Elfen Lied – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Elfen Lied.

What’s the show? Elfen Lied (2004).

And what’s that mean? I had to look this up, apparently it’s German or Dutch (or both) and it roughly means ‘Elves Song’.

I’m guessing since you had to look it up the show is not about elves then? Indeed, the Wikipedia synopsis is pretty spoiler heavy so I’ll just sum it up from how it presents itself in the first few episodes. It’s about a crazy naked girl with invisible arms who breaks out of a testing facility she was being held in and ends up staying with university student Kouta and his cousin Yuka, who look after her and try and discover what her deal is.

Pictured: Me, having to be restrained from buying everything when shopping in Akihabara.

Okay, sounds interesting. What’s ‘crazy naked girl’s’ name? Lucy, or Nyu, depending on who you’re talking to.

Huh? Let’s just say you’re better off talking to the child-like persona Nyu, you won’t like her when she’s Lucy.

Is that a Hulk reference? Yes, basically she’s crazy violent when she’s Lucy, this show doesn’t shy away from the violence and gore by the way.

Mona Lisa Smile.

And nudity, I assume? Well yeah, but I’m not complaining.

Right. So what are your complaints, I’m assuming you have some? Unfortunately yes, first 4 or so episodes I was not enjoying myself. Sure, it’s got an interesting plot and some nice animation, but aside from that I couldn’t get into the characters and I didn’t appreciate the jarring tone, between the violent and serious parts which comprise ‘the plot’ and the lighter moments when Nyu’s getting into all kinds of “misunderstandings” because she doesn’t understand cultural and societal norms.

The art is gorgeous sometimes.

So it was tonally jarring going between the serious scenes and the jokey scenes, but were the scenes on their own at least good? The serious stuff was good enough, it was suitably grim and sinister and mysterious but the light-hearted stuff was almost unwatchable, except for well you know… the fan service, I’m still a guy after all…

Aha, so when you said before you weren’t complaining about the nudity, you meant on a surface level. Yes, the nudity is fine, it is what it is, but the ‘comical’ scenes at home like where Kouta has to dress her and then his female cousin walks in and it’s just so obvious and lazy, it feels like it’s from a completely different show. It’s not funny enough to make up for the intrusion to the tone and simultaneously its not subtle or nuanced enough to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the show.

“I love donuts!” #GuessTheReference

Explain it to me like I’m, well… me. Right, it’s like your watching Terminator the original one, you know ultra violent sci-fi and then suddenly there’s comic relief courtesy of American Pie, or worse one of the direct to video sequels.

Yikes! Really sounds like you don’t like this show… No I actually do, if you skip to the bottom you’ll see I end up giving it a 76 out of 100.

Wait, what? Huh?! I was just about to write this show off completely and praise you for doing your first negative review on this website! How does what you just said end up with a show scoring 76 out of 100? Pretty sure, I said that that was just the first 4 episodes that were like that. And considering there’s 13 episodes, even if those episodes were total bottom of the barrel turkey trash, if the remaining 9 were flawless that could still technically be a 76 I mean if we’re talking averages. Though the first 4 aren’t complete trash, they’re high 50’s at worst.

So what happens in the remaining nine episodes?! Oh? So suddenly you want spoilers, weren’t you just the other day cajoling me into keeping these reviews “spoiler free”?

I… can’t come up with a funny caption.

Ugh, fine, without spoilers, explain how this show makes such a turn around? Character development, back story, emotional revelations, genuinely clever writing, believe it or not all these things are in this show, it just takes a quarter of the season to start showing the signs of promise

Wouldn’t you say that’s too little too late? For some people maybe, but I’m generally not in the habit of dropping shows.

‘Dropping shows’? It’s a common term in the anime community, when you watch a show and then get to a point however many episodes in and then decide not to continue. I don’t do it personally because even the worst shows have some redeeming qualities, plus I can’t give something a score unless I’ve watched all of it. But that’s just a personal rule, I can understand why people do it, there’s a lot of anime out there and only so many hours in a day!

There really aren’t enough good quality pictures of this show on Google. But it beats having to screencap shows myself!

Fair enough. So how do you go about recommending a show like this? Well it’s a classic series, I remember watching it about a decade ago and liking it a lot more than when I re-watched it a year ago. Maybe it hasn’t aged as well or maybe my tastes have changed, or maybe there’s just so much other stuff out there that it’s less special then it was back then. But if you haven’t seen the show I still recommend it, but there’s about a hundred shows I’d recommend before it.

Well okay then, final sc- No wait a second, I change my mind on that, if you’ve never watched anime before and you want something very dark and very violent and a little perverted but not like FULL pervert, then it’s probably a good place to start.

