Comic Girls Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Comic Girls Episode 2.

What’s the show? Comic Girls, Episode 2.

More cute girls doing cute things. All right, I’ll strap myself in for a thrill ride *puts on sleeping eye mask* Yeah yeah, so slice of life shows aren’t exactly conducive to riveting episode-to-episode reviews.

Japanese train stations can be dangerous for small and timid country girls!

So I’m guessing not a lot happened in this episode? Well in the grand scheme of things, perhaps not, but I thought it was a very good episode. We got to see the girls battle with Shinjuku crowds as they departed the train, we got a visit to my favourite of anime stores in Japan, Animate (and not some cheap knock-off Animate either, but the real deal!) Even though the Shinjuku Animate branch isn’t my favourite it was still very nostalgic to see that logo across that building in all its glory.


*yawn* Okay fine, I’ll stop reminiscing! The girls then go get a crepe, then go to an arts supply store to get some all important supplies for making manga. I never realised there’s so much involved in hand drawing manga, and so many cool shortcuts to doing things, like those pattern sheets!

Hmm, something tells me that nobody drew this backgrounds…

*checks the time, yawns again* AND THEN our protagonist Kaoruka and her blonde roommate Koyume attend their first day of High School at their new school with Ruki and Tsubasa helping them through the first day. Kaoruka is especially nervous as she tries to hide all her ‘otaku tendencies’ from her classmates who are all curious about this new transfer student who looks like a middle-schooler school kid.

Also, maybe it’s the pink hair too?

Are we nearly done yet? I’ve got things to do today. You’ve got nothing to do! And don’t be so dismissive, sure not much has happened, yes character development is minimal, but what do you expect?! This is episode 2 of a 12 episode series, you can’t judge slice of life by other anime standards. There’s plenty of cute comedy here and the visual stylings are as captivating as they were in the first episode, if you want character development and a compelling plot then binge watch the show once it’s all out and you’ll probably get what you’re looking for.

Yup, me when asked my hobbies too.

Fine, I see your point… I’m still really enjoying this show and if you’re not by now there’s probably no point in continuing watching because it’s likely going to be more of the same from here on out, for some that’s an exercise in pain but for me, that’s all I really want.

Well, everyone’s got a different fetish.

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