Girls, Episode 7.

And how are the girls this week? Well, Kaos-Chan continues to be an adorable, neurotic mess! After overhearing the news that Koyume is getting a serialised manga Kaos if left devastated at the thought that she’s the only one in the dorm without one, and worries she’s going to become a background character.

Little bit forth wall breaking? No, she’s just so obsessed with manga and anime she talks like that sometimes.


Fair enough. So then Suzu, the horror mangaka who was introduced last week takes her up to her room in the attic and the two bond some more, mostly over the fact that Suzu has no friends and that Kaos is a pervert who loves any attention from the cute girls in her dorm, no matter how scary their room may be!

Doki doki.

Uh-huh. Also I totally ship Suzu and Kaos now.

Why am I not surprised… Also we find out that Kaos into girls with glasses, and not just any girls but ‘older, more mature’ girls, guess that fits in with her ‘wanting to get scolded by a teacher fetish’ we discovered in an earlier episode!

Kaos gives good face.

Is this relevant information? Very relevant, Ruki, a wearer of glasses herself, suggests that Kaos maybe get a pair for herself, and not strictly for aesthetics either, something this show is taking a pretty heavy stance on. But before Kaos goes to the optometrist she makes a quick detour to “heaven” on Earth.

Heaven is a place on Earth… if you’re an otaku!

Oh let me guess, it’s that Aki-something place isn’t? AKIHABARA! Watching Kaos-chan walk around so many familiar sites and nearly hyperventilate over anime figurines was perhaps the single most relatable thing I’ve seen in an anime this season! She was literally saying and thinking things that I thought last time I visited the place!

*nostalgic tear wells in eye as I hold hand to heart*

So a different kind of fan-service, huh? Pretty much! Although, she’s quickly overwhelmed by the place, especially as people keep mistaking her for a primary school student, including a police officer who thinks she’s lost her parents. Kaos panics and hides in a box in a dark alley, because she’s basically a lost little kitten at this point!


Little loli lost in Akibabara, sounds dangerous on so many levels. Don’t worry, the ~drama~ is short lived when her dorm buddies find her thanks to some very specific tweets she sent out about her dilemma. And so they continue on to the optometrist where Kaos again has a little panic about whether she’s the kind of person who “deserves” to have glasses. The elevated picture in her mind of people who wear glasses not matching with how she dismissively perceives herself.

“Box nao” is the best thing I’ve seen all year.

It’s a difficult thing to overcome, how we perceive ourselves… But don’t worry that ~drama~ is too short-lived as Kaos’ homeroom teacher comes in looking for glasses too and manages to convince Kaos to get glasses with one simple sentence. “It’ll make anime look better.”

Of course, such a weeb. Hey, having anime in the highest quality possible is one of the most important societal issues of our age!

High Definition waifu.

*rolls eyes* So sounds like this episode didn’t quite have the same depth as some previous episodes? There’s hints of depth, though this episode was much more focused on character development for Kaos-chan, which I think is important for the protagonist. However for those who find her whiny antics annoying, and I know there’s plenty that do, I doubt it’ll change much as she’s still very whiny. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest though, I find her very relatable and endearing, especially the crippling insecurities that come with everyone around you achieving success while you wallow in mediocrity. Also Akihabara antics! How could I not love this episode. It’s not the best episode of the season but it’s still a damn fun time!

Me, after every store in Akiba.

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