Nobody reading this has never watched anime, they’re all like you. True, and then for them I say if you haven’t watched it, and you’re not feeling it, at least try and give it ‘til episode 8. I know that’s a big ask in our fast paced world, but I think it’s worth it for how good it gets, even if it’s a tough slog at first. Final score, 76 out of 100.


Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 9 – 20 Question Anime Review (Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 9.

What’s the show? Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 9.

Another one? Didn’t expect another single episode review on this show so soon. Nor did I to be honest.

So did the show manage to subvert your expectations the way the previous episode did with the introduction of ‘hot boys’ into the fray? Umm, yes and no.

Do go on. Well there were no more scenes with ‘hot boys’ alas, so the shipping is put on hold, but I’m still holding out that it will become a romance anime at some point. I mean aside from the one-sided ‘romance’ between Koizumi-san and Yu.

So what subverted your expectations this time? Comedy!

Damn ramen zombies.

Oh? I thought it was always a comedy? Well on paper maybe, don’t get me wrong every episode had at least a few humorous moments but this is the first time the show has actually tried to be funny and pretty much succeeded throughout.

I half expected the Yuru Camp ‘narrator’ to appear at this point.

Interesting. Some examples? Well unexpectedly the episode starts in the mountains, and considering I watched Yuru Camp just before I almost thought we were about to have a crossover episode, but no, instead Koizumi is mountain climbing and we’re treated to a famous quote by mountaineer George Mallory, when asked “why do you climb mountains” he replied “because it’s there.” It’s an obvious joke when it comes to Koizumi but it’s well placed and having the screen fill up with the reply like it’s some deep sentiment is very amusing. What’s more it’s a beautifully animated segment, that contrasts with the heavily city based scenes the show is usually set in.

2 deep 4 me.

Seems like a lot of work just for a one-note payoff. Maybe, but the segment is still entertaining, plus there’s fun little moments like when Koizumi sets up a portable stove and begins cooking up ramen on a trail and the people passing her by begin muttering “ramen” like possessed drones at the apparently intoxicating sight and smells. Plus it’s just nice seeing Koizumi interact with other people like the elderly couple who asks her to take their photo.

Damn you Crunchyroll watermark!

Character building? That’s it! It’s character, not so much the characters themselves but the character of the show!

But dat art tho.

What do you mean? Okay so in the second segment, we’re introduced to a middle school boy named Kenta, who enters a ramen shop in order to get “revenge” on a bowl of ramen that defeated him previously and shamed him in front of his school friends. (Basically he couldn’t finish it because the serving is so large and he felt emasculated). Koizumi enters soon after, taking a seat beside him and orders a mega size potion of Buta Yarou ramen. After seeing the petite girl easily defeat her own super sized dish and order a soft serve desert he is motivated and finishes his bowl.

“Oh my god Becky look at her ramen, it’s… so… BIG”

So? Ugh, it’s hard to put into words, it’s a cute scene, besides if you’ve ever been to Japan you know not only the difficulty in finishing ramen but the shame in leaving anything in the bowl.

Synchronised slurping, new Olympic sport?

I guess that makes sense. Also the boy is the younger brother of the beauty-obsessed girl Misa, who is one of Yu’s good friends. So now there’s two brothers who’ve been taken in by Koizumi-san’s ‘unique’ charms, albeit in different ways.

That’s what she said.

Reverse harem? Where’d you learn such dirty words! Also, no I doubt it, but it is slowly expanding the universe of the show, which is fun and interesting even if it will probably amount to little, but I can dream…

Also the second segment takes place in Akihabara, I literally leapt out of my seat in excitement as I stayed on this very street last year!

And what else? Well in the episode’s third segment we see Misa exercising because she’s getting jealous about all the attention Koizumi has been getting from the boys at school. She sets out to “spy” on Koizumi to find out her beauty tricks and by “spy” she just blatantly confronts her and asks what new things she’s been doing? And it being Ms Koizimi the answer can only be one thing.

M. Bison: “OF COURSE!”

Ramen? Back fat!

Baby got back fat? No I already made a Sir Mix-a-Lot joke this blog…

Excuse me?! Well yes, ramen but back fat ramen, and the segment is introduced in such a hilarious fashion like I’d accidentally put in some sort of erotica! See this is the character of the show I was talking about, the sort of personality to the show itself that had been so lacking up to this point!

50 Shades of Ramen.

I think I get what you’re saying. It’s about the way it’s presented as opposed to the content therein? Well the content is important of course, but essentially yes, the show is experimenting with styles and presentation and feeling all the more loose and fun for it!

So how’s this segment. It’s probably the weakest of the three because it is a return to the normal format of ‘Koizumi and one of the other female side characters eating ramen’ but it too has a tad more comedy, in the form of a montage of all things as Misa gets seduced into eating more back fat ramen over the course of a week just so she gets the same “glowing” complexion Koizumi has had recently. Spoiler alert it’s because her face is greasy from eating ramen that’s covered in lard!

You say it like it’s a bad thing?

Ew, not sure how I feel about that. I admit, it’s not at the top of my list of ramen to try from this show but it is at least interesting!

Me at Melon Books in Akihabara.

So wrap this up, will ya? Right, so the first few episodes had the score hovering ‘round the mid 70’s out of 100, peaking in the high 70’s at some more interesting moments. Episode 8 had the score touching the low 80’s, and now, well if things continue this way, it could be a show worthy of mid 80’s by the time the season is done. This is not a weather report FYI. Hopefully the show continues to grow and change in these subtle but important ways, because I’m enjoying it all the more as it goes along.

Restaurant To Another World – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Restaurant to Another World.

What’s the show? Restaurant to Another World (2017).

What’s it about? It’s a warm cup of tea on a cold Winter’s day.

What if I don’t like tea? Then it’s whatever your preferred beverage of choice is! That’s not really the point I was trying to make!

‘Kay but what is it actually about? Well put simply there’s a magical door and it appears once a week in a parallel fantasy world to our own in various locations around this world allowing residents of said fantasy world, be they king or commoner, fairy or adventurer, lizardman or elven princess, dragon or wizard, to access ‘Western Restaurant Nekoya’ a humble eating establishment somewhere in modern day Tokyo.

Through this door all your dreams come true! Assuming you dream of delicious food.

So it’s a? I hasten to call it a slice of life, because it has a sharp fantasy edge. It’s as committed to food porn almost as much as Food Wars but that’s where the comparisons end. It’s honestly a hard show to pin down and it’s kind of all the better for it.

But if you had to categorize it? Well if I had to, I’d say it’s an adventure show where the adventure is as much about self discovery via food as it is about exploring new possibilities and enjoying the little things in life, no matter who you are or what you do. It’s about finding joy and solace in quiet moments and about sharing them with friends and strangers alike.

Even Vegan food looks good on this show! (Apologies to vegan readers)

I don’t know what this is but I know I want to watch it now! Then my work here is done.

Hold up! We’re not even a third way done yet. Who are the characters? Well the restaurant is run by the unnamed owner of ‘Western Restaurant Nekoya’… now that I think of it, it’s kind of a brilliant stroke that they never bother to name one of the main characters, I mean he’s so central to the story but he is also just a chef, it’s never about him it’s about his food and how it speaks to peoples souls… man the more I think about this show the more I adore it.

Aletta and chef.

Okay, ol’ no name aside, who else is aboard for the ride? I won’t bother to mention all the restaurant patrons, even the recurring ones as there’s too many to mention but Aletta is the head waitress who also happens to be a homeless demon girl from the ‘other world’. Though her only demonic attributes appear to be the goat horns on her head. Later on an ancient dragon who lives on the moon ends up working at the restaurant too.

And let me guess, she’s dark haired and mysterious and totally your best girl? You know me so well. Also she talks through telekinesis and is coincidentally the most dangerous creature in her universe.

How could this precious waifu possibly be dangerous?

Of course she is. *grin*

Man… This show is wild, I mean I know we’ve covered some crazy anime in the past but I’ve never been so simultaneously uninterested and completely intrigued by an anime before! I did say it was a hard show to pin down, did I not?

Hard to believe this is the same show. Some serious dragon lore in this particular episode.

Well okay, what are the episodes like, individually? What format do they take? Ah! But that’s part of the adventure itself! Some episodes are self-contained stories that whisk you away to far off reaches of the titular fantasy world, others are more humble and simply take place in the restaurant, from episode to episode you never know what’s going to happen but it’s always something interesting and different!

Cool, so um what else do we have to talk about? I mean it feels like we’ve kind of done the business on this show. What comes next? Maybe nothing.

Nothing? Well, maybe it’s better if we just sit back and enjoy those sweet moments of life where nothing happens and we can take stock of what we have and how important it is to us…

Turns out elves are vegan!

You started watching the show again, didn’t you? I need this in my life, don’t you dare try and take it away from me!

I would never! Good.

Well how was she supposed to know humans wear clothes when she took human form? She’s a dragon that’s thousands of years old! Also she looks like an elf because the only humans she ever interacted with before her exile to the moon were ancient elves.

So did you have anything else to say? This show is a treasure, it’s rare and beautiful and wholly unique, it’s like your favourite childhood dish, it’s like a mother’s wholesome hug, it’s like the light at the end of a tunnel.

So recommended then? I don’t expect everyone to have the same reaction I had when watching this show, I mean let’s face it, it’s not like there’s legions of people singing this shows praises online. Some people might find its pacing too slow or not connect with the way deifies ‘food experiences’ but at least for me it resonated deeply, and not in any way that made immediate or obvious sense.

Final verdict? It’s hard, going into this review I thought I knew how much I liked this show, I thought I had it quantified. But even in simple reminiscence I found myself not only falling in love with the show all over again but realizing the true brilliance of the show from many other angles. Every ingredient is essential to the dish and the dish is sublime, 92 out of 100.


Danganronpa: The Animation – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Danganronpa: The Animation.

What’s the show? Danganronpa: The Animation (2013).

Dangan-what-what? Yeah, sure close enough.

Great, so what’s it about? It’s like if somebody made an Ace Attorney game emo.

I don’t know what those things are. Geez, I sometimes forget how out of the loop you are. Um… it’s like if Law & Order was directed by Tim Burton. Is that mainstream enough of a comparison for you?


Quite. I’m surprised you knew what they were. I didn’t, I had to Google “what crappy shows old people like” and “what things old people think are edgy”.

You’re in fine form today. So I’m still not exactly sure what the show is about? So a bunch of high school kids are kidnapped by a maniacal black and white bear and are held hostage, with their only escape being if they “graduate” which entails murdering one of their other students and getting away with the crime. Every time there’s a murder they hold a “class trial” to determine the killer, if they correctly determine the murderer he is executed while the others remain safe, if they are wrong though the murderer gets to leave while everyone else is executed.


Yikes! Talk about high stakes! The highest. Only…

Only what? Only it kinda never feels as high stakes as it should, sure the aesthetics and the music and the quick editing give it the illusion of impending doom, but you’re never really worried about the protagonist, which is a big problem for this anime but it’s understandable considering it’s based on a video game.

Why does being based on a video game hinder it so much? Well in a game, the stakes are on you the player, you are the protagonist, and if you stuff up, then it’s game over. Those are stakes you can get invested in, but in an anime there’s not going to be a sudden game over screen for the protagonist, you know how many episodes there are and thus it will keep going until the story is over. It’s like playing a game with cheats on, it’s still fun, but there’s no risk, at least not to yourself.


Well when you put it like that it sounds like a bit of a failure. Maybe, but there’s no other way they could have done it, and besides there are still high stakes for the other students, they are murdered and executed, even the nice and cute girls. So as long as you can get invested in the other characters then there’s still plenty of tension and drama.

And can you? That’ll depend on the individual but yeah; they’re a deliberately quirky and assorted bunch so you’re bound to find at least one person to latch onto.

Well that’s good. So are the “class trials” at least fun to watch? I suppose, I mean they’re deliberately misleading to give as many “gasp!” moments as possible, the result is seldom obvious and the executions are handled, creatively to say the least…


I sense another but? But, and I know it’ll probably sound like I’m harping on about it but their presentation feels more like watching a video game being played then something cinematically dynamic. I just feel like they could have loosened it up a little so it didn’t feel so much like the game, and I haven’t even played the damn thing but it feels like I have because of it. Maybe that was the intent but I didn’t find it as visually interesting as it should have been, which is a shame because I do like the art-style.

So you don’t like the way its plotted and you don’t like how visually a main component of the show is presented, other than that? Other than that it’s a really good show, I know it might sound like I just took it to town, but those are issues that while considerable, don’t undermine the interesting characters or the unique setting or even the core mystery of why they are being held there which offers a solid backbone to the series.

So favourite characters? Probably Chihiro Fujisaki the shy computer programmer, Celestia Ludenburg the gambling gothic lolita or Toko Fukawa the gloomy novelist.


Always picking the cute girls, so predictable. I know right? I’m just so safe with my choices!

Why do I get the feeling you’re hiding something from me? You’ll get no spoilers from me today!

So why isn’t the protagonist your favourite? No, the protagonist is never the favourite! Besides, he looks like he’s out of Beyblade or something.


Is that a bad thing? I don’t know I never watched it; I just like being belligerent sometimes.

Rightio. So would you recommend it? Sure, it’s by no means perfect but it’s fun and unpredictable (to an extent) and provides some quality thrills and entertaining characters. Even if it does often feel shackled to the source material more often than not. A little short of the bullseye but nothing to lose your head over; 78 out of 100.


3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 2) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 2) – An Untold Questions blog.

Another day another quote challenge, eh? It’s the same one just the second day of it.

I knew that! Pfft, repeat the rules for anyone new, will ya? Yeah, so you have to thank the people who selected you, then the meat of it; post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and then nominate three~ bloggers each day to do the same.

“~3” meaning? Meaning I DO WHAT I WANT.

Fair ‘nuff. So who nominated you? Ryuuiji and Arthifis! Thanks again for the noms!

Quote number one please? So here’s the thing, and I hesitated to do this because it peels back the curtain on the mystery of me more than I wanted to, but things is I used to be a obsessed with the film and TV works of writer/director David Lynch, doesn’t mean I’m still not a fan, but anime is now all consuming and everything else is just background noise. So me of a couple of years ago could have just filled this list of quotes from his movies or his life, but instead I’ll settle for one.


“My cow is not pretty but it’s pretty to me”

  • David Lynch
Left: Cow, Right: David Lynch.

And what’s that mean? I’m not in the business of dissecting the inner meanings of the things people say but I’ll offer as much this time. Maybe he’s literally talking about a literal cow, or maybe he’s speaking to human nature itself, in that the things we like are to the core the things we like, regardless of all opposing words against them. In short, I like this thing, you don’t but I like it and that’s what matters to me. It’s a good attitude to have in this world that seems in a constant state or arguing.

Right, and something normal for the second quote? Don’t bet on it.

Go on then!

“A fake with more power than the real thing is more dangerous than the real thing.”

  • Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatai


[Insert Obvious Political Commentary] It’s not just about politics, regardless of how relevant that is to current times, it may be an obvious thought but it’s so appropriate to all aspects of life. We must always be wary of those people with money and influence who seek to make decisions over other people despite not being qualified to do so.

Heavy stuff. Also if you haven’t check out my review for Bakemonogatari, it’s as of the writing of this, still my favourite anime of all time. It was only my second ever blog so there’s a chance you may have missed it!

You’re shameless, you know that? Today’s nominees! As usual no obligation to do one yourself if you’re too busy, or just don’t want to! @ambeivory @nesha5971 @shookamoka

You totally just ignored me- See you tomorrow for the third and final round of quotes!

K-On! – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for K-On!

What’s the show? K-On!

And what’s that supposed to mean? Keion!

And what’s that supposed to mean? ‘Light music’.

Right. Now that we’ve got that sorted, what’s it about? It’s about five high school girls who start a ‘Light Music Club’ and eventually form a band called ‘Afternoon Tea Time.’ And it’s also one of the most wholesome anime’s ever made; it’s just so damn precious. *heart eyes*


‘Light music’, sounds kind of dull. You bite your tongue heathen! ‘Afternoon Tea Time’ legitimately rocks, like this isn’t bubblegum J-pop with instruments of questionable existence, they play their instruments, you hear every instrument in the band and the music is so very good. I don’t normally do this but here’s a link to one of my favourite songs (it’s also the end credits song for season 1).


Wow! That was really good; they rock more than Nickleback (not that that’s difficult). I don’t know what that is.

Consider yourself lucky. So who are these girls? Didn’t you watch the whole video?! It introduces them all there!


I meant what are their characters, not just what instruments do they play? Fair enough. The protagonist is Yui, she’s lead guitar and lead vocalist (but not the vocalist of the song I linked – just to confuse you a bit!) she’s clumsy, a total air-head and not a very diligent student. Mio is bassist and second vocalist; she’s incredibly shy, easily spooked but very popular with other students due to her beauty. Ritsu is the drummer and president of the light music club (self appointed) she’s energetic, jokey but forgetful at times. Mugi is the keyboardist; she is kind, gentle, eager and comes from an incredibly wealthy family. Azusa is the rhythm guitarist and a year younger than the other four girls; she is very serious and focused at times, reserved but has also a lot of insecurities.

Great, so the show is a…? Slice of life, while there’s exceptional attention to detail with the animated rendition of the instruments and they do occasionally practice and play music, the majority of the show is just the girls talking and eating fancy cakes and drinking tea in their clubroom.


So pretty standard slice of life fare? Exactly! In other words… bliss.

Right. So no complaints about the show then? Oh I have a few, at least as far as this first season is concerned. The pacing is a bit off at times; some episodes have less going for them than others and the comedy can be a little inconsistent and pedestrian.

Hmm, didn’t expect that. Isn’t this show kind of highly acclaimed, is it underserving of such praise? Of course not, besides season 2 is a literal masterpiece, and improves every single issue I had with the first season, but let’s leave that ‘til another review!

And now we present the award for ‘best girl’ *drumroll* *opens envelope* and the winner is… Mio-chan! As if there was any doubt…


Well we’re kind of out of things to discuss, and we’ve got like 7 questions left, what should we do? When in doubt, do as the K-On girls do, eat sweet treats!


Oh that looks lovely *anime eating sounds* Mmm, give me some too. *more anime eating sounds*


How about some of this? Don’t mind if I do!


*anime eating sounds* *anime eating sounds*


Mmm, that was delicious! We should do this more often! Yeah, I mean I’m sure the people reading this don’t mind that we wasted their time because we couldn’t think up more questions!

Oh, right. The readers, haha, forget they were there… hello! Sorry for wasting your time! Please address all complains to the site admin @Cactus_Matt on twitter.com

Well, final verdict please? If you haven’t watched this classic slice of life anime already then you owe it to yourself, if not for the perfectly likable characters, charming setting and relaxed atmosphere then the legitimately awesome music which runs the gamut from cutesy to cool. It’s not without its flaws but it’s easy to overlook the flaws when taking into consideration how amazing it gets in season 2. If that sounds like an odd recommendation, it’s because it is and this has been an odd review. Anyone else hungry? Make sure to make room for seconds, 84 out of 100.


Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 8 – 20 Question Anime Review (Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 8.

What’s the show? Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, Episode 8.

Ah, another single episode review, huh? Too great to wait ‘til the end of the season to talk about it? Not quite, while I’m apparently the only person who actually really likes this show, the episode itself wasn’t a standout in terms of quality but rather it did something interesting worthy of a discussion.

Right, so let’s back up a bit and give some context, what’s the show about? It’s about high school girl Koizumi-san and her impossibly deep love, affection and dare I say all consuming obsession for ramen noodles. It’s also about Yu Osawa, and her impossibly deep love, affection and dare I say all consuming obsession for Koizumi-san.

So it’s a? Maybe a slice of life? I’m not sure; it’s not consistently funny enough that I would call it a comedy. And Yu’s infatuation with Koizumi is very one-sided, so it’s not a Yuri or Romance. I think it’s safe to just call it a food slice of life anime until it develops an actual concrete genre.

This show is so ‘gifable’ too bad the gif website wasn’t working for me.

So what’s happened on the show up until episode 8? Lots of food porn. Lots of girls eating food and getting hot and bothered about it.

Koizumi comes with her own snapchat filters. No pun intended.

Like Food Wars “hot and bothered”? Not quite, no clothes come flying off on this show, it’s very grounded, well save for Yu, who over the episodes we’ve seen progresses from school girl crush to almost stalker levels of obsession.

She asked this with all sincerity, that’s how obsessed Yu is with Koizumi she wants to literally become ramen in order to be eaten by Koizumi.

And how’s the show treat this behaviour? It’s a source of almost all of the shows jokes, which for some people might be a reason not to watch the show. Though in Yu’s favour, she’s never creepy about it, and she states her intentions to follow Koizumi from ramen store to ramen store. If Koizumi did ever feel threatened by Yu, she’d have no problem standing up for herself, and Yu would probably back off… probably… At the moment Koizumi doesn’t really acknowledge Yu’s presence, in fact she’s friendlier with Yu’s other two friends, which I think is an important bit of characterisation.

Who are they? Misa and Jun, popular fashion type girl and nerdy bookworm type girl respectively.

Misa, Jun, Koizumi and Yu.

So I think that gives us enough context about the show, what makes episode 8 particularly interesting? Well the first half of the episode plays out like pretty much every other episode does, Koizumi goes to a ramen place, one of the three girls ends up tagging along for whatever reason, Koizumi goes into a long spiel about whatever type of ramen they’re eating then the two girls eat said ramen while blushing and moaning. There’s always a bit of character development thrown in so it’s not just watching girls slurp noodles, but, well… yeah it’s almost entirely that every time.

Close up slurp action, for those who are into that kind of thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

And the second half? Suddenly hot boys!

Me too.

Right, can’t say I saw that coming. Who are they? Well save for the dark-haired one on the right who’s Shu, Yu’s older brother, the others are all new characters. Shu appeared briefly at the start of Episode 6 and got entranced by Koizumi’s beauty as she passed him on the street. But having an entire half of an episode completely focused on four different characters, and male ones at that was so unexpected and genuinely refreshing. Within minutes their characters archetypes are established and you want to see more of them and hopefully have them interact with the four girls in future episodes.

Why do I feel like they’re about to start a boy band?

Four girls, four boys. Are we assuming the show is lining them up to be love interests? Maybe. I mean, I will admit a passing sadness for the idea of Koizumi and Yu not getting together, but if the show does go the whole romance route I wouldn’t be opposed. It’s just hard to think how a show that’s been so food-centric will suddenly pivot into another genre. Granted, the boys only talked about food too, so it’s not like I’m expecting a massive upheaval it’s just interesting to think where it will go.

And you’re not bothered about a bunch of as you put it “hot boys” appearing in your otherwise clear broth of cute girls. Well it’s not a ramen without meat!

*childish giggle*

You could have also said “noodles”. I could have also said noodles, yes, that would also have been correct and a sufficient innuendo for penis.

Thick and firm.

Thanks for explaining the joke. But really, why so okay with it, I’m just surprised as all? Well, at the risk of sounding shallow, the girls on this show aren’t that cute, I mean in comparison to other shows I’m watching, don’t get me wrong still cute in the context of this show, but those boys are hot.

“I’ll have what she’s having”

Should I be asking who is ‘best boy’ instead of ‘best girl’? Hahaha. Totally long fringe purple hair boy on the end, his voice is so deep.

I was kidding, but thanks. Should I be worried about you? It’s fine. I’m just excited something different is happening in this show. I was a bit worried it would go stale if it didn’t shake things up, so hopefully they continue with this!

If you were starting to feel like it could go stale why keep watching? Because I think it’s a good show, it could be nostalgia for when I visited Japan clouding my vision; I love seeing all the attention to detail in the ramen shops. It just gives me such a warm feeling watching this show, almost like all those bowls of ramen I ate over there.


That’s fair enough. Plus it’s not like there haven’t been glimmers of hope for some more interesting plot developments. Yu cooks Ramen for Koizumi at her house in episode 3, Koizumi helps a little German girl who gets lost in episode 6 which reveals her softer side plus the aforementioned brief encounter with Yu’s brother. But this episode marks a paradigm shift into some real potential for drama, can you imagine how Yu would react if her brother started dating the object of her obsession!

There wasn’t much actual stalking in this episode as Yu was at the beach so this image was taken from the opening credits.

Drama indeed! So final recommendation? If you’ve already dropped this show this season, perhaps this will be enough to get you to come back? If not I totally understand, it’s a very niche show and I can understand why some people would get bored of it. Either way I’m happy that things are starting to progress towards something different and look forward to the remaining episodes!

Haikyu!! – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Haikyu!!

What’s the show? Haikyu!!

Hmm, two exclamation marks… does that mean this is the second season? No, it’s just, okay I don’t know why they decided to stylise this with two exclamation marks but unlike other anime that add another exclamation mark to denote and differentiate a second season from a first this is assuredly a first season.

‘Kay… So what’s it about? Men’s high school volleyball.


Right. And why are you watching it? Your interests tend to be of the ‘cute girl’ persuasion. I don’t know, it’s highly acclaimed or something…

Why do I get the feeling you’re reviewing this under duress? It’s not like that, well, not exactly. I do admit a passing curiosity for highly rated anime, even if they are literally at the opposite end of my interest spectrum.

You don’t like sport? I like going to the Dentist more than I like sport, I like family gatherings with racist old people more than I like sport, I like stubbing my toe in the middle of the night so hard I think I’ve died more than I like sport.

Okay, I get it you really don’t like sport. Good, just so you know where I stand on the subject.

Loud and clear. So I take it this is a negative review. Ehhhhh, no, actually. *whispers* the show’s actually pretty damn good.


What’s this?! Shut up, I’m a deep and complex individual; I’m allowed to like things that I thought I wouldn’t.

No you’re not, you’re a pervert. So what gives? So like the writing in this show is really good, and it’s really funny and the characters are all unique and charming and charismatic in their own special way, plus it’s well animated…


That’s great, you’re broadening your horizons! BUT I DON’T WANT TO LIKE IT!

My god, you’re such an insufferable child. Just accept it and move on. I think you underestimate how much I hate sport.

No, no, I get it. So are we going to actually go into any detail about the show? Volleyball. High school boys. Underdogs. Ambitions. Ego. Teamwork. Camaraderie. Trying your best. Training. Defeat. Victory. Fight! Fight! Fight!


And the characters? Umm… Short ginger, good at fast… grumpy genius, team player need much. And the rest… bald and hyper… coachy mc coachface… grey haired one my irl waifu likes too much… blonde tall glasses… freckles mcgee… another short one and old young wuss brute… that’s all of them right?

This is really hurting you isn’t it? Please, I need my cute girls; all this testosterone is doing a number on my libido. Quick! Give me 50cc’s of ‘Yuru Yuri’, stat!

No! We’re seeing this through ‘til the end, whether it kills you. Rest assured it’s killing me, on my death certificate it will read ‘Cause of Death: Cute Girl Deprivation’.

What about the team’s manager, she’s a cute girl right? But a small refuge amidst an ocean of dick.


Now now, no need to be crude. What say you in conclusion? Haikyu’s good, great at times even. It’s not for me, that is for damn sure, but regardless of that I would definitely recommend the show to almost anyone. Most of the match’s go on too long but that’s of virtue of it being a faithful manga adaptation, personally I would have preferred it be 20 instead of 25 episodes but I’m probably in the minority with that opinion. And even with those ‘flaws’ considered it’s still worth a watch, even for the most ardent sports hater. It may not be an ace but it sure isn’t a foul, 79 out of 100.

Now, was that so hard? Maybe we can incorporate more of these sport anime’s into your roster of reviews in the future! Quick! I need a fix of cute girls, stat! Pump them directly into my veins, I’ll take whatever you’ve got, I’ll even settle for the cheap shit, yeah that’s right Kemono Friends will tide me over ‘til I get some of the real stuff.

Or not… My god, this has got to be your worst review ever. That’s not a question by the way, that is a fact. Ah… mmm, cute girls take away the images of all those sweaty sport boys… yeah that’s the stuff right there…


Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – 20 Question Anime Review (Moderate Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid.

What’s the show? Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid.

Okay, what’s it about? It’s about a virus that infects some teenage girls; the Armed Virus which manifests in one of two ways, either it makes the girl an ‘Extar’ which causes them to transform into a weapon when sexually aroused or a ‘Liberator’, who are able to wield the Extar and thus possess great power.

Whoa, back up there a second. Girls ‘transform’ into weapons when sexually aroused? I think you’re going to need to be a bit more specific and also… huh?! Like a sword, or a gun, you know weapons.


But… but that’s impossible? This is anime, nothing is impossible!

Okay, fair. But do they at least explain how it works? Like is it magic or is it science, or… Nope!

I… ah, you’ll have to give me a minute to try and figure this out. Take your time.

Nope, it doesn’t make sense. But do go on, what’s the plot? You joke, but it does have a plot. These ‘infected’ girls are all kidnapped from their homes by a shadowy organisation and forced to live on an island with their own kind until their deemed fit to return to civilization. Of course it’s never that easy, the school hierarchy set up on the island is violent and corrupt, the girls are quick to temper, not to mention nobody’s actually ever left the island. It’s basically a prison full of hormone filled teenage girls who get each other off and then fight.


And you wonder why people don’t take anime seriously. It’s a good show!

I find it somewhat ironic that your previous review to this one was you railing on how sexist Darling in the FranXX is but this is fine. It’s not a coincidence that I decided to review this one straight after that rant of a blog post; besides, the fact that there are no male main or supporting characters on this show means the gaze is different. There aren’t any men objectifying the female characters, meaning their power, their goals, their ambitions, their hopes and dreams all come from their selves and each other.

No male characters huh? Not a one.

Makes sense, less distractions when masturbating. It’s not like that! Yes, this show is fan-service driven, in that it was created for the sole purpose of exhibiting fan-service to its audience, but at least for me, the fan-service is so ridiculous, so over-the-top that’s its seldom titillating and frequently hilarious – whether that’s intended or not I still find that to be a positive.

So, girls making out with girls in order to transform and fight? Are they all bisexual or lesbians or is that kind of thing not even touched upon? Ah! Here you see, there is complexity herein, our protagonist Mamori Tokonome (the redhead) is ostensibly straight, but she’s conflicted between what’s “normal” for her, i.e. heterosexual desires and interests, and the raw physical reaction she gets when she ‘drives’ with her partner Mirei Shikishima (the taller, blonde one). Who by the way, has a tortured backstory of her own, not that you even asked!

This is literally the first I’m hearing of her! What’s her deal then? Well she used to be a mercenary/assassin for the evil corporation that ended up sending her to the exile island, plus she lost her previous partner in their last mission and Tokonome reminds her of her, hence her immediate protective instincts when they arrive on the island.


Fair enough. Also she’s fifteen years old.

F**k off. No, really. It’s a plot point.

You know, there’s some days I think I’m just beginning to understand anime and then there’s days… it’s like I’m back to square one. Also there’s a shy girl whose power is that she keeps growing in size while under stress until she ends up being like Godzilla sized! Oh, there’s so many gifs I wish I could show you but so many nipples!


Please, stop! Oh and this girl has N-cup sized breasts and can turn into a motorcycle!


Right. I’m going, bye now! But we’re not done yet, how am I supposed to wrap this review up?

Oh you’re a smart cookie, I’m sure you’ll think of something, or not, see if I care! These are seeming less and less like questions…

Taxi! For the shear absurdity and audacity of the fan-service it deserves a recommendation alone, assuming that’s something you can get past. The storyline isn’t remarkable but it’s serviceable and keeps a level of interest up throughout that other ecchi titles may not even bother with. Plus the bond formed between Mamori and Mirei comes from a place of genuine consideration for each other and they are genuinely likable characters. Just sit back and let the oppai wash over you, 73 out of 100